Amazfit Review : Don’t Buy Without Reading This Review – Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Amazfit Review : Don't Buy Without Reading This Review - Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Amazfit Review :- Imported Fitness Bands are no longer a luxury. 

Amazfit Cor is one such imported Fitness Band which is extremely budget friendly.

Today we will see various features and details of Amazfit Cor. 

In the end we would verify if Amazfit lives upto its promise 🙂

Let’s Begin!

What’s the Price Tag?

Last time I checked, amazfit cor was available at ₹1000 discounted price tag of ₹3999.

But, it keeps fluctuating again and again. You can check the current Price below :-

Features / Specifications :-

1. Heart Rate Tracker

2. Activity Tracker

3. Automatic Sleep Tracking

4. Marine-Grade Stainless Steel design

5. Gorilla Glass 3 Protection to the Screen

6. Completely Waterproof (not just spill proof)

7. Waterproof Rating :- 5 ATM / 50 m / 164 ft (water depth allowed- while swimming, etc.)

8. Dust Resistant9. 1.23 inch Colour Display

10. Touch Screen / Touch Sensitive Display

11. On-Screen SMS, Email, App Notification (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack)

12. Excercise Tracking

13. 7 – Day Weather Forecast

14. Alarm Clock

15. Timer

16. Stopwatch

17. 12-Day Battery Life (288 Hours)

18. Durable Straps

19. Minimalistic Design

20. IPS colour LCD screen with anti-fingerprint coating

21. Pedometer (Step Counter)

22. Counts Distance Travelled

23. Calorie Tracker

24. Sports Mode :- Tracks Running, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking.

25. Android OS

26. Lithium ion batteries

27. 1 Year importer side warranty from the Date of Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it has any Service Centre in India?

Ans :- No, it doesn’t have any service centres in India.

You get a 1 Year importer warranty.

Meaning, the importer would send your product back to where it came from for servicing if there is an issue.

2. Is their a character limit for on-screen notification?

Ans :- Yes, there is a character limit for on – screen notification for SMS, EMail, Facebook, etc. notifications.

3. How good is the after sales support?

Ans :- Since the product is imported and doesn’t have any service centres in India, the after sale support is not great.

4. How good is the Heart Rate Tracker ?

Ans :- The Heart Rate Tracker is automatic and accurate.

5. Does it have a Speaker ?

Ans :- No, it doesn’t have a Speaker.

You can’t play Music on it.

6. Is the screen visible is Bright Sunlight?

Ans :- Yes, you can control the brightest of the LCD touchscreen.

At maximum Brightness you can easily see the screen even under bright sunlight.

7. Can it make Phone calls?

Ans :- No, Amazfit Cor cannot make Phone calls.

8. Can we change the main wallpaper?

Ans :- Yes, you can download new Watchfaces for the same from the internet

9. Does it requires a SIM card ?

Ans :- No, if doesn’t.

And you cannot make phone calls through this device.

10. Does it has a GPS?

Ans :- No, Amazfit Cor do not have a GPS system in it.

11. Can we change the strap?

Ans :- Yes we can change the straps.

Buy them online from Amazon itself.

12. Can we pickup calls through this device?

Ans :- No, you only get a notification during an incoming call.

13. Can we watch videos on the screen of Amazfit Cor?

Ans :- Unfortunately we can’t.

It is a fitness band and not a smart watch.

Did it live upto its Promises?

1. I found the Heart Rate Tracker quite accurate.

Rating :- 9/10

2. Activity Tracker is great.

It truly supports various activities that you might want to track.

Rating :- 8.5/10

3. The Sleep Tracker is extremely effective in measuring the sleep quality and duration.

It even tracked the time when I woke from from the bed in the middle of the night.

Rating :- 10/10

4. The Marine-Grade Stainless Steel design is absolutely stunning.

Only issue is that if you’re not a watch person, the weight of the product might become an issue for you.

Yes, the product is a bit heavier than expected.

But, nevertheless, if you already wear a watch every day then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Rating :- 7/10

5. Gorilla Glass 3 Protection to the Screen is Truly amazing.

I couldn’t find myself scratching the display even after using it for more than a month.

Rating :- 9.5/10

6. Completely Waterproof (not just spill proof).

I’ve been wearing it in the rains for the last couple of days.

It is truly working in the rain without any issues whatsoever.

Rating :- 10/10

7. I am not a regular user of any watch.

Reason been pretty straightforward.

I have a huge collection of Watches at Home.

My primary concern is mostly to keep my watches away from dust.

Thankfully, Amazfit Cor came with a Dust Resistant coating which has kept my device totally clean without any maintenance.

Rating :- 10/10

8. The 1.23 inch Colour Display is simply stunning as it operates perfectly fine even in Daylight under the Sun.

Rating :- 10/10

9. The Touch Screen has a good Touch Sensitivity.

I had no issues operating it with my Touch.

Rating :- 10/10

10. On-Screen SMS, Email, App Notification (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack) is working just fine.

You do have to keep it connected with the phone via Bluetooth continuously to make this happen (which is a bit cumbersome)

Rating :- 7/10

11. Excercise Tracking is good.

Although I don’t use it so often.

Maybe, this feature isn’t made for me.

But it works perfectly fine.

The Sports Mode tracks Running, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking pretty accurately.

Rating :- 8/10

12. The 7 – Day Weather Forecast was actually a 5 Day Weather Forecast for me.

I don’t know if I missed out on any settings or not.

But it is a 5 Day Weather Forecast for me.

And it works absolutely great.

At this budget i haven’t seen this feature in any other budget friendly fitness band.

Rating :- 9/10

13. Yes the device has an Alarm Clock, a Timer and a Stopwatch.

But you have to activate it from your Mobile Phone.

Rating :- 6/10

14. Amazfit promised a 12-Day Battery Life (288 Hours) but I got a 10 Day Battery Life with Average Usage which is pretty decent.

Rating :- 9.5/10

15. The Straps of the device are Strong and Durable.

Although I found the whole setup a bit heavier than other fitness bands in the market.

Rating :- 8/10

16. The IPS colour LCD screen with anti-fingerprint coating is awesome.

The colours of the display is pretty amazing.

Not to mention the anti-fingerprint coating which actually stops you from having any fingerprint of yours on the LCD screen.

Rating :- 9/10

17. Pedometer (Step Counter) is average.

I found it counting steps even when I was not walking.

Good for people who have a daily step target 🙂

Rating :- 8.5/10

18. It does Counts Distance Travelled which is a nice feature to have when you’re trying to figure out the distance you’ve travelled while running, walking or even cycling.

Rating :- 10/10

19. The lithium ion batteries inside the device do not gets hot even though the device is fairly powerful.

The battery life was 10 days during my experiment with the Amazfit Cor.

Rating :- 10/10

20. The 1 Year importer side warranty is a Joke.

As you can’t get your device back from the importer once you claim your warranty.

It will take forever for the device to repair and get back to you as it doesn’t have any service centres in India.

Rating :- 2/10

Pros :-

1. One of the most Feature Rice and Affordable Fitness Bands available in India.

2. The colour Display with automatic heartrate tracker at this price point is an unbelievable deal.

3. Huge Battery Life despite having a Colour Display with Good Quality Brightness.

Cons :-

1. Pathetic After Sales service as they don’t have any centre in India (Imported).

2. Many Buyers have a complaint that the product received is faulty and won’t work soon after buying.

3. Many Buyers have even complained that their product won’t sync perfectly with their Phone Bluetooth.

4. Few Buyers have even complained about a faulty charger which had stopped charging the product after few days of purchase.

5. Some had even complained that the Pedometer & Heartbeat Tracker is faulty as it shows random readings.

Final Verdict on Amazfit Cor

At ₹4000 price point, this is the best Premium Quality importer Fitness Band with colour LCD, Gorilla Glass 3 protection and Heartrate Tracker.

This is your kind of product if you’re not so worried about after sale services or Warranty.

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