Music SEO Case Study:How I did SEO for ‘Swaraag’-A Live Music Band from India ?

Digital Marketing and SEO for a Musician is Tough. 

Many even say that a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel is all you need.

False! Driving Traffic towards your Website is way more cost efficient.

In fact, as per our very own SEO industry leader ‘Neil’ – SEO gives the maximum ROI if done strategically.

Without further ado, lets have a look at what exactly I did for Swaraag – the indo-western fusion band from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

My undue advantage

If you visit the Home Page of my Website, you would find a lot of Testimonials.

Some of them are International Musicpreneurs like :- David Andrew Wiebe (from MusicEntrepreneur HQ) and Dave Cool ( BandZoogle ).


Apart from Entrepreneurs from the Music Industry, I have 3 Indian Singers themselves vouching for my help.




The Reason behind :- was a Music Blog for 2 Years!

I was even ranking for some of the famous Music Industry related terms.

Then why did I shift into the SEO Agency and Services sector ?

  1. I had no Product to sell.
  2. Musicians mostly are not worried about Marketing
  3. I hate putting Ads all over my Website. Thus, no Monetisation 🙁

Music SEO is a Waste ?

Absolutely Not!

Music SEO if done for a Musician or a Music Band can give you phenomenal results.

Why ? 

Because, you have a Product to sell :- Your Music.

Understanding the Problem

Swaraag Music was doing Great with Offline Marketing when I was contacted by them.

They were getting loads of Corporate Events.

What they now wanted was – College Fests.

Along with it, they also wanted to see their Search Rankings go up 🙂

I was very Happy to see that the Team of Swaraag knew exactly what they wanted.

Most Musician or Singer have no fixed goal and thus they fail to achieve anything.

If you are a Singer/Musician – make a Fixed Marketing Goal to work on for the next 6 Months.

Don’t fluctuate! Stay Focused on it, Break Down the probable solution and kill the problem in the long run :- One Step at a Time.

Industry Analysis

Being an Indian Classical Singer, I already knew a lot about the Music Industry.

Although, I won’t say that it was a piece of Cake.

But, my 3 Years of SEO Experience came in Handy.

I found all the competitors of Swaraag Music, studied their Website On-Page and Off-Page Strategies.

Did Backlink Strategy Analysis and found a lot of Link Building Opportunities.

Surprisingly, almost no other Musician’s Website had an SEO Strategy.

In fact, they were not ranking for anything at all on Google.

This was Bad. Very Bad!

You must have some Competitors fighting for it. It helps you with your Keyword Strategy.

It just made my Task harder,  but not Impossible.

Keywords that Suits

Most people including Bloggers from other Industry act like Fools when they are into Keyword Research.

They have no Destination in their mind. All they want to do is “Write”.

I know and it is Very TRUE :- CONTENT IS KING.

But, are you the King of your own House or the King of your Nation ?

Keyword Research can Make or Break your SEO Game.

Poor Keyword Targeting will bring you ZERO Visitors even after Years of Struggle.

I knew the Goal of Swaraag Music.

All I had to do is to find Keywords that has the Potential to Rank on Google.

Also, I looked for Keywords which had a strong emotional connect with the Target Audience.

Un-Linked Brand Mentions

Every SEO Expert has there own way to approach SEO.

First thing I did, was to look for “Un-Linked Brand Mentions”.

Being a Music Band which was already doing Great “Offline”, something told me that there could be an existing opportunity of Link Building.

Well, I was Correct 🙂

I found an Article written by WITTYFEED which had mentioned Swaraag as one of the Main Attraction of Jaipur Lantern Festival.


I did some Research and found the E-mail Address of the Author.

Although, the Author didn’t replied.

But, she added an Image Source Link of Swaraag.



Being an SEO, all I need is a 301 redirect from the Image Source URL and the Backlink will get converted into a HomePage/Desired Page Backlink. :p

On-Page SEO

Now begins the Tough Job.

On-Page SEO includes a lot of Factors.

Meta-tags. Meta Description, Title Optimization, Keyword Density, Keyword Research, 404, Duplicate Content Analysis, etc. to name a few.

The First task I did was to look at Keywords which are not being utilized by the competitors.

To my Surprise, nobody was using any Keywords at all :p

In other words, the competition was low 🙂

It took me 25 Hours of Research to find out the Best Keywords for Swaraag.

At the End, I found a lot of Keywords which I forwarded to the Team for Content Creation.

Also, I crafted new meta title and meta description which in my opinion should bring more clients for Swaraag in the long run.

Building Relationship with Industry

One of the most crucial step for any Marketing Campaign.

Be it Offline or Online, you must do networking regularly within your Industry.

My Approach towards networking is a bit different.

I list down all my potential future industry connections.

Website + Social Media Profiles + Email.

Once I have a list of around 200 such Industry Influencers – I attack them from multiple channels.

Blog Comment, FB Comment, Twitter Replies, Email – everything 🙂

Below is an Example of How I build Relationship

NOT TO FORGET :- Even Comments with Links are a type of Backlink :p

As the relationship grows, I help them with Free Resources, ask them for Advice and also try to get a Guest Post on their website if possible.

Artist Profile Creation + Free PR Submission

I hate spammy link building practices.

In fact, I just avoid building any links that might be termed Black Hat by Google in Future.

The best way to avoid such issues is simply avoiding websites which has no relationship with your original website niche.

In simple words, I was determined to make links only from Music Industry Websites and Blogs.

Any other website = Simply Rejected.

Thankfully, based on my Extensive Competitor Research I found a lot of Free Backlink Building Opportunities.

Some of them were easy to create once you find them.

Yes, these are called Artist Profile Creation Link Building.

Very similar to other Social Media like FB, Twitter, etc where you can put your website link on the profile.

But, these websites or forums are dedicated towards Musicians.

Which means, any link coming from these websites are highly worth the effort 🙂

Just have a look at such Backlink :-

Toxic Backlink = What to do?

Most so-called SEO Experts will never do this step.

No, not because this is difficult.

Because they don’t care and probably don’t know about this Step at all.

That’s why you should stay away from Cheap SEO Service Providers.

Swaraag already had few backlinks.

And, also, few Negative and Toxic Backlinks.

I used some the best SEO Tools on Planet Earth.

Namely, AHREF, Moz, SEMrush, etc. and tracked these toxic backlinks.

Once done, I will send this report to the Team and ask them to try and remove these Backlinks.

If in case, they can’t get those Backlinks removed Manually.

I will Disavow these links at a Domain Level from Google Search Console.

Although, as per Google, you must always get these backlinks removed manually.

But, if you can’t do it. Then you can submit a .txt file formatted exactly as per the GOOGLE Guidelines.

The Google RankBrain (the AI Engine that ranks articles on Google Search) will not count those links next time while it decides to rank you for a Keyword.

This is an Ongoing Project.

I would keep on Adding Content to this Page as I progress with the Work.




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