Brand Factory Behala Sucks! Calls me a Liar??

As a resident of Thakurpukur Kolkata, my go to place for shopping was Reliance Trendz. I’ve visited Reliance Trendz Thakurpukur multiple times and never had any issues with them.

But this year (2019) I thought of trying out Brand Factory Behala for once. And it was my Biggest mistake.

Apart from being a Consumer, I am also a well-known online marketing expert. Thus, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing a detailed report on everything that went wrong.

Lazy Entry Gate Security

Being a #BeTheFirst Customer, I bought a Preview Ticket of the Sale via Insider App.

I paid Rs. 250 for the 9 AM – 12 PM slot on 2nd December 2019.

Everything about the Online Ticketing went smooth, thanks to the seemless experience of PayTM Insider App.

Things started going wrong as soon as my I reached Brand Factory Behala on 2nd December.

The shop opened at 9:30 AM despite promising a 9 AM Entry.

And soon I realised that the shop has got one of the most lazy Entry Gate Security of all time.

I came in front of him and waited for him to check my smartphone entry pass. But, he didn’t move an inch!

I waited for 30 seconds but he stood motionless. I was shocked to realise he has no clue that he has to check anything.

So, me and my sister went ahead into the store. At 10 AM, couple of Brand Factory store employees came towards me with a Tablet/Smartphone asking for my Ticket.

I showed him my ticket and told him about the fact that I was expecting to be check at the entry gate.

He informed me that the Security Personnel was New and he was not aware of the situation.

After scanning my Ticket’s QR code he returned my Smartphone.

I was quick to ask him about any redeemable coupon code which I should get against my Entry Ticket as per TnC.

You’ve bought the Tickets Online, right? That’s your Coupon! You don’t need anything else.

Brand Factory Behala Employee who checked my Ticket

Deliberate Strategies to Hide Good Quality Products

Initially I was disgusted to see that Brand Factory Behala is nowhere close to Brand Factory Lee Road where the collection of clothes I bought in the past were amazing.

Is it a downgrade of quality across all the stores of Brand Factory? Or, is it just an issue with Brand Factory Behala?

Good Shoes were hidden inside Store Room

But, soon I realised that it was a deliberate strategy to hide premium products from the customer on Free Shopping Weekend.

The ultimate shocker came to me when I found the best dresses for women hidden inside the drawer in folded condition and was not displayed properly for the public to buy.

The good quality dresses and shoes are hidden so intelligently that even if you ask them, they’ll show you that the dress were right in front of your eyes but you couldn’t see them (because they were strategically hidden).

Incorrect Tagging of an Entire Lot

In the free apparel zone, I got myself 2 different t-shirts. One of them had some caption written in Chinese/Japanese.

I used my google cam to translate the caption before putting it into my basket. (The translation was “I”)

Later we went for billing only to realise that the T-Shirt was not a Free Merchandise even though it was tagged with “Free Apparel” sticker.

In Fact, the entire collection (which had approximately 10-15 sets) of the same t-shirt which was placed in the free apparel zone was incorrectly tagged.

So, in the last moment, once again I had to go back and find myself another Free Apparel for billing.

4 dress + 1 pair of shoe + 1 dress for my sister

Poor Unbranded Packaging

Brand Factory packets, as far as I remember, always had this trademark Brand Factory Logo on it.

Unbranded Poor Quality Paper Bag

But, the one I paid for had no Logo on it. Yet, I thought, let’s not make a fuzz about it. Only to realise that the packet was made out of paper and was extremely torned.

My sister told the billing person that how is he expecting us to carry so many products in this paper bag? He replied :-

You can carry some of them inside your shoulder bag that you’ve got.

Billing Counter Guy, Brand Factory Behala

Guess What? The Security Personnel questioned us for carrying the products inside the shoulder bag my sister was carrying.


Brand Factory Behala Calls me a Liar

So, today (14th December 2019), I went to Brand Factory to redeem my Rs. 250 entry pass coupon which I bought online.

I went upstairs to check out the new winter collection.

Thought of asking one of the shop guy if I could redeem my entry pass today. He said :-

No. You can redeem it only in January 2020. Not Now.

Brand Factory Men’s Section Employee

I told him :-

But, on my Ticket it was promised that I can redeem it between 11th to 20th December 2019 ?

Dibakar Bala (Me)

Go and ask at the Billing Counter. I don’t know anything.

Brand Factory Men’s section employee

Rude? Isn’t it? But, hey, I can’t have negative reviews about a store just because of one guy, right?

So, I went to the Billing Counter and asked him about the same. Billing Counter Guy replies

Do you have your Coupon? Show me your Coupon.

Billing Counter, Brand Factory

I told him, I have the online ticket and no coupon.

I did ask for a coupon on the day of shopping. But, person who checked my ticket told me that I don’t need any coupon because I bought my tickets online.

Dibakar Bala (Me)

You are Lying. Our security won’t even allow you to Enter without a Coupon. I am sure you don’t even have a virtual ticket!

Billing Counter, Brand Factory Behala

I am not Lying. Check you CCTV footage. I also have a Bill worth over Rs. 10000.

Dibakar Bala (Me)

Yes, we will definitely check the CCTV footage. Tell me your date and time of arrival.

Billing Counter, Brand Factory Behala

2nd December (2019) morning 9 AM. I was the third person to enter inside.

Dibakar Bala (Me)

I waited for 30 Mins in front of the Billing Counter only to realize that he is not even bothered about my problem.

In reality, he was just waiting for me to give up and leave. Which I eventually did as well.

Final Verdict

Please avoid visiting Brand Factory Behala at all cost. You can use your money to spend on better things and places like Reliance Trendz Thakurpukur or Brand Factory Lee Road. The one at Behala is just not good enough.

One might think that I am simply being a cry baby for a mere amount of money ( Rs. 250 ). But, imagine the amount of money it will sum up if you count even 20 people per day throughout the Free Shopping Weekend.

It sums up to a total of whooping Rs. 35k – Rs. 50k. Money you paid against a redemption promise in future.

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