Music Bloggers in India - Top 5

1. Dibakar Bala Web URL – https://dibakarbala.com Founder – Dibakar Bala, Kolkata Although, I started blogging about Music back in 2016, I gave up way early. Reason : Lack of Profitable Earning Opportunity. But, still, my website is a Music Blogging Website based on Website Standings and Social Media Popularity. 2. Radio and Music Website URL – http://www.radioandmusic.com Founder – (unknown) Founded in 2007, Radio and Music is the most successful Music Blog is terms of Website Traffic. The main focus of the website is to write gossip and interviews about musicians in India. I really......

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Best Tools for YouTube Videos in 2018

Best Tools for YouTube Videos you need to know about in 2018. YouTube Tools for Creators with 0 – 1000 Subscribers Best YouTube Marketing Tools you need to know about in 2018.     Keyword Research   1. TubeBuddy (FREE version) :-     TubeBuddy is by far the best YouTube keywords and tags research tool. Particularly the features available for FREE are more than enough. It is a Chrome Browser extension for the Laptop/Desktop Computer. So, If you don’t have a Laptop/Desktop it won’t work.   The interface of TubeBuddy can......

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How to make money as a Musician

Do you think that making Cover Song Music Video is an Old Strategy which doesn’t work anymore? Well, maybe you’re correct if you’re doing it in the conventional way. In this article I’m going to teach you about how you can make Cover songs which will have the potential to go Viral. Additionally, the techniques I’m going to share will also help you to avoid any Copyright infringement for your YouTube channel. #1 :- Put your Efforts in the right Direction The most tricky part of the whole Cover Song making process......

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YouTube Keyword Strategy - Foundation to Earn Million+ Subscribers

Today I am going to show you a step-by-step guide about What exactly is a YouTube Keyword Strategy ? The Foundation of every Successful YouTube Channel with Million+ subscribers earning $$$ every month What are Keywords ? Keyword is one of the most famous Digital Marketing terminology used by Bloggers and Vloggers ( including YouTubers ) . In simple terms :- Keywords are ‘ Query Strings ‘ or “ a phrase “ which a user types in to search for his/her desired result from Search Engine. Why should we worry ? Because not......

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MevoFit Review : Don't Buy Without Reading This Review - MevoFit Drive Fitness Band

MevoFit Review :- Staying Fit is not just a Style Statement anymore. With increasing health awareness around fitness, our generation knows the importance of staying fit very much. Not just us, but the Businesses around the world also knows the importance of this trend. And within 2-3 years the whole niche of Health is crowded with 1 single Tech Product :- Fitness Band. What’s the Price Tag ? Keeps Fluctuating. But, you can check the Current Price below :- MevoFit is one such Brand that serves the Fitness niche. And MevoFit Drive......

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Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel (2018) with PDF Cheat Sheet

Today I’m going to give you 15 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel in 2018. I can Guarantee that you’ll find atleast 1 YouTube tip which you’ve never come across even after reading numerous articles and watching videos about YouTube tips and tricks. 1. Quality beats Quantity You must have heard the importance of Consistently Publishing on YouTube to succeed in 2018. Well, I beg to differ. It is true that publishing more is surely helpful. But, Publishing Quality Video is The Most Important Factor in my Opinion. Why? Because if you......

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