Every musician requires financial support and who else than the public who cheers and adores music can provide the biggest support. Hence, here are some crowdfunding sites for all the musicians which can help you to get the monetary support you seek:

ArtistShare has been ruling as a top crowdfunding platform for a decade now. It is an interactive web-based platform that connects the most soulful musicians with their fans and helps them to get the financial support from the people who adore their work to keep doing the creative work that these musicians do.

Patreon is a site for all the patrons of music and several other art forms who want to help the artists by providing them with monetary support so that they can continue to produce most excellent pieces of art.

PledgeMusic is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms for the musicians. PledgeMusic describes itself as the connecting link between the musicians and their fanbases. More than 80% of the musicians meet their financial needs through the crowd funding from this site to continue with their upcoming music projects.

The only goal that Indiegogo has is to help the musicians to avail proper pecuniary support for their future projects. Though Indiegogo runs various types of crowdfunding campaigns but it is one of the few places where the musicians get the proper help that they require.

Kickstarter is one of the biggest names in the music industry and it has achieved a remarkable feat by helping several musicians through their successful crowdfunding campaigns. There are thousands of crowdfunding projects ongoing on this website and it will always continue to be one of the major helping hands for the musicians.

Build your own empire and flaunt your skills, the crowd funding sites are generously helping the musicians to promote their talent.

Crowd-funding sites for musicians

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