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ACET Admit Card 2019 : Download Online from IAI

Admit Card for ACET June 2019 has been released on the official Website of Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) Here are two Articles you Must Read if you’re preparing for ACET June 2019 :- 1. How to Prepare for ACET (And How I Cracked ACET without Tuition) 2. How to Prepare for ACET in One Month Download ACET 2019 JUNE Admit Card :- 1. Visit The Login Page of ACET Registered Students 2. Put your Email Id and password in the appropriate Boxes provided on the Page 3. Once you’re logged......

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How to prepare for ACET in one month

Preparing for ACET in one month is absolutely possible. The reason behind is simple. 25% of the Paper is High School Mathematics which is also the basic eligibility to sit for the exam. = EASY 50% of the Paper is Aptitude, Grammar and Logical Reasoning = EASY AGAIN 10% of the Paper consists of High School Statistics like Set Theories and Probability. Lastly, 15% of the Paper is New which has topics like Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing, Join Distribution, etc. But, you don’t even need to study that part if you’re really......

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How to prepare for CS1 - Actuarial Statistics

Preparing for CS1? The Actuarial Statistics Paper? Today I will share my own Preparation Plan of CS1 Exam. Disclaimer :- I am not a Teacher but a Student Preparing for CS1. My Educational Background :- B.Tech Student, IIT Kharagpur Student Actuary, IAI Professional Qualification :- Quant Analyst (Quantitative Finance) Online Marketing Consultant Professional Blogger How to Prepare for CS1 :- 1. Start with R if you’re an Engineering Student Being an Engineering Student, we all study C Programming in our 1st Year. Personally, I was also interested in Data Science before joining......

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Actuary Blogs in India - Top 5 (Updated)

1. Dibakar Bala Web URL :- Founder :- Dibakar Bala, Kolkata Arguably the only Student Actuary from India to have started Blogging about Actuary without completely becoming a qualified Actuary. Educational Qualifications :-  B.Tech Student, IIT Kharagpur Student Actuary Professional Qualifications :- Quant Analyst (Quantitative Finance) Online Marketing Consultant (Digital Marketer) Professional Blogger You can find all my Articles about Actuaries here :- If you need any Help with your ACET Preparation, send me an Email :- 2.  Actuary Life Web URL :- Founder :- Vikram  The Website ‘Actuary......

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How I cracked ACET Examination ? (Without Tuition)

Clearing ACET Examination is the first step towards becoming an Actuary. It gives you the license to become a Student Member of the prestigious Institute of Actuaries of India. Today, I’ll discuss with you how I cracked my ACET Entrance and how you can do it too. 🙂     My Background  1. B.Tech Student, IIT Kharagpur 2. 90.2% in Class 12 (with 95/100 in Maths) 3. Quant Analyst & Researcher (part-time) 4. Digital Marketing Consultant 5. Founder, As you can see, my background in Mathematics was pretty strong. It surely......

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