Surely a great news indeed! Famous Rajasthani singer Mame Khan slowly shows symptoms to establish himself outside of Manganiyar tribe of musicians.

Born to Rana Khan Manganiyar, a Rajasthani musician whose ancestors have been supported by landlords and aristocrats for generations, Khan grew up listening to his fathers riyaaz.

Manganiyar ka toh bachcha bhi sur mein rota hai (Even a Manganiyars baby cries in tune), I would play with the kamaincha, dholak and khartaal; there was nothing else. If my father was at home, he was always singing and thats what I imbibed. If he was away, he was trying to make both ends meet. Women in our community dont sing or play music but my mother was a skilled singer and would teach us bhajans shed learnt in her family. I can proudly say that in current times, too, Hindus and Muslims are closely bound to each other in our part of the world. I sing of the Allah in my Sufi pieces, and of Krishna in others. My children celebrate Diwali and Holi, while there are congratulatory messages from our Rajput patrons on Eid, Im also educating my threechildren ( a daughter and two sons ) in other disciplines. But I want them to be known for their music, like me.


More power to you and your voice Mr.Mame Khan. We are eagerly waiting for more awesome pieces in your voice for Bollywood Movies.

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