MevoFit Race Thrust Review : MevoFit Smartwatch

MevoFit Race Thrust Review : MevoFit Smartwatch

MevoFit has yet again Launched another wearable. This time it is a Smartwatch.

Personally I loved the way MevoFit has worked up its way as I’ve been a witness of the whole process.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Review of MevoFit Race Thrust.

MevoFit Race Thrust Price

MevoFit Race Thrust price keeps fluctuating between ₹7749 and ₹7990.

You might get a discount if you’re reading this during a Sale or anything.

Check Price yourself as it keeps fluctuating

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Notable Features of MevoFit Race Thrust

1. I Love the Looks (personally)

C’mon just look at it

I love the way MevoFit Race Thrust looks.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to buy it?

It looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

2. ECG + PPG Tracker

ECG tracker is a rare feature in a Smartwatch that detects the electronic impulses generated from your Heart due to the pumping of blood.

PPG, on the other end, is a technology which uses light to detect rate of Blood Flow due to your heart’s pumping action.

These are unique features as we mostly only observe Heartrate Trackers in a Smartwatch.

3. Colour Display

Getting a Smartwatch with a Colour Display at this price point is a Big Plus.

On top of that, MevoFit Race Thrust has a High Resolution Display which gives the premium feel to it.

4. IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof

MevoFit Race Thrust has a IP67 Waterproof Dustproof Certification.

Although it isn’t Swimproof, but IP67 is not bad too.

5. Three Watch Faces

MevoFit Race Thrust has 3 Watch Faces.

You can customise your Smartwatch in your own way and flaunt a new watch face every day.

Pros – what i liked about MevoFit Race Thrust

1. Colour Display with High Resolution is of good quality

2. Good Battery Backup

3. EEG + PPG are extremely important fetaures available in MevoFit Thrust

4. You get access to the Fitness Community of MevoFit.

5. 1000+ Free Food Recipes and 50+ Workout Plans via MevoFit App

Cons – What I didn’t like about MevoFit Race Thrust

1. No Microphone

2. No Speaker

3. IP67 is good, but IP68 would’ve made it Swimproof.

Other Specs and Features of MevoFit Race

1. It has a Heartrate Tracker

2. Multiple in-built sports mode like running, walking, hiking & cycling. Requires no installation.

3. Automatic Sleep Tracker and in-depth Sleep Quality Analysis

4. One Year Product Warranty

Final Verdict

Not just because of the Features.

I would prefer MevoFit over any other Indian Wearable Product due to the goodwill it has been able to generate.

MevoFit is one of India’s Top 5 Wearable Brand.

Trusting a MevoFit Smartwatch just can’t go wrong.

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