Top Alexa Skills – 10 Most Popular and Best Alexa Skills with Commands & Setup instructions

Top Alexa Skills - 10 Most Popular and Best Alexa Skills with Commands & Setup instructions

With the popularity of Amazon Smart Speakers, the number of Skills made available by developers to use with Alexa are increasing day-by-day.

It can get really confusing. Hence, to help you with the problem here I have come up with the Top Alexa Skills for you to install with your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot.

These 10 Alexa Skills are the most Popular and Best Alexa Skills available till date. Install And Enjoy.

10. iheartradio :-

I Heart Radio, as you know, is an Online Music and Podcast Streaming Platform.

After its Launch in 2008, it never stopped growing. I Heart Radio also comes in its Android App and iOS App. Available on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore.

But apart from smartphone apps, iHeartRadio is one of the first podcast and Music streaming portal to have made a skills for Alexa.

Anyone using any of the smart speakers from Amazon, like, Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot will have the privilege to listen to the latest music and podcasts from iHeartRadio just by spelling out few sequence of commands.

Here are few commands which might come in handy if you’re using the iHeartRadio skill on Amazon Alexa for the first time.

Liking a Song :- “Alexa, I like this Song”

Disliking a Song :- “Alexa, Thumbs Down”

Mention the Skill Name to play Music/Podcast/Radio from iHeartRadio :- “Alexa, play news radio from iHeartRadio”

Asking for further Information about the music/radio/podcast :- “Alexa, what’s playing?”

Setting Timer to switch off Music :- “Alexa, stop playing Music in 2 Minutes”

iHeartRadio Setup / How to Link iHeartRadio with Alexa Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot :-

1. Open Alexa App from your Smartphone.

2. Click on the Navigation tab on the top Left of the Screen

3. Select Settings -> Music and Media. A list of all the available Music Skills and Integration on Amazon Alexa will appear

4. Select the link “iHeartRadio” to connect your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot with iHeartRadio

9. Plex :-

Plex helps you to access your Media Files and Music without the need of a Remote. Basically you can ask Plex to play some Music or even suggest some Movies.

Few Alexa Plex Commands are :

To play some Music – ” Alexa, ask Plex to play some Music ”

To ask Plex to suggest – ” Alexa, ask Plex to suggest me something to watch ”

Open Media Files on Plex – ” Alexa, open Plex ”

For More Alexa Plex Commands visit :-

Alexa Plex Setup Instructions :-

An in-depth setup guide with detailed instructions is already available at the official website of Amazon Plex Skills :-

8. Ecobee Thermostat :-

Thermostats are the hottest commodity in today’s market of maintaining preferable room temperature. And Ecobee is one of the most popular brand in the world of Thermostats.

It works with most voice assistant including Siri and Google Home. But today our priority here is to prove that how efficiently it works with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot.

Ecobee also has launched smart home lighting which comes with inbuilt Alexa assistance.

Surely, we see Ecobee preferring Alexa over all other voice assistants.

You can also buy a Premium Alexa Skill from Ecobee which is named ‘ Ecobee Plus ‘. It extends the functionality of your Ecobee devices.

Here are few Alexa Ecobee Commands which might come in handy :-

To set your Thermostat Temperature – “Alexa, set the bedroom to 72 degrees”

Enquire about Room Temperature – “Alexa, what is the temperature in the bedroom?”

Turn On/Off Lights – “Alexa, turn On Bathroom Lights”

Ecobee Setup :-

Ecobee claims that Setting up Ecobee is as easy as installing an App in your Smartphone. Watch this Video for clarification –

7. Audible :-

Audible is a great platform and product on its own. And enhancing its functionality using Alexa was the game changer.

Alexa device owners can listen to Audible directly from their Smart Speakers.

Few awesome Alexa Audible Commands are as follow :-

Read – “Alexa, read my book”

Pause/Resume – “Alexa, pause/resume”

skip chapter – “Alexa, next chapter”

Go Back/Forward – “Alexa, go back/forward”

Here’s how to setup your Audible using Alexa App :-

6. Pandora :-

As we all know, Pandora is a free music streaming and music recommendation system.

And it is available on Alexa too. Infact you don’t need to install any skills to use Pandora on Alexa. It is a default application already connected to uour alexa app.

“Alexa, play Pandora” will play all the music available on your original Pandora Account.

Setup Pandora :-

Click on the hamburger menu to the left of the alexa app.

Select Pandora from the drop-down and connect your pandora account with Alexa.

5. Sonos Speaker :-

With Sonos Skill, you would be able to listen to any music Streaming services directly from your Amazon Smart Speaker.

I don’t think any other skill gives you the freedom to listen to so many music streaming website using a single alexa skill. That’s why, Sonos skill is my Top Pick for Top Alexa Skills in 2018.

One can listen to Spotify Premium, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn, SiriusXM and iHeartRadio directly from your Sonos One or Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot using this skill.

These are few basic Alexa Sonos commands you can use to listen to your favourite music from Sonos Skill :-

Play Music – “Alexa, play meditation music in dining room”

Volume control – “Alexa, turn down the volume in the bathroom by 30%”

Pause/Resume/Repeat – “Alexa, pause/resume/repeat the music in the kitchen”

Setup instructions for Sonos Skill :-

1. Click Enable to begin the setup process.

2. Log In to your Sonos account using your Sonos Credentials.

3. Say “Alexa, find my devices” to complete the setup.

4. Harmony Hub :-

Harmony Hub skill is the best TV remote skill available on Alexa.

Although on May 5th, Harmony Administration has clarified that they are facing some technical issue. But that doesn’t changes my opinion about it.

Harmony Hub is still the Top Alexa Skill to operate your TV.

Some common Alexa Harmony Commands are :-

Change Channel – “Alexa, turn on ESPN”

Turn up/ Turn down Volume – “Alexa, turn up the volume”

Manage Subscription based video streaming services – “Alexa, pause Netflix”

Turn on TV – “Alexa, turn on TV”

3. Spotify Music :-

Spotify was killing it in the business of music streaming services. And to extend its functionality, it also works with most Smart Home speakers including Amazon Echo/Echo Dot.

Infact, Spotify is the Best Music Streaming skill available on Alexa in my opinion. Thus, I kept it at Number 3 of my Top Alexa Skills list.

These are few Popular and Easy to use Alexa Spotify Commands :-

Play Song – “Alexa, play Main Phir bhi Tumko Chahunga”

Volume Control – “Alexa, turn up the volume by 20%”

Spotify Setup :-

As easy as pie…. seriously. Open Amazon Alexa App, go to Settings. Choose Music and Media from the available options.

Go ahead an choose default Music Services. Now select Spotify and you’re all set to listen to Spotify Premium using your Amazon Smart Speaker device.

2. Nest Products :-

The best Thermostat Alexa Skill in this list of Top Alexa Skills 2018 is Nest Thermostat.

Nest has a number of Smart Features. But majorly it learns when you stay at home and when you don’t. And accordingly it handles the temperature of your rooms, thereby helping you save on Electricity Bills.

The typical commands used in Alexa Nest Skill is very similar to any other Thermostat Skill. Below are few Alexa Nest Commands which you can use to operate your Smart Home Thermostat :-

To set a particular temperature – “Alexa, set temperature of dining room to 68 degrees”

Increase / Decrease temperature of a room by particular degrees – “Alexa, decrease the temperature of the kitchen by 6 degrees”

Know your room temperature – “Alexa, what is the temperature of our Guest Bedroom”

Alexa Nest Thermostat skill setup :-

It is very easy. Just select “enable skills” from your Alexa App. Now Discover your thermostat to connect Alexa with your Nest Thermostat.

1. Philips Hue :-

Undoubtedly the Number 1 in this list of Top Alexa Skills is Philips Hue. Philips dominated the old school Lights and Bulbs sector. And now Philips Hue wants to dominate the Smart light segment of Home Automation. What occurs to me is that Philips Hue is very much living its dream already.

It works with Alexa effortlessly. Functionalities include switching lights on/off, changing moods, brinten or dim, etc.

These are few handy Alexa Hue Commands you might be interested in :-

Turn On/Off Lights – “Alexa, turn on Living Room Lights”

Changing Scenes of a Room – “Alexa, turn on Relax in the bedroom”

Changing colours of your Hue Lights – “Alexa, set the kitchen light to Green”

Brinten/Dim the lights – “Alexa, brighten dining room light by 70%”

Setting up Philips Hue :-

Select “Enable Skill” from your Alexa Smartphone App and say “Alexa, discover devices” to connect your Philips Hue with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot Alexa.

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