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Don’t Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Contradictory? Isn’t it ?

If you’ve been a Regular Visitor of my Blog, you know that I run a Digital Marketing Agency with its Virtual Headquarters in Kolkata.

And Today I’m going to advice you, why you should not Hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

Let’s get Started!

Most Digital Marketing Agencies are simply Resellers

Let me break the truth behind this Industry.
99% of the Digital Marketing Agencies are simply Resellers of unpopular SEO Service Providers who provide the same service at 1/3rd (one-third) of the Price that you’re willing to Pay to these Agencies.

All it takes, is a Time Consuming Research Work to find these Original Sellers and also minimum 2-3 Years of Experience in the SEO industry.

And in this manner, You can save 2/3rd of your Money.

But, BEWARE, if you don’t have proper knowledge of SEO, don’t even think of experimenting with your Official Website SEO.

In that case, it is better to leave it to the Agencies and make your Team Understand that you’re paying for the Experience of the Team at the Agency.

Give me a minute before you also start to doubt my Agency too.

There are Good Agencies = The 1%.

And, i feel proud to be among one of them.

I do all my work Manually. No Reseller of anything.

If you really doubt it, you can even ask me for Live Video screen Recording while I’m doing your work.

I don’t do any Unethical SEO work and it comes with 100% Transparency.

Cheper is not Better in SEO

You are Expert at Google.

And you found the Digital Marketing Agency that provides the Cheapest Backlinks and SEO services on Planet Earth.

Time to Celebrate it with your Team since you’ve saved a whole Lot of Money?

Not so Fast Tiger 🙂

Unfortunately, when it comes to SEO. Cheaper is mostly, not Good.

That doesn’t mean that if someone is charging you Rs. 5 Lakh per Month, it is the Best SEO services.

But if it is too cheap, simply avoid it…

Packages are Bad. Very bad for your Business

I’ve seen a lot of Digital Marketing Agency’s Website.

The Best Selling Product are mostly “Packages”.

Packages are nothing but a Number of Tasks which is listed as a Deliverable in return of the Money you pay to the Agency.

Well, it sounds great. Infact that is exactly why it sells like Hot Cake.

But, there is something very wrong with it.

Do you know what it is ?

Yeah! Same SEO Strategies can never be implemented Universally across Different Industries.

A Real SEO Expert would understand your Business.

Ask you Questions about your Past Business Efforts.

Only then, someone can offer you the Best Services.

Well, then who are these Agencies ?

Yes, you guessed it right once again.

Either, they are Resellers.

Or, they themselves are Inexperienced about SEO and Digital Marketing.

What should you do instead ?

Instead of Hiring an Agency. Go for a Digital Marketing Expert.

Who is a Digital Marketing Expert ?

Someone who is an Individual and who has a record of being Successful with his own Work.

I am not a Digital Marketing Expert

But, I am an SEO Expert.

See the Analytics Screenshot below :-

And the Domain Scoring from Moz for

It took me 3 Years to reach this stage.

Digital Marketing is a Subject which has a High Correlation with Practical Knowledge.

You cannot compare Me with a Student who has done Post Graduation in Digital Marketing.

I am absolutely ready for the challenge if you can prove that a student with a Post Graduation Degree in Digital Marketing is better than Me at SEO

What is the difference between Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Expert ?

An Agency will consist of 7-10 Employees who are mostly Graduates and can speak and type in English.

You assign the work of your Company based with the Sales Person from these Agencies.

And, then, your Complete work is done by these Employees who don’t even have the knowledge of what they are doing and why they should be doing it.

On the other Hand, an Expert is a single person who works directly for your Business.

It is his Responsibility to drive Traffic to your Landing Page.

He might have a Degree from Harvard or can even be a Class 8 Passed student.

But, if he can prove his expertise, that is what matters in Digital Marketing.

In reality, I went to IIT Kharagpur for an Engineering Degree. But, ended up becoming an SEO Expert

Well, not fully though. I also work as a Quant Researcher and Dream to Open up a Data Science Lab someday in Future.

So, as far as my Education is concerned. I don’t belong to Marketing.

But I’ve proved my worth through the Success of my Website at

Content Marketing vs. Paid Marketing

Long Term or Short Term? Investor or a Trader. We come across these type of question every now and then.


Digital Marketing also has a long term / short term question. Are you a long term investor of your business or do you only want a quick fix.


Let me tell you my scenario. I do both, Content as well as Paid Marketing.


I put Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to get new visitors on my website. Say out of 1000 visitors, i get to retain 50 of them as a subscriber.


It is not bad deal considering how cheap Facebook Advertising has got these days.


On the other hand, writing a content a like one takes time and effort. There’s a way one can avoid it by paying someone else to write it.


But the cost of good quality content isn’t low. Personally I charge ₹1 per word to my clients.


And if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I write content which atleast have 3000 words in it.


Apart from the cost of getting a piece of content, we need SEO work to be done before your content can fetch you any traffic.


Even after doing all the work, it might take somewhere from 3 months to a year for a Content to reach its full ranking potential on search engine.


Comparing it with paid advertising, it is very complicated. Paid Advertising is easy. You pay and get results instantly.. ( although even that requires you to create outstanding content to grab the viewers attention and make them take an action )


I am not going to advice you about what is right or wrong. But, clearly, you must not neglect content marketing even if it sounds complicated and difficult.


Content on your website is like a House. It costs a lot initially but will give you better returns in the long run.


Infact, you should also invest in Visual Content like Podcasts, Videos and Photos. None of them goes in vain although it looks like it does in the short run.


If you know how to do it and you’re on a short budget, hustle and do it alone.


Hiring a remote SEO consultant is the next logical decision for a startup who don’t want to spend a lot on an in-house Online Marketing team.

The Art of Crafting Content


Why is it so Difficult?


We never face any Difficulty to speak to someone. But, when it comes to writing, it gets very difficult. Why is it so?


Because human are social beings and speaking is our second nature. It is our primary way of expressing and communicating with other people.


But, when it comes to writing most people fail to imagine a person in their head.


Not to forget the plethora of Technologies available to a Marketer. One absolutely forgets that he was actually communicating with his audience.


Infact the science behind ranking content on search engine is so complicated and vast in itself that marketers forget their main goal.


Online marketing people get so obsessed with the tools and techniques of writing content and promoting it that they forget their main motto which was to establish a relationship with their audience.


Correct Way to do it?


If you are an online marketing enthusiast I am sure you have read about how including images and videos to your article will help it rank higher on the google search ( or any other search engines )


It is true but the real science behind it is that a post which has images and videos tend to perform better on a search engine because Google considers that it communicates better with the audience.


Google or any other search engine being a customer centric company keep their audience first when it comes to serving them.


But we fail to see the same when we are crafting a content for our own audience.


The correct way to write a content is to imagine one single person who has all the qualities of the type of target audience you or your business focuses on.


In the world of marketing we call it a “customer persona”. There are even tools online available which helps you create a customer Persona by including the age, the occupation and other characteristics that defines a normal consumer or a customer of your business.


Personally I never start writing a content for any of my clients unless I have understood their target market with 100% accuracy.


Focus on Video Content


Why you should focus on video content?


See, content is a for you or your business to communicate with your customer.


The medium that we use to communicate with our customer is the technology


Just imagine how we communicate with people in normal day to day life.


Now repeat that scenario in your head and imaging how you are reading this article right now.


A good technological medium should always vanish or stay invisible during our conversation.


Here when you have text content this scenario is not happening.


But when you put up video content the medium seems to go invisible and you actually feel like your speaking to the other person or you are listening to your video creator.


That is an actual way of having a conversation in a daily life.


Except, the fact that it is a one way communication whereas in normal life we have communication from both end.


Yet when you compare video with text, video is always superior.

Audience Research – Holy Grail of Online Marketing


Let me start with a bold statement :- ” you can never succeed in online marketing without doing a proper audience research “


Why is it so ?


Because your competition is doing it.


There are huge number of ways you can do it and I will discuss some of them today in this article.


Well let me convince you in another way.


The main goal of a business is to earn profit and profit comes from their customer.


To make your customer pay for the products you have with you, they must have a deep rooted relationship with your brand.


And, as we know from our life experiences, relationships are built only when we care for the other person.


Here you must care for your customer and the same must be felt by your customer that they are being cared.


This is only possible when you know what attracts their attention.


Because if you have their attention, they are bound to listen to you.


And as they listen to you more and more, you have the power to control their decisions (by controlling their mind).


How to do it ?


Innumerable ways of doing audience research exists. But, as an online marketing consultant I would share what I normally do to research about my audience of this website as you can see.




No matter how technologically advanced we have become, meeting people in person is my number one choice.


Obviously you cannot meet all your customers but meeting at least a sample size of your customer base or audience will help you tremendously in understanding their grievances and also what they like about your brand.


Organising a small meetup with a good sample size from your audience that includes people who have never bought anything from you and also people who have been a long-term customer is the best thing you could do to your business.


Online Communities are a Blessing 


I started my Website as India’s first music blog.


Trust me, it was India’s first and back then we did not had a community for Musicians in India.


But, I was astonished to see how internet has a community for everything.


You can even find communities for hockey or cricket lovers.


From my experience of participating in online communities and listening to other people’s problems, i would say that it helps to craft and improve your existing product portfolio or product proposition.


Many startups think that they need to have their own online community or Facebook group for doing such type of things.


Although having your own community gives you complete control over it.


Participating in other communities also helps as people are more open to sharing their problems with a peer rather than someone who are kept at a pedestal above them.


Make your Email Subscribers reply 


This is a strategy I often use with my own email subscribers.


I write a small content for them and ask them to reply with the promise that I will read each and every response and respond to them personally.


It will take some time out of your busy schedule but trust me, “Two way Communication” are always better than one way Communication if you’re trying to build a relationship with your audience.


Apart from that you also get to understand their needs, desires and grievances.


Keyword Research


Almost every online marketing knows about keyword research.


It is the first thing you must do before writing any content on your site or your effort will go in vain


But still I have seen so many people doing it wrong.


Not because they are not driving traffic for their choosen keyword.


Neither they messed up with choosing keyword that has less competition and high volume.


But they fail to understand the actual keyword which has intent that synchronizes with their customers.


Keyboard Research is not only done to get visitors and traffic.


Keyword Research is primary when you want actionable task from your audience.


Free tools like Google search suggestion or as we know it Google auto suggest are great and more than enough if you are not ready to pay for premium keyword research tools like ahref or SEMrush.


Google AdWords report are also great as they show the amount of money you need to pay for a keyword if you are doing a paid advertising.


This shows which keyboard has a higher buyer intent.


Spy on Your Competitors


Websites like similarweb are one of the most favourite website of any online marketing as it helps you to spy over your competitors for free (to an extent).


Spying on a competitor exposes you to various new ideas in keyword research.


You can take those keywords which has low competition and implement them on your website to rank even higher.


Blog Post Comments


Blog post comments are a blessing as you actually get to listen to your audience.


I have a habit of getting back to my blog comment makers if they have left their email addresses and ask them what they could add to it or if we can improve in anyway.
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