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Truthfully Speaking, this section is inspired from the large number of Digital Marketing Experts already on the Internet. They have some awesome guides on Blogging and How to Start a Blog.

How is this different ? Well, I tried my Best to make it World’s most Honest Guide to Start a Blog. No Fluff, No Fake Expectations and Dreams. Truth and only Truth.

Chapter – 1
Blogging Myths Debunked

You won’t believe me if I told you that I was literally blown by the number of Myths that exists around Blogging.

Staying true to the Mission of creating the most Honest Guide on Blogging, myth busting was a necessary First Chapter.

Here are 10 Myths related to Blogging :-

You don’t need Money to Blog

Wrong!! FREE Blogs are for Losers.

If you’re into Blogging for the long haul, you must invest Money.

It starts with buying a Premium Domain Name and Hosting.

And is followed by Premium Themes, Plugins ( we’re talking only about WordPress Users here ) and much more.

You can’t forget SEO Tools if you consider yourself an SEO Expert.

And, if you’re going to outsource your Content Writing efforts, you will have to pay.

But, that is something you should consider after you’ve a proven step-by-step success Formula.

You have to be a Web-developer

You might argue that I went to IIT Kharagpur.

Being a Techie it is easy for me to say that “You don’t have to be a Web Developer”.

But, trust me for once.

You really don’t need to be a Techie or a Web Designer / Web Developer. Additional Skills surely helps.

But absolutely not mandatory.

CMS ( Content Management System ) platforms like WordPress makes the process of setting up your blog as easy as using Facebook.

Still, if you need some technical help, just reach out to me at [email protected]

I will either solve it myself, or refer you a Techie. 🙂

You have to Post Everyday

Most newbie Bloggers do this Mistake.

If you do this, your initial enthusiasm to blog will slowly fade away with time.

Write Everyday, but Never Post Everyday.

Make a habit of writing 500 – 1000 words per day during your initial days of blogging.

Write towards one particular topic.

When you’re sure that you don’t have anything else to write on it, publish the Post.

This approach ensures Quality over Quantity. And you need it!

You have to be an Expert Writer

Another misconception of Most Newbie Blogger. Actually, there are 2.Type 1 :- Thinks that they need to be a Great Writer to succeed at Blogging.
Type 2 :- Thinks that they are a Great Author, wrote in School and College Magazines. And thus. blogging is a piece of cake for them.

Both are wrong!

You see, Online Content is for the masses.

It is for the majority of the people and not focused only towards the Grammar Nazis ( except if you have an English Grammar Blog ).

So, being an extraordinary writer doesn’t helps as most people can’t understand your actual message behind the piece.

Poor Writers can improve. At least to the level of Internet, just by reading other Blogs. SIMPLE!

Write and Readers will come

Unfortunately, Blogging doesn’t works that way. Sorry 🙁

Writing is the easy part. Or, I should say, writing has the least barrier of entry.

It is marketing of your work that makes your Blog different from the Millions of other Blogs already in existence.

Ever heard of the 80:20 Rule or the 80:20 Principle.

It is the exact policy we follow here at

We spend only 20% of our time writing a Blog Post.

Followed by 80% of our Time totally focused on Marketing the shit out of it!

Overnight Success is a Thing

Blogging is not a Lottery.

Nobody gets success Overnight.

Every successful Blog was a barren land – Once.

With consistent efforts and dedication, they made it look like an Overnight Success.

And, obviously, it is not a Lottery.

Successful Blogs have a Plan. Long term plan with long-term vision to succeed.

You need Traffic in Millions

Unless you’re a Magazine Website.

Getting only 10,000 visits per month could be enough.

You sole purpose should be to bring the customer who would increase your revenue.

You should work on calculating your average user worth.

Also, you should write articles for Users who are mostly at the buying stage ( of your services / affiliate products ).

Well, these are advanced topics which you will get to know about in the long run of your blogging journey.

Blog what you want to

Well, technically you can. It is your Blog.

But, you shouldn’t.

Every successful blog, however abstract it might look, have some Content Strategy behind it.

Read the following Chapters to craft your own long-term Content Strategy.

Chapter – 2
Your Belief is Your Destiny


Funny. When I first started Blogging, I thought it was Easy.

After writing 50 Articles in 6 Months, it seemed impossible.

After spending 1.5 Years, things starting rolling.

Fast forward : Today, It is somewhere in between Easy and Impossible 😉

I don’t know at which stage you’re struggling right now.

But, one day, you’re going to feel the Depression which comes with Unsuccessful attempts at Blogging.

 You Need = Bullshit 🙂

The biggest roadblock to your journey would be your near and dear ones.

Your Relatives with Free flowing Advice in the form of Bullshit will Blow your Mind.

Thankfully, I never had to face the heat of criticism from my relatives.

Not because they are better than the rest.

But, they are too good to be staying in touch with our Family after my Father’s Death ( at the age of 13 ).

Not everyone is lucky as me.

To protect yourself, you need Meditation.

No, this is not a Lifestyle Blog.

But, you should seriously consider just any form of Meditation. Anything.

Meditation gives you the power to Keep Calm and Focus on the Prize.

Blogging is a Business, not a Part-Time Passion

Welcome to the Reality!

If you’re Blogging, you are running a Business.

If you’re not treating it as a Business, most probably, you are still not serious about your Blog.

Persistence is the Key to Blogging

You got to be persistence.

You must take the risk to skip your Sleep trying to learn how to Succeed at Blogging.

That is the right Mindset.

That should be your Aim.

I read somewhere that

Hardwork beats talent, when Talent doesn’t work Hard.

It appropriately applies to any sector/industry.

You can beat your industry leaders.

All you need is the Believe that you can.

You can Succeed, but Only if you don’t Give Up

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