Difference between Depression and Anxiety with Free Advice (as always)

Difference between Depression and Anxiety with Free Advice (as always)

FACT #1: – Depression and Anxiety are totally different from each other.

Depression and Anxiety – Poles apart. It is meaningless to try and differentiate between them because they don’t even share a single characteristic with each other. Hence, rather I will try to explain the basic definition and symptoms related to Depression and Anxiety one-by-one. Word of caution as I always say, none of this should be considered as a study material for your medical exam because I am not a Doctor :p 

Depression: – 

Well, as per Google, doctors refer to Depression as ‘ Major Depression ‘ or ‘ Clinical Depression ‘ and it also has a serious definition to support the same. Let’s keep those Medical Jargons aside for a second and look at it from the perspective of a common man. ” Depression in my words is a mental condition where the person loses the interest in his/her life “. In other words, a condition of hopelessness and despair ( and many even show conditions of anger ) which affects the efficient completion of day-to-day tasks in life ( naturally it would ).

Most people having Depression carries a sense of carelessness about his/her future.

Anxiety: – 

Google disappoints me so much when I tried searching for Anxiety. Here’s what Google has to say about Anxiety, ” a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. “

Okay, you’re right Google! But this is not good enough to understand why is it different from Depression. Here’s my way of explaining it: –

Excessive Fear of the Unpredictable Future

You can compare the mental condition of a person having anxiety with an animal trying to fight for its life in the wild. People having Anxiety are not careless about his/her future like a patient with Depression. Rather, they are really worried about the same without any legitimate reason. They will have a tendency to magnify the inevitable obstacles ahead in their life. Such a condition affects daily life and relationship. The person might even end up leaving the house and his/her job if he/she realises that nobody else cares for their condition.

Fact #2: – Anxiety has Physical Symptoms, Depression doesn’t

Symptoms of Depression: – 

Loss of Interest and Enjoyment in Usual activities, lack of energy and difficulty in concentrating on the day-to-day task. Although depression doesn’t shows physical symptoms. Neither does it trigger any other health disorders. Yet depression is actually worse than having anxiety. Firstly, lack of physical symptoms actually makes it difficult to diagnose depression without a professional check-up. Secondly, you already know it…. yeah we are talking about BRAIN.

Symptoms of Anxiety: – 

Person Suffering from Anxiety goes through severe appetite changes, headaches and sleeplessness. Not just that, anxiety even triggers few other minor health issues including sweating, irregular heart rate (or pulse rate), bowel issues and hyperventilation.

Fact #3: – Reason for Confusion: 85% Patients of Depression Diagnosed with Anxiety

Damn! I wrote it all in the sub-heading. Now I have nothing to write :p

Actually, there’s one more extended reason for the same. Since 85% of the patients who are diagnosed with Depression are also diagnosed with Anxiety, the treatment for both of them are quite similar. I know you’re smart enough to guess the reason behind so I won’t clarify it anymore. ( Hint: – Time and Money are invaluable commodities )

Source for 85% theory: – PyschCentral.

Want some Drugs?

I know you don’t. And don’t think I am supporting self-medication just because you came across this section written by me. Never ever go ahead with Self-Medication.

Actually, I came across this useless information during my extensive research which I normally do before writing an article ( call it a blog post, same). Then I thought, what’s the use of an unshared information in the world of Internet. So here we go:

Several drugs are available for treating depression which most commonly includes Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) like Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Cymbalta and Effexor. Also,  Tetracyclic Antidepressants including Remeron, Elavil and Sinequan, drugs with unique mechanisms such as Wellbutrin and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) like Emsam, Nardil and Parnate are used to treat patients suffering from Depression.

As clarified earlier in the article, many of the drugs used for Depression is also used to treat Anxiety. Well, its one of the reason why people normally manage to merge these issues with one another.

WARNING – Personal Opinion: How to treat Depression & Anxiety?

I am not going to bore you with comments like Go to a Doctor,  Have Medicine, Regular exercise, Discipline in Life and Green Vegetables Bullshit! Let’s be practical, how on earth a person who had never led a life in discipline is going to change in one night? Well, I had never been a patient of Depression or Anxiety ( or let’s say I never went to a doctor to diagnose the same :p ). But here’s my unprofessional opinion which is VERYYYYYYY RISKYYY to try at home without parent’s guidance.

  1. Learn about Depression Online
    Which you already did, I am so Proud of you!
  2. Kick Yourself out of your Home

    Preferably after finding a partner in Crime(Friend, GF or BF). Go and enjoy a Weekend for no reason.

  3. Poke Your School Friends on FB

  4. Go, Play and Win a Game of Ludo

    And rejoice the positive energy which comes from winning or achievement.

  5. Always remember, you’re here on Earth for a Purpose

    Find it out, everybody has a role to play. Giving up or being afraid of the future is not going to change your destiny.

    Let’s Finish This Article …. my hand is paining

    Earlier today I was reading a book where I came across this lovely quote

    Failure Never Stopped Anybody who Didn’t want to be Stopped

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