Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review – 43mm, specs, price in India (Must Read)

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review - 43mm, specs, price in India (Must Read)

Fossil has just released their 43mm variant of its Sport Smartwatch in India.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch is our most innovative and colorful design till date. Thanks to Google OS!

Fossil Official

These were the exacts word from the Fossil Officials about their latest smartwatch Fossil Sport being launched in India.

How good is Fossil Smartwatch in Reality ?

Today I will be sharing with you the Unbiased Review of Fossil Sport Smartwatch.

What is the Price Tag ?

As per my knowledge, Fossil Sport was released at a price-tag of Rs. 17,995.

BUT! You may get some discount if you’re reading this article during some SALE or anything.

Dibakar Bala, Wearable Tech Expert

Check its Price Yourself by Clicking the Button below :-

Now, let me help you with your buying decision. Is it really worth buying a Fossil Smartwatch like Sport 43mm.

Standout Features – the X factors of Fossil Sport

1. Google Pay™

Fossil Sport supports Google Pay!

No more carrying your Cash with you.

Neither do you have to Carry your Credit Cards.

Nor do you need your Phone with you.

Your Fossil sport smartwatch can do it all wherever credit cards are accepted.

2. Wear OS by Google (is Love)

If you’ve ever used a Smartwatch with Google Wear OS, you know about its awesome User Experience!

1. You get Google Assistant with your Smartwatch!!!

2. You get Google Fit, smart health coaching for better Health!

3. Equipped with Latest Battery Saving Mode by Google OS which can increase the Battery Life of your Fossil Smartwatch up to Two extra Days.

4. Quick Swipe and Faster Access to Information by Google.

3. Untethered GPS

Let me Explain it to you, what is Untethered GPS.

It means, you need not carry your Phone with you to access the GPS feature of your Fossil sport.

Now you can track your trajectory and running distance without carrying your phone.

Isn’t that Cool !

4. Available in 11 Colours & Strap Quality !

Fossil Sport is compatible with every 22mm strap available on their official website.

I mean, they are not just different in colour.

They are made of different material!

I found 11 different varieties in 22mm straps like Dark Brown Leather, Light Brown Leather, Three-Row Stainless Steel, Three-Row Smoke Stainless, Light Blue Silicone and many more!

Same old watch every day? Not anymore 🙂

5. Highly Customizable Watch dial

Fossil sport has multiple watch faces of its own.

And in some of them, you can even add your favourite instagram and facebook photos!

6. Store Music into your fossil sport

Fossil just wants you to stop worrying about carrying your phone.

Simply carry your Fossil Sport Smartwatch and you can listen to the music you’ve stored in your sport smartwatch.

7. Blazing Fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100

Fossil Sport comes with super powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor.

With Snapdragron 3100, you can do as many task you want on your smartwatch.

You would see no lag or slowing down of your smartwatch OS whatsoever.

8. Swimproof, Waterproof and Dustproof

Fossil Sport smartwatch comes with a ip68 waterproof and dustproof certification.

Go for a Swim, get yourself drenched in rain.

Nothing will happen to your smartwatch!

No more wrapping opening your smartwatch before swimming.

PROS – Did Fossil Sport live upto its Promise ?

1. Google Pay is a Great Feature. Indeed a necessity!

2. Latest Wear OS by Google was released in November 2018. And this is indeed the latest version of Wear OS by Google.

3. Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 is indeed an extremely good processor.

4. All the customizable watch straps look extremely premium and complements the smartwatch appropriately.

5. Untethered GPS & ability to store Music clearly indicates how Fossil wants to make their future smartwatches more independent. Loved It!

CONS – What I didn’t Like 🙁

1. 24+ Hours Battery Life isn’t enough for me. Although, you do have Low Power mode by Wear OS which extends the battery power for 2 extra days. But, we are not going to buy a smartwatch to use it as a watch in low power mode. That’s illogical!

2. It doesn’t have a SPEAKER! I guess, to avoid getting too heavy they have excluded a speaker. But I was expecting a speaker specifically as it comes with features like Google Assistant and we can store Music in it 🙁

Other Notable Specs & Features

1. Truly Automatic Heartrate Tracker

Truly as it can automatically track your heartbeats when you start working out (or even Yoga).

2. All your Phone Notifications

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Call and every other notification of your phone would be now visible on your smartwatch.

3. Android & iOS compatible

Fossil smart is compatible with both Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go edition) or iOS 9.3+.

Fossil Sport also has Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy and Wi-Fi 802

4. NFC Tag available

Sport 43mm has NFC tag feature in-built.

As of now, Google Pay can use NFC.

And hopefully in future more apps would give you the benefits of having the NFC tag.


It has everything that a premium smartwatch should possess.

For me clearly it is a Buy.

Although, if you don’t like charging your electronic devices once every day, this product is not for you.

I would buy, because of Wear OS, Google Pay and in-built Music storage 🙂

Dibakar is India's First Conversion focused Digital Marketer. Owner of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata , India.

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