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Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata

What makes us the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata?

  • We are a data driven digital marketing agency. Data Analysis is at the Core of our Digital Marketing Strategies. We depend on Data, not on Opinions. Period!
  • We undertake a laser focused approach towards audience targeting. We are a Revenue focused company. Just driving Traffic to a Website makes no sense. We spend a lot of time to pinpoint your potential target customer.
  • We are a conversion optimized digital marketing company. If your web pages are not friendly enough to convert traffic, like it or not, we will make you redo it. Once you are our customer, your success is our responsibility.
  • We provide tailor made online marketing services for various industries like hotel, automotive, travel, B2B services, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Fashion, Tourism, Pharma, Software, Insurance, Real Estate, Restaurants, Law Firms, Tax Consultant and even Furniture manufacturing industry.

We provide Top Quality SEO services in Kolkata

  • SEO is our main forte. We are really good at driving targeted organic traffic to a website using Search Engine Optimization.
  • Apart from SEO, we also provide SEM, PPC , Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Funnel Building, SMM, Facebook Advertisement, Instagram Advertisement, TikTok Advertisement, YouTube Advertisement, Content Writing, Copy Writing, Lead Generation, Local Business SEO, Link Building, Software Development, API Development, Website Designing, Website Development and Content Marketing

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FAQ about our Digital Marketing Company, Kolkata

What makes you the best SEO Company in Kolkata?

Search Engine Optimization changes everyday. With Search Engines like Google bringing multiple updates every year, one needs to stay ahead of the curve.
Unfortunately, if you’d analyze the approach of most SEO companies in Kolkata, you’d realize that they are still stuck with the ways that used to work in the past. Lack of Passion in SEO & not being customer centric is the reason behind these issues. Most people just want to make money as a Digital Marketing Agency. I want to make an impact in the business industry with my services for companies who are meant to reach more customers.

How much does your SEO services cost?

Honestly, it depends on lot of factors. Your industry, target country, existing domain authority, spam scores and so many other things.
Still, I tried my best to create fit-for-all schemes for those who definitely want to know if it would fit their budget. You can visit any of my Service pages and look for Pricing Plans that suits you.

Do you have any Guarantee associated with your services?

Yes. First time in the history of Digital Marketing Agencies of Kolkata, I have brought a 100% Refund guarantee within 30 Days on 3 month’s service package. More info can be found on the product pages. You can always reach out to me at

Why should I trust you?

You shouldn’t. In business, you shouldn’t trust anyone. Instead, you should trust my workflow and results. We as an Agency are extremely data driven. Thus, if we can’t show you any improvement with the data, we give you back your money. Simple.

Why should I buy from your digital marketing agency when there are so many in Kolkata?

I know most Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata. Strangely many of them are run by Managers with a degree in MBA. On the contrary, I am myself a hardcore Digital Marketing Expert who knows the art of bringing targeted traffic to any business.
There are digital marketing agencies some businesses who are at par with mine. You can go ahead with them if your budget permits. No hard feelings 🙂

Can you share your SEO strategy which you’d use on my Business?

I recommend you to go through my FREE Online SEO course. It was designed for business owners who have no clue what to expect from digital marketing agencies after they take up their services.

How long will your marketing campaigns run for my Business?

At the minimum, I want every business to subscribe for a 3 months plan. Best results could be delivered if you opt for a 6 months plan.

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  • One of the Best Digital Marketing Agency. I gave them a work to do SEO for my Website. The Founder himself spoke to me and told me that my niche is very competitive. Yet, they had managed to deliver great results. Currently my website is getting 4000+ Visitors every month and I get 200+ Leads for my... Read More
  • We were able to discuss our project ideas quite clearly and effectively with him. Dibakar suggested some of the brilliant ways of marketing our firm which we could've never come up with. It is way different from most Online Marketing Companies. Dibakar is more like a Team Member and not a member of ... Read More
  • One of the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider in India. They made us a Marketing Strategy and helped us execute them quite easily. We subscribed to their Startup Marketing Plan which included both SEO and Email Marketing services. We made approximately 3 times ROI from their targeted marketing... Read More
  • I’ve worked with many digital marketing firms in the past. They are the only one who were open to my ideas and suggestions. Normally, online marketing agencies would treat their clients as if they don’t know anything. But this one was totally different. They even went on to recalibrate my projec... Read More