11 Best Wireless Keyboard India

Wireless Keyboards are not a luxury, but a necessity in 2019.

With the increasing number of smart devices around us, you must upgrade to wireless technologies to avoid the clutter.

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Below are some of the best wireless keyboards you can Buy in India.

ProductsRatingProduct Link
Logitech K3809.5/10 Check Price
Logitech K2309.2/10 Check Price
Logitech K4808.9/10 Check Price
Logitech K4008.8/10 Check Price
Riitek Rii I8+8.5/10 Check Price
Mobipro RiiTek i88.3/10 Check Price
Rii Mini Keyboard8/10 Check Price
Rapoo E1050 2.4G7.8/10 Check Price
Reconntech Ultrathin 7.6/10 Check Price
Technotech Ultrathin 7.4/10 Check Price

Best Wireless Keyboard India 2019

Logitech K380 920-007596 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K380 is currently the Best Wireless Keyboard available in India.

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One of the prime reasons for buying a Bluetooth Keyboard is portability.

And, Logitech K380, indeed, is the most portable wireless keyboard due to its lightweight & compact design.

The product weighs only 408 grams which is more than 50% less than any other Bluetooth keyboard available in the Market.

Most Keyboards are created a bit heavier to maintain a sturdy built quality.

Logitech K380 is Lightweight, Compact & Sturdy – all three at the Same Time.

K380 is also the only Bluetooth Keyboard in India which is compatible with Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation only).

One of the Best features of Logitech K380 is the Three Buttons available on the Top left corner.

These three little yellow buttons give you the ability to switch between your connected devices.

You can simultaneously connect three devices to your Keyboard.

Dimensionally as well, K380 has the smallest length (27.7 cm), breadth (12.4 cm) and height (1.5 cm) compared to any other wireless keyboard.

If you love vibrant colors like me, this keyboard even comes in a beautiful orange color variant.


  • One of the User has actually claimed that his Average Typing Speed has increased 11 points (out of 100) after switching to Logitech K380 from the standard keyboard.

His average typing speed was around 73, now it has become 85.

  • Logitech K380 is extremely lightweight, making it the best wireless keyboard to carry with you while traveling.


  • The arrow keys on the keyboard are a bit smaller than required.
  • Home, Page Up & Page Down Keys are not available on this Keyboard.
  • K380 comes with two standard AAA batteries. The Wireless Keyboard industry haven’t upgraded to lithium batteries yet. But, I would surely prefer a wireless keyboard with an in-built battery and USB charging over Logitech K380 any day.
  • Doesn’t supports USB unifying technology.
Helps increase typing speedSmall Arrow Keys
Extremely LightweightNo Keys for Home, Page Up & Page Down

Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K230 is another extremely lightweight (458 grams) wireless keyboard in this list.

Check Price

You can change the Battery Cover on the left between light grey, pink or blue color options.

No additional purchase required.

Logitech K230 comes with a USB unifying receiver for free with the device.

K230 uses 2.4 GigaHertz Wireless receiver to connect with devices.

K230 comes with two AAA Batteries just like K380.


  • Logitech K230 is 36% smaller in size compared to any standard USB Keyboard.
  • Weighs only 458 grams, making it extremely easy to carry with you anywhere.
  • 3 Years Standard Warranty will give you peace of mind while using K230.
  • USB unifying technology support would let you connect with up to 6 devices without the need to buy multiple USB receivers.
  • Logitech K230 have got Mechanical Keys which will give you a clicky feel which sharp “click” sound. If you’re a Gamer, Mechanical Keys are the Best for you.


  • The arrow Keys of Logitech K230 is smaller than the usual ones.

  • You cannot connect multiple devices simultaneously. Thus, K230 doesn’t come with buttons to switch between devices.

  • No LED notification for CAPS LOCK.

  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth Connectivity.

  • USB unifying occupies one of your device USB slots which can be a bit frustrating at times.
36% smaller than other keyboardSmall Arrow Keys
weighs only 458 gramsNo simultaneous multi-device support
3 Years WarrantyNo LED for CAPS LOCK
Connect 6 devices on same USB receiverNo Bluetooth Connectivity
Mechanical Keys, Best for GamersUSB unifying occupies one USB slot

Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K480 is a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard. 

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One of the most promising features of the wireless keyboard is Green Colored cradle.

You can literally slide your Smartphone or Tablet into the Cradle while you use the keyboard.

Just like Logitech K380, you can connect 3 devices simultaneously with this keyboard.

Using this Circular button, you can seamlessly switch between your connected devices.

Are you looking for a good quality Wireless Keyboard which also looks like Apple Wireless Keyboard.

If Yes, Logitech K480 is also available in a White Colour Variant.


  • The only wireless keyboard that comes with a Smartphone Cradle.

  • Bluetooth Support with the ability to connect up to 3 devices simultaneous.

  • Overall built quality is quite Good.


  • The keyboard feels heavy despite having a comfortable design ( 820 grams ).

  • Product is a bit thicker than shown in the product image.

  • No LED for CAPS LOCK.
Smartphone Cradle inside keyboard Heavy – 820 grams
Bluetooth support. Connect 3 simultaneous devicesThicker in shape
Good Build QualityNo LED for CAPS LOCK

Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad India

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K400 is the only Wireless Keyboard that comes with a TouchPad. 

Check Price

You won’t need a Mouse if you buy this USB unifying supported wireless Keyboards.

You get 1 USB receiver and 2 AAA Batteries with the product without paying any extra charges. 

It is extremely lightweight (390 grams), but doesn’t boast a compact design due to the inclusion of the touchpad.


  • 3.5-inch Touchpad eliminates your need to buy an external Mouse with this Keyboard.

  • 1 Year Warranty will give you complete peace of mind

  • Modern design and works with Android TV as well.


  • You cannot connect it simultaneously with multiple external devices.

  • LED lights missing for CAPS LOCK.

  • Not supported with MacBook or iOS devices.

  • The Up and Down arrow Keys are quite small and difficult to operate initially.
3.5-inch Touchpad. No Mouse required. No LED for CAPS LOCK
1 Year WarrantyiOS & MacBook not supported
Supports Android TV as wellSmall Arrow Keys

Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV

Riitek Rii I8+ Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

Riitek Rii i8+ is the Best Radio Frequency based Wireless Keyboard for a Smart TV.

Check Price

The Cherry on the cake, it comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

The Device comes with a USB receiver which goes into the USB slot of your Smart TV.


  • Lithium-ion Battery with Charging support.

  • Touchpad for mouse functionality

  • LED backlit with 2 step brightness will help you use it at night.

  • Comes with USB receiver and USB cable for charging the device.

  • Micro USB support (in place of USB 2.0)


  • No LED indicator for CAPS LOCK.

  • Buttons are like the old Blackberry QWERTY pad phones.

  • The touchpad of Riitek Rii i8+ is too sensitive at times.
Rechargeable Lithium battery No LED indicator for CAPS LOCK.
LED backlit for night time use QWERTY pad. Blackberry lookalike
Micro USB (not USB 2.0)Touchpad is too sensitive

Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini Wireless Combo of Keyboard with Mouse

Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini is a USB unifying based wireless keyboard for Smart TVs.

Check Price

Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini is NOT a Bluetooth based device even though the same has been mentioned in the product description.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini is rechargeable using a USB cable.


  • Lightweight (191 grams) and portable.

  • Connects with your Mobile & Laptop as well, apart from your TV

  • You can use the OTG cable provided to connect through wires as well.

  • Few customers have verified that the battery can live as long as a month with a single full charge.

  • You won’t need a mouse as Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini comes with a Touchpad.


  • Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini won’t support or connect with Fire Stick.

  • Does not support micro USB or type C for charging.

  • No Backlight is available, making it difficult to use in the dark.
OTG cable gives wire connectivity as wellNot supported with Amazon Fire Stick
Lightweight 191 gramsNo micro USB or type C for charging
Month long battery life in single chargeNo Backlit, difficult to use at night

Rii Mini Keyboard Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

Rii Mini is a 2.4 gigahertz Radio Frequency based wireless keyboard for Smart TV.

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You can also connect your Laptop or Smartphone with Rii Mini Keyboard.

The product comes with an OTG Cable, USB Receiver and an in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

You can even connect Rii Mini with an external device using the OTG cable.


  • Extra slot for AAA battery is available apart from in-built lithium-ion batteries. Beneficial at times of emergencies.

  • You can use both USB receiver & OTG cable to connect with external devices.


  • You might face a tough time getting acquainted with the extra sensitive.

  • Many users have found it a struggle to type with Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini keyboard.
supports both lithium & AAA batteriesextra sensitive touchpad
both wired and wireless connection is possibledifficult to type

HiTechCart Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction Touchpad Keyboard

Although the product name has the term “Bluetooth” in it.

HiTechCart Wireless Bluetooth is not a Bluetooth based Keyboard.

Check Price

HiTechCart Wireless Bluetooth is a Radio Frequency based Wireless Keyboard that works with a USB receiver.

The USB receiver and OTG cable for charging is also a part of the product.


  • HiTechCart Wireless Keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  •  You can easily carry it in your pocket. Lightweight & portable.

  • Slot to setup AAA battery is also available.


  • “HiTechCart Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction Touchpad Keyboard” isn’t based on Bluetooth. The term ‘Bluetooth’ in its name is simply a marketing gimmick.

  • Few users have received old Nokia phone lithium-ion Batteries.

Best Computer Keyboard in India

Rapoo E1050 2.4G Anti-Splash Wireless Keyboard (Black)

Rapoo E1050 is the only anti-splash wireless keyboard option available in the market.

Check Price

It isn’t completely waterproof. But, you can get away with spilling your coffee on it. 

Rapoo E1050 uses Radio Frequency or RF to connect with your Computer.


  • Only Spill proof Wireless Keyboard in the Market.

  • Rapoo E1050 have got mechanical keys, which will give you feedback as you type on it. Such Keys are best for Gamers who love the unmistakable “Clicky” sound while typing

  • Connect up to 6 wireless devices without installing any new USB unifying receiver.

  • Rapoo weighs only 540 grams, making it extremely lightweight despite having a complete keyboard design.


  • Does not support Bluetooth Connectivity.

  • You will need an OTG connector to connect it with your Phone.

  • Wireless Range is lower than other Wireless Keyboards in the Market.

  • No LED indicator for CAPS LOCK.

Reconntech Ultrathin 10 Metre Range Bluetooth Keyboard

Reconntech Ultrathin is a budget-friendly wireless keyboard.

Check Price

The design is inspired by the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Reconntech Ultrathin is Lightweight, compact & Bluetooth enabled keyboard


  • Budget Bluetooth Keyboard that Works with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

  • The product weighs only 422 grams and boasts a modern, compact design as well.


  • The White Keys might get dirty quite easily if you don’t care properly.

  • Few Customers have received duplicate product upon buying.

Technotech Ultrathin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Technotech Ultrathin is a Bluetooth Keyboard which comes with a support stand.

Check Price

Keys used on Technotech Ultrathin are based on Rubber Dome design.

Rubber Dome Keys are the same that you see on a Laptop Keyboard.


  • Technotech Ultrathin is extremely lightweight and weighs only 322 grams.

  • Looks like a replica of Mac Keyboards at an affordable price tag.


  • Few Users have complained about the responsiveness of the Keys on Technotech Ultrathin.

  • Technotech Ultrathin also has got some connectivity issues.

Things you should consider while Buying Wireless Keyboard

Built Quality

The material used on a keyboard will either be Metal or Plastic.

Metal Keyboards are a lot more sturdy and heavier than the ones made out of plastic.

If you are opting for a Wireless Keyboard, I would advise you to choose plastic body over metal Keyboards.

Wireless Keyboards made from plastic are more lightweight, compact & portable.

Button Type

Keyboards primarily have two types of Buttons:- Mechanical or Rubber Dome.

Mechanical Keyboards are the best for those who love the “click” sound while typing.

If you are a Gamer, you must choose Mechanical Keys to feel the feedback upon clicking.

Wireless Keyboards like Logitech K230 & Rapoo E1050 has got mechanical keys.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the Keyboard noise while typing, Rubber Dome is your type of Keys.

Rubber Dome Keys are the ones you will find on standard Laptops

Most Wireless Keyboards like Logitech K380 have rubber dome keys.

Battery Type

Wireless keyboards can have two types of Batteries

  • AAA Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries

Currently, only the Mini Wireless Keyboards for Smart TVs like Riitek Rii i8+ has Lithium-ion Battery support.

All other Wireless Keyboards comes with two pre-installed AAA batteries.

In the case of Lithium Batteries, you can easily Charge the Keyboard using a USB Charger.

With AAA Batteries, you’ll have to replace them after they have died.

Ease of Use

Some keyboards like Logitech K380 can improve your typing speed instantly.

Some can give you a hard time getting adjusted to the new way of typing.

Hence, it is extremely important to match your existing need & habit to the keyboard that you are planning to buy.

If you are comfortable using mechanical keyboards, buy a wireless mechanical keyboard.

If you have a habit of typing on your laptop, but a compact rubber dome based keyboard.

If you love typing on small devices like smartphones, get yourself a mini keyboard which is a lot like old blackberry keypads.


The Touchpad is for people who don’t want to use a Mouse.

Laptop & smartphone users mostly opt for a keyboard with in-built touchpad.

A touchpad will also save you Money as you won’t have to spend any on buying a wireless mouse.

You also won’t have to carry a mouse separately while traveling.

Logitech K400 is one of the best wireless keyboards with in-built Touchpad support in it.

Device Compatibility

Not all wireless keyboards are compatible with every device & operating system.

Some work only with Android OS devices like Android Smartphones & Android TVs

Some work for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Macbook as well.

Whereas, a keyboard like Logitech K380 even works with Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Generation only).


A good Warranty period can give you a lot of peace after you’ve made the purchase.

Particularly a Tech device is expected to have technical glitches after a few years of smooth functioning.

Wireless Keyboards like Logitech K230 comes with a 3 Year Warranty period.

Logitech K400 is another wireless keyboard which has 1 Year Warranty.

Most wireless keyboard although does not come with any Product Warranty.

Connectivity Technology

Wireless can be of two types:- Bluetooth & Radio Frequency.

Make sure you are buying as per your needs.

Wireless Keyboards like XYZ has “Bluetooth” in its name.

Yet, XYZ doesn’t have a Bluetooth connectivity technology.

Instead, it works on Radio Frequency.

If you are using a USB receiver, it will occupy one of the USB port of your External Device (laptop, smart TV).

Although, you can connect up to 6 devices using a USB receiver.


Logitech K380 can increase your typing speed. Logitech K380 is the only wireless keyboard that even support Apple TV.

Logitech K230 is for people who want peace of mind. Logitech K230 comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

If you prefer Touchpads over Mouse, buy Logitech K400. Logitech K400 is the only wireless keyboard in the market with a touchpad.

Wireless Keyboards like Riitek Rii i8+ & Mobipro RiiTek i8 Mini are the Best if you want a rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery support.

These Keyboards are also extremely portable and you can carry them in your pocket.

Lastly, if you want an Apple wireless Keyboard lookalike, buy Logitech K480.

Logitech K480 also gives you an in-built Smartphone & Tablet cradle where you can slide your devices while typing.

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