Digital Marketing for Business Growth

Truthfully Speaking, this section is inspired from the large number of Digital Marketing Experts already on the Internet. They have some awesome guides on Blogging and How to Start a Blog.

How is this different ? Well, I tried my Best to make it World’s most Honest Guide to Start a Blog. No Fluff, No Fake Expectations and Dreams. Truth and only Truth.

Chapter – 1
Don’t Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Contradictory? Isn’t it ?

If you’ve been a Regular Visitor of my Blog, you know that I run a Digital Marketing Agency with its Virtual Headquarters in Kolkata.

And Today I’m going to advice you, why you should not Hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

Let’s get Started!

#1. Most Digital Marketing Agencies are simply Resellers

Let me break the truth behind this Industry.
99% of the Digital Marketing Agencies are simply Resellers of unpopular SEO Service Providers who provide the same service at 1/3rd (one-third) of the Price that you’re willing to Pay to these Agencies.

All it takes, is a Time Consuming Research Work to find these Original Sellers and also minimum 2-3 Years of Experience in the SEO industry.

And in this manner, You can save 2/3rd of your Money.

But, BEWARE, if you don’t have proper knowledge of SEO, don’t even think of experimenting with your Official Website SEO.

In that case, it is better to leave it to the Agencies and make your Team Understand that you’re paying for the Experience of the Team at the Agency.

Give me a minute before you also start to doubt my Agency too.

There are Good Agencies = The 1%.

And, i feel proud to be among one of them.

I do all my work Manually. No Reseller of anything.

If you really doubt it, you can even ask me for Live Video screen Recording while I’m doing your work.

I don’t do any Unethical SEO work and it comes with 100% Transparency.

#2. Cheper is not Better in SEO

You are Expert at Google.

And you found the Digital Marketing Agency that provides the Cheapest Backlinks and SEO services on Planet Earth.

Time to Celebrate it with your Team since you’ve saved a whole Lot of Money?

Not so Fast Tiger 🙂

Unfortunately, when it comes to SEO. Cheaper is mostly, not Good.

That doesn’t mean that if someone is charging you Rs. 5 Lakh per Month, it is the Best SEO services.

But if it is too cheap, simply avoid it…

#3. Packages are Bad. Very bad for your Business

I’ve seen a lot of Digital Marketing Agency’s Website.

The Best Selling Product are mostly “Packages”.

Packages are nothing but a Number of Tasks which is listed as a Deliverable in return of the Money you pay to the Agency.

Well, it sounds great. Infact that is exactly why it sells like Hot Cake.

But, there is something very wrong with it.

Do you know what it is ?

Yeah! Same SEO Strategies can never be implemented Universally across Different Industries.

A Real SEO Expert would understand your Business.

Ask you Questions about your Past Business Efforts.

Only then, someone can offer you the Best Services.

Well, then who are these Agencies ?

Yes, you guessed it right once again.

Either, they are Resellers.

Or, they themselves are Inexperienced about SEO and Digital Marketing.

What should you do instead ?

Instead of Hiring an Agency. Go for a Digital Marketing Expert.

Who is a Digital Marketing Expert ?

Someone who is an Individual and who has a record of being Successful with his own Work.

I am not a Digital Marketing Expert

But, I am an SEO Expert.

See the Analytics Screenshot below :-

And the Domain Scoring from Moz for

It took me 3 Years to reach this stage.

Digital Marketing is a Subject which has a High Correlation with Practical Knowledge.

You cannot compare Me with a Student who has done Post Graduation in Digital Marketing.

I am absolutely ready for the challenge if you can prove that a student with a Post Graduation Degree in Digital Marketing is better than Me at SEO

What is the difference between Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Expert ?

An Agency will consist of 7-10 Employees who are mostly Graduates and can speak and type in English.

You assign the work of your Company based with the Sales Person from these Agencies.

And, then, your Complete work is done by these Employees who don’t even have the knowledge of what they are doing and why they should be doing it.

On the other Hand, an Expert is a single person who works directly for your Business.

It is his Responsibility to drive Traffic to your Landing Page.

He might have a Degree from Harvard or can even be a Class 8 Passed student.

But, if he can prove his expertise, that is what matters in Digital Marketing.

In reality, I went to IIT Kharagpur for an Engineering Degree. But, ended up becoming an SEO Expert

Well, not fully though. I also work as a Quant Researcher and Dream to Open up a Data Science Lab someday in Future.

So, as far as my Education is concerned. I don’t belong to Marketing.

But I’ve proved my worth through the Success of my Website at

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