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Make him an Offer, he can’t Refuse. – Don Corleone ( The Godfather )

What are the Benefits ?

  1. We work, you Earn :-

    We run a Digital Marketing Agency and have 19 Indian and International Clients till date (updated on June 2018).
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    We do the Hard Work of acquiring Clients = You Earn Money

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    We run a Digital Marketing Agency. I am myself an SEO Expert and have an Enormous Amount of Knowledge and 3 Years of Experience at handling Digital Marketing Projects.Upon Signing up, you will receive our Premium Trainings at exclusive discounted amount ( or sometime even for Free ).

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  6. Bi-weekly Newsletter :-

    We will send you bi-weekly newsletter with valuable digital marketing advice.The newsletter will reach you on every First and Third Saturday of a Month.


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How to Join as a Blogger ?

  1. Website Widget :- (OPTION 1 with FULL BENEFITS)

    Add this Code to your Website Widget. If you need technical help to install the code, mail me at [email protected]<a title=”Official Member of ” href=””><img alt=”Become a Member” style=”max-width:100%;max-height:100%;” src=””></a>


  2. Write a Sponsored Post :- ( Option 2 with Less Benefits )


    You can write a Sponsored Post about on your blog with a Backlink to this website.In return, you get all the benefits except Paid Campaigns from our SEO Clients.

  3. Submission Form :-

    Once you have added the badge to your website widget, fill up this form.

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