Wireless Keyboards with Backlight to Buy in India

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Wireless Keyboards are the need of the Hour.

But, if you want to use them in the dark, backlights are a necessity.

In this article, you’d know the best wireless keyboard with backlight which you can Buy in India.

Best Wireless Keyboard Backlit

Riitek Rii i8+ is the Best Wireless Keyboard with Backlights available in India.

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Riitek Rii i8+ is a Radio Frequency based wireless Keyboard.

It works on Lithium-ion which is one of the rarest features currently available among wireless keyboards.

Once charged, it can easily work for 6 to 8 hours.

Wireless Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad

Riitek Rii i8+ doesn’t just have a backlight. But, it also comes with a Touchpad.

In fact, Riitek Rii i8+ is the only wireless backlit keyboard with touchpad available in India.

These keyboards are best fit to use with Smart TVs.

Pros of Wireless Keyboards with Backlight

  • It comes with a Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery support.

  • You don’t need to buy a Mouse as it houses an in-built Touchpad.

  • Of course, it comes with an LED-backlit. But, you can even set the backlit to bright or dim mode using the button available on the keyboard. Customize the backlight brightness as per your needs.

  • Riitek Rii i8+ supports USB and comes with a free USB receiver inside the box. It is mainly for the purpose of charing the device.

  • Point to note: the USB supported is micro USB and not USB 2.0 meaning, you can use your smartphone charging USB cable as well to charge this device as and when needed.

Cons of Wireless Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad

  • Riitek Rii i8+ doesn’t house an LED indicator for CAPS LOCK. It is an important feature and yet I fail to see this feature in most leading wireless keyboards available in India.

  • The Keys look like the old Blackberry QWERTY pad phones. It might even be a positive for people who love such physical keypad configuration.

  • The touchpad initially might feel extremely sensitive. But, with time, you’d get a hang of it as you continue to use it.
Pros Cons
Rechargeable Lithium battery No LED indicator for CAPS LOCK.
LED-backlit for night time use QWERTY pad. Blackberry lookalike
Micro USB (not USB 2.0) The touchpad is too sensitive

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I hope you’ve liked the only wireless keyboard with backlight available in India.

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