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I know what you might be thinking. Another course on YouTube, what good it might do to you ?

Music is my Life

This is exactly what you feel when you think about music. Caught you ! 😉 It takes some real dedication and passion to think about something to be your Life. And I have huge respect for people who are that dedicated about their music.

But do you know there might be 20 lakh more singers reading this very sentence and feeling the same. Don’t doubt it, just try to visit any reality show audition anytime.

I’ve been there, in the line of all famous Indian Singing Reality Shows. Indian Idol, Fame Gurukul, The Voice, Rising Star, Voice of India, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. You name it, I was there. And along with me I had a looooooooong queue standing ahead of me.

That’s true. Music is competitive. It is hard to make a career in Music without correct Contacts, Networks and Relationships. But then, something came to the world and everything changed.


YouTube is the biggest blessing for Musicians. Why ? Well there are unlimited number of reason, but few of the mentionable ones :-

  1. You don’t need CONTACTS to grow your Musical Career on Youtube
  2. Totally inexpensive way to reach your audience ~ no more live gigs, concert arrangement, or even getting selected for singing reality show is required to reach your audience.
  3. If you know the CORRECT METHOD to start and scale your channel….. you could even become more successful Musician or Singer than compared to the normal stereotypical Singers who go for Reality Shows and Playback Singing using direct Contacts.

But there are some solid Disadvantages to the same. YouTube is so easy to help you start that almost everyone can start with their Music Channel…. but not necessarily everyone will succeed.


Because although it is true that viewers on YouTube is growing day by day, it is also true that more and more video creators which in our case are Singers or Musicians are also moving to this platform just because it is so simple and easy to start with a channel.

How to succeed on YouTube with your Music ?

That’s where I interrupt your Journey :)

Hi! My name is Dibakar Bala and I have helped 3 of my clients who are Singers themselves to grow from 0 subscribers to literally 10,000 + subscribers in just 2 months.

And this is not by doing any ’ YouTube HACK ’ or something which many others might promise you. It is a step-by-step process which people and specially musicians and singers Fail to recognize when they are starting their journey.

Starting is easy, but succeeding on YouTube is difficult.

But you are lucky because you found this little page on the internet with 99% junk and fake promises.

I am giving away not 1, not 10 but a whooping 100 Free Seats to my High Authority Course – YouTube Musician Kickstarter.

And this course is the same course which I sell for ₹ 29,999 ( $ 500 ) to my International Clients who are majorly Singers or Music Producers. Not just that…

People are going crazy just imagining the value they get out of their investment.

Think about it, in US and UK… every video view gets the Musician or Singer…. $ 1

After going through my formula for YouTube success they literally go from 900-1000 subscribers to over a 50,000 subscribers in literally 5-6 months. And it is not that late, you will get to see the needle moving your way just as soon as you implement the formula for YouTube Musician Kickstarter.

So, let’s do some maths….

My Course = $ 500

1 Youtube video after 6 month of doing my course = 50,000 subscribers = 25,000 views minimum to start with as soon as you publish = 25,000 x $ 1 per view = $ 25,000 !!!!?

Am I kidding you ? Absolutely not !

But that’s US and UK, what about India…. You’re right. In India, you don’t get $ 1 per view…. but our living standard is also not equal to US or UK. Earning even half dollar per view will be Rs. 30 per subscriber. 25,000 x Rs. 30 = 7,50,000

That’s 7 Lakh 50 Thousand Rupees 

And the course costs only Rs. 29,999 !

What if I say you can get it for FREE !

Yes you read that right…. I love India because I am an Indian. And hence it is my responsibility to help Musicians who are just like my brothers living in the same country. Thus :

I am Giving Away 100 FREE SEATS to my Course.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to create your own awesome Musical Career. Believe in your Luck, give it a TRY !

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