CB2 preparation strategy: Business Economics | Actuary Exams

CB2 is the Business Economics paper of Actuaries. Be it IAI or IFoA, this paper is one of two theory-heavy papers, unlike the rest.

Just like any other Actuarial Exam, it requires a lot of planning and hard work to crack. To help you with the same, I’ve come up with a realistic step-by-step procedure.

CB2 Study Material

First and foremost, you need to collect all the essential Books and Study Material required for the Exam.

CB2 majorly required two different sets of Study Material:- Core Reading & Course Notes.

ONLY, the Course Notes are made available to the students by the Institute. Students are responsible to arrange for the Core Reading which indeed is the Main Book for the CB2 Exam.

Core Reading

Economics by John Sloman, Dean Garratt, and Jon Guest is the core study book for this subject. Unlike other Actuarial Subjects, the study material of this Exam doesn’t consist of the Core Reading Material.

Rather, you’d find boxes with Page Number of this Book on every section of the study material provided by IAI.

Download Economics by John Sloman PDF (RECOMMENDED)

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Buy Economics by John Sloman Paperback (Hard Copy)

The Paperback version of the Book is available on Amazon. Price keeps fluctuating at around Rs. 6000.

Course Notes

You must buy your Course Notes from the Official Website of your institute. There is no exception to this rule. The overall Study Materials Package also comes with Assignments at the end which are crucial for preparation.

CB2 Study Plan

Please do not Study the whole Economics Book by John Sloman. Not that you can’t but you shouldn’t do it for the sake of time management.

Strictly stick to the Pages marked inside the Course Notebook

For those who would like to start preparing a bit early, here are the Exact Pages you need to read off the Book:-

ChapterPage NumberVideo Lesson (by me)
Chap – 0Page 2-5 [maxbutton id=”6″ text = “watch video” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4kuvvWE1q4″]
Chap =- 1Page 7 – 27

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