I want to be a Brand, not a Playback Singer :- Arunita Sinha

I want to be a Brand, not a Playback Singer :- Arunita Sinha

1. What made you realize that music was your path? Is your family musical?

Ans :- No, family is not into musical stuff but my mom decided to put me into singing classes because my parents were government teachers and i used to stay home alone. My uncle was into musical stuffs and just because not getting proper support from his parents he lagged and never get into industry though he was very talented.. Because of him i motivated myself and decided i will definitely rise and fulfill my dreams whether i will get support or not.

2. Who are your biggest musical influences? What are you working on right now?


Ans :- Like I had already said, I was influenced by my uncle and his failures…. talking frankly… failures motivate me alot.. i loose i fail i fall and i get up to run again to run behind success ….. and the haters too… if u dont have a single hater make sure that there is something u are not doing in fruitful manner…

2 my musical influences are Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghosal. Ariana Grande. Diljit Dosanjh. Recently I’m working with space productions. And my own compositions projects.

3. Would you like to share any Music Excercise or Tips that has helped you with beginners ? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?


Ans :-  Yes… without any practice u wont be good at it… get some classical classes and work on that learn as much as u can and practice everyday even for one hour that will be well and good…. its my thinking that… classical singing opens the art of singing in your throat…. in 10 years i dont wanna work as a performer or a playback singer i want to be a brand

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