77 days facebook ads course : is it worth the investment? (Free Gifts inside)

Considering to Buy 77 Days Facebook Ads Course by Gaurav Sir (Gaurav Madaan) ?

I bought 77 Days Facebook Ads Course in January 2019.

Let me share with you my Honest Feedback about the Course.

Pre-requisites for the Course

Not every Course is meant for everyone. Learn what you should know before you enroll for the 77 Days Facebook Course

  • Good to have a Laptop
  • Mindset to execute (not just learn)
  • English Knowledge (course is in English)
  • Knowledge of Facebook Page Creation
  • Intent to Run Ads (for themselves or clients)
  • Creativity & Marketing acumen is an advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

These are few questions I had while deciding to buy this Course

Is it worth the price of Rs. 777?

Believe it or not, it is worth way more than Rs. 777
I would happily pay Rs. 7777 for the same Course, it is that good in quality.

Can we get all the videos in a single day? Or we get 1 video every day?

You get all the Videos instantly. The course is named 77 Days Facebook Course. But, currently all the modules are complete and live. Thus, you get instant access to the Course as soon as you but it.

My question hasn’t been answered. What to do?

Chat with me on Instagram at @dibakardigital

Additional FREE Bonus (from Me)

Rs. 777 is already a great price. But, if you buy from my Link below, I will give you additional Free Gifts

SEO Case Study : How I recovered from Google Core Update 2019 December?

Without any Paid Tool within 30 Days

Google Algorithm penalized my website for no reason. The Sitemap went missing from inside the Search Console and 100% of my website was de-indexed.
Without panicing, I got my rankings back within 30 Days.
(No Paid Tools were used)

Exclusive Invite to My Secret FB Group

Secret Group of my 360 degree marketers

I am a hardcore believer of integrated Digital Marketing which involves multiple marketing techniques. This group consists of all of my Future Superstar Marketers.

My Ebook + Video : Linkedin Algo update 2019 (100+ Copies Sold)

My most successful Ebook of 2019

2019 July, Linkedin updated their Core Algorithm which increased their Organic reach exponentially. I was quick to adjust to their algo changes and benefit from it extensively.
I sold 100+ copies of this book + video explanation in 2019 which now I will give away for Free.

Upcoming Ebook : Linkedin Algo update 2020

Because Linkedin 2020 is competitive

Linkedin in 2020 has become much more competitive than 2019. Thus, once again I have plans to create a new Ebook which would talk about the new Linkedin strategies for 2020. This time it is not the algorithm but the content creators on linkedin which is making it difficult for us to grow exponentialy.

Personal Transformation (after Course)

Below are some of the transformation I went through after buying the Course

  • I already had 5 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing. Thus, I was looking for some advanced modules inside the Course. Thus, my favorite segment is the course was “Scaling Module”
  • I was so impressed by the Scaling module that I sent Gaurav Sir a Text on WhatsApp and guess what? He replies to your questions even on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Reply from Gaurav Sir
  • I was so satisfied with his Facebook Ads Course that I even bought his second Course “Words that Sell”. And this was my feedback inside the Facebook Group :-
  • I am currently working with Big Clients like ABP News Network and Sony Music India. I got these clients from my own hard work and experience. But, after going through Gaurav Sir’s Couse, I was able to clearly explain my client about all the necessary requirements step-by-step for a successful integrated Digital Marketing Campaign.

Secret Benefits of 77 Days Facebook Ads Course

Gaurav Sir calls it a 77 days Course. In reality, it comes with benefits which can’t be described as just a 77 Days Facebook Ads Course.

  • The Course comes with a Lifetime Support beyond 77 Videos. Don’t believe my words, check the number of content Gaurav Sir published inside the Facebook Group.
  • Gaurav Sir keeps adding new videos and modules to the Facebook Course. Yes, even beyond 77 Videos.
  • In my Opinion, the major Highlight of the Course was not Facebook Ads. But, the Client getting module. Check one feedback about the same.
  • Even after having so much knowledge and delivering so much value, he is never afraid of asking for feedback

Who Should NOT buy this Course?

Someone who is Lazy to implement the strategies taught in the Course should never Buy 77 days facebook ads course.
Also, this course is not for someone who is quick to judge an instructor without watching all the videos. This is because in the initial few Videos Gaurav Sir talks about the mindset of running Facebook Ads before going ahead and actually running them.
This part might be boring for many people who are only into Digital Marketing for making a Quick Fortune without taking the precautions.

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