Get More Business without Physical Meeting

Why Virtual Business Cards?

  • Unlike Physical Cards, Virtual Cards are interactive in nature.
  • Removes friction from your Prospect’s mind to ‘Type out’ your Phone Number / Website URL
  • Freedom from Boring Printed Cards. Makes a Great First Impression.
  • Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, Social Media Links, Google Maps Direction and more just a Click Away!
  • Share your Digital Business Card with your Customer via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  • No more carrying a Printout of your Physical Business Cards everywhere

Features of Digital Business Card

  • Your Prospects can Call you just by tapping once on your Card (no more typing phone numbers)
  • 1 Click & your Customer can reach your Physical Location using Google My Business Location Pin
  • Customers can Click on the Card to send you a custom made Whatsapp message directly
  • Anybody can start following you on Social Media by following the links on your Digital Business Card
  • Easily Provide Sales Support via Virtual Business Card as Customer can send Emails to you with a Click!


Gopal Batra

“This small card has helped me sell Rs. 2 Lakh worth of Products to my past Customers even when my Store was not operational”

Shivani Jain

“I started providing online food Delivery because of your Virtual Business Card after my Restaurant was closed. Thank You so much Dibakar. You have won a Customer for Life!”

Faiz Zapddekar

“I am astonished how you’ve managed to make such an innovative product with minimal technology. Now I need your help with Marketing my Online Courses :)”