Zebronics Smart Time200 Review : Zebronics Launched New Smart Watch

Zebronics Smart Time200

Zebronics Smart Time200 Review : Zebronics Launched New Smart Watch

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Zebronics has just launched its 2nd Smart Watch namely, Smart Time200. This is the sequel of the First Smart Watch released by Zebronics – Smart Time100. Let’s see how Smart Time200 is better from Smart Time100 and should you buy a Smart Time200 or not.

Value for MoneyFeaturesDesign
(I found it really expensive as compared to Smart Time100 without any real valuable upgrades )
( Zebronics Smart Time200 is actually very much rich in feature, yet not much different from Smart Time100 )
( Deisgn is better than a lot of other Smart Watch available in the Indian Market. But, the display has went shorter in diameter than Smart Time100. Yet, you pay more for Smart Time200 )
What I LikeWhat I Don't Like
1. It is a Phone in itself with SIMcard support (Nano Sim)
2. It has a Speaker and Microphone - to receive call and dial.
3. It has every feature of a Fitness Tracker, just as expected.
4. It can click pictures with its in-built camera. What more do you expect out of this little device?
1. The touchscreen got smaller in diameter from Smart Time100.
2. There is absolutely no difference in Features between Smart Time100 and Smart Time200. Yet Zebronics is asking for Rs. 777 more for Zebronics Smart Time200. I couldn't get the reason, why?
3. It doesn't have a Heart rate Tracker. But, that is quite justified.

Overall, I don’t see any specific reason why one should buy Zebronics Smart Time200 over Smart Time100 when all its feature and in fact a larger screen is available in Zebronics Smart Time100.

If you really want to buy a Zebronics Smart Watch, you should buy Smart Time100 which is cheaper and comes with a larger touchscreen display with almost every feature you would want out of a Smart Watch.


Detail Review of Zebronics Smart Time200

Presenting Zebronics Smart Time200 – a sequel to Zebronics Smart Time100

Zebronics Smart Time200

Zebronics Smart Time200

Zebronics made a very amateur entry into the nascent wearable industry in India with its first Smart Watch Smart Time100. Now, they made a comeback with an upgrade to their previous version in the name of Zebronics Smart Time200.

Smart Time200 is a Premium Quality Smart Watch with unbelievable features. It is a Watch which can work as an Independent phone. It can click pictures with its Camera. And obviously, it has everything you would expect out of a Fitness Tracker.


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