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Brief Biography

Dibakar Bala is an Indian Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist & Entrepreneur. Dibakar is the founder and currently the Director of DibakarBala.com, an online marketing agency helping Businesses across the Globe with their Digital Marketing. He is also a Blogger who writes about Electric Vehicles in India on his EV Blog EVehic.com - Electric is the Future.
Dibakar was named Top 100 Social Media Influencers to follow in 2019 by StatusBrew & Top 45 SEO Blogger by MostlyBlogging. He is also one of Top 10 Digital Marketing Freelancers in Kolkata according to Truelancer.

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Early Childhood

Dibakar was born on 17th November, 1995 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

He spent his early childhood in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Later, he moved back to Kolkata and have been staying in Kolkata ever since.

He was introduced to Music at the Age of 3 and later became a trained Classical Singer, Tabla Player and Spanish Guitarist.

He has a Third Year Distinction degree is Vocal Music, Painting, & Spanish Guitar.


Dibakar did his High School from Birla Bharati, Kolkata.

Later he went to IIT Kharagpur to pursue Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural and Food Engineering. He still continues to be at IIT Kharagpur for a Project Research Work.

Dibakar is also a member of Institute of Actuaries of India and he continues to appear for Actuarial Examination Papers twice every Year.


Media Mentions

How Depression changed my Life?

Even though I lost my Father at the age of 12, my Mother had never made me feel his absence.

I have seen my relatives telling my mother about how I would grow up to become a Gangster in the absence of my Father.

In response, I eventually ended up cracking IIT Entrance and thereby killing my potential to become a Roadside Rowdy.

Just like any other Indian youth, I grew up watching Romantic Bollywood movies. And, before even finishing my middle school, I got myself a girlfriend at the age of 15.

Things went pretty well till I shifted out of Kolkata to pursue Engineering.

By the end of my First Year in College, my Girlfriend got herself a new Boyfriend over Facebook.

I was devastated since I never believed that someone could cheat on me. On top of that, in an effort to crack IIT, I made Zero friends except for my Girlfriend a.k.a Best Friend Forever.

Within minutes, I lost my Girlfriend, my Best Friend and my ONLY Friend.

Cherry on the Cake, someone who scored 95/100 in Board Exams failed in Maths paper of College First Year as a result of Depression.

Suddenly, I felt like a failure in Life who can do none of the things correctly.

During my Summer vacation, I took up an internship which eventually led to the creation of my First StartUp : CrateWorld.

CrateWorld was a Content Firm and I was the Content Writer who was driving the company ahead.

Eventually, it failed as having 6 Student Co-Founders from all around India is probably a recipe for destruction.

But, I got addicted to Entrepreneurship. The art of creating something from scratch would keep me awake every night.

After CrateWorld, I moved on to Head one of my Friend’s StartUp : Typical Indian – an Entertainment Blog.

With practice, my skills in both Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization grew multiple folds.

Once again, the company failed due to having a distributed team from all across the country.

I was done working with people who would not give their 100% into the work. And finding passionate people was a difficult task.

As a Singer trained in Indian Classical Music, I was already facing a lot of struggle to promote my Music.

Soon, I realized, almost every struggling artist is facing this two issues : financial crunch and marketing knowledge.

I bought domain on my Name :- Dibakar Bala and founded DibakarBala.com as India’s First Music Blog.

In fact, you would still find my website at many places on the Web as India’s First Music Blog if you’d try searching “Music Blogs india” or related terms on Google.

Soon I realized that even though I can get really famous as a Music Blogger, I can’t make much money in this industry.

Musicians themselves were struggling with their finance. In no manner I could make money from this industry of struggling artists.

But by this time, I have become so good at Search Engine Optimization that I could literally rank any article on Google within few months.

Thus, I applied my knowledge to rank my product review articles in Google. Thereby, earning commission for every sale of product.

Soon, clients came to me with request to help them with their Search Engine Marketing as well. And that’s how I became one of India’s Best Digital Marketing and SEO Expert.


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