Actuary Blogs in India – Top 5 (Updated)

Actuary Blogs in India - Top 5 (Updated)

1. Dibakar Bala

Web URL :-

Founder :- Dibakar Bala, Kolkata

Arguably the only Student Actuary from India to have started Blogging about Actuary without completely becoming a qualified Actuary.

Educational Qualifications :- 

B.Tech Student, IIT Kharagpur

Student Actuary

Professional Qualifications :-

Quant Analyst (Quantitative Finance)

Online Marketing Consultant (Digital Marketer)

Professional Blogger

You can find all my Articles about Actuaries here :-

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2.  Actuary Life

Web URL :-

Founder :- Vikram 

The Website ‘Actuary Life’ is completely devoted towards Actuary.

It also has pre-recorded courses on Actuary Exams available at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for Online Actuary Courses, this is the website you should visit.

3. Step Up Analytics

Web URL :-

Founder :- Mohammad Sajid

Dedicated to create a Data Science Community, this website publishes a whole lot of content about Actuary.

Clearly understandable as Actuary and Data Science has a lot in common.

Right from Tools like R, Excel to the extent of Statistics and Algorithms.

Step Up Analytics is really doing a great job with its Website and ideally it would become one of the top quality blogs about Actaury in India as far as I believe.

4. Ravi Vyas (Founder of SMonk)

Web URL :-

Founder :- Ravi Vyas

Mr. Ravi Vyas is the most popular Actuary Expert on Quora as per my knowledge.

Starting with a very small batch, S Monk is currently the Biggest and Largest Actuarial Coaching Institute in India.

I’m personally connected with Mr. Ravi Vyas on LinkedIn and undoubtedly he is a Social Media Celebrity in the field of Actuary.

5. The Actuarial Club (TAC)

Web URL :-

Founder :- Mayank Goyal

Team Members :-

Mahidhara Davangere

Arpit Surana

Akshun Geetesh

The Actuarial Club is the Only Actuary Club I’ve ever come across.

The Blog Posts mostly cover Advanced Topics in Actuary.

Till Date, they have published 120 Blog Articles on the Topic, which is quite impressive.

They have 2 Qualified Actuary on board to guide the Readers.

It also has an impressive Subscriber base of 1248 people.

Disclaimer :- The List is not in a Rank Sequence. You’re Free to Decide the Best as per your requirements.

Dibakar Bala

What are Actuary Blogs ?

Actuary Blogs are Websites posting content on the topic Actuary.

Actuary in itself is a profession where a person is trained heavily to manage Various types of Risks using Mathematical and Statistical Tools.

Actuaries are mostly known to hold position in the field of Insurance.

Although, Actuaries are well educated to hold many other crucial roles like banking, investment, healthcare, Data Scientist etc. due to their in-depth knowledge and curriculum in Maths and Statistics.

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