How to prepare for ACET in one month

How to prepare for ACET in one month

Preparing for ACET in one month is absolutely possible.

The reason behind is simple.

25% of the Paper is High School Mathematics which is also the basic eligibility to sit for the exam. = EASY

50% of the Paper is Aptitude, Grammar and Logical Reasoning = EASY AGAIN

10% of the Paper consists of High School Statistics like Set Theories and Probability.

Lastly, 15% of the Paper is New which has topics like Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing, Join Distribution, etc.

But, you don’t even need to study that part if you’re really good with the rest of it.

All you need is a 50% to Pass the Exam.

Dibakar Bala, Student Actuary

That’s it!


So let’s make a One Month Preparation Plan for it.

One Month ACET Preparation Plan

Materials Required :- 

Download or Buy the Official Stats Pack published by IAI & Official FAQ Pack published by IAI ( IAI = Institute of Actuaries of India )

Day 1 – Day 5 of the Month :-

First 5 Days of the Month Start the FAQ Pack from the chapter Random Variables.

Finish the Rest of the Stat Pack Chapters upto Hypothesis Test (End) within these 5 Days.

Day 6 – Day 10 of the Month

Start the FAQ Pack from the very beginning and Finish halfway through in these 5 Days.

Day 11 – Day 15 of the Month

You have gained enough knowledge to start attempting the Practice Papers.

Remember, the key to success in ACET is to do the Practice Papers as much as you can.

Dive In !

Do atleast 5 Practice Papers in these 5 Days.

Day 16 – Day 18 of the Month

Look through the Topics in the Stat Pack and Maths Pack which you couldn’t do well while attempting the Practice Papers.

Day 18 – Day 22 of the Month

Finish the Rest of the chapters from the FAQ Pack by IAI

Day 23 – Day 25 of the Month

Search for Free Practice Tests in Quantitative analysis, Grammar, Logical Reasoning, etc. Topics online.

There are many apps for CAT, BANK PO, Railways Preparation.

All of them have same types of Questions.
Go and Attempt those questions in these three days.

By the end of the third day, you’d be eligible enough to qualify for any Bank Clerk Examination 🙂

Day 26 – Day 30 of the Month (Final Level)

Practice Papers and Practice Papers.

Do – find your mistakes.

Go back and look into the theory to Rectify your weaknesses.

Final Advice :-

If you can stick to these Deadlines and do as I had said, you might even get All India rank #1 in ACET Examination.

The Exam is easy for anyone who has gone through the syllabus even for Once.

If you need any guidance, contact me over Email at or

I’ve also written my own story of Qualifying ACET Examination in the Second Attempt.

Do give it a read if you need some motivation.

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