How to deal with exam result anxiety ?

How to deal with exam result anxiety ?
Congrats if you are reading this post. Because you took out time to search and find out about the methods. This actually ensures that you care about yourself which is an excellent quality in today’s world. I won’t hit around the bush and will move straight to the probable steps you might take up. Just a word of caution as always, I am not a doctor nor a medical student. Hence do not consider these steps to be an expert advice. If you really feel you need an expert opinion, you must visit a psychologist or a psychaitrist if things get pretty serious. The steps and methods mentioned here are merely a reflection of my personal life experience.
  1. Sleeping for 7 Hours is a must
    Scientifically, a normal human being must sleep for 7 hours a day on an average. Ideally doctors will ask you to sleep early and wake early. Ofcourse we are well aware of the nursery poem which said ‘ Early to Sleep, Early to Rise. Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise ‘. But let’s face it, even doctors who will advice you to sleep early were anxious before their exam night and probably stayed up late to complete their syllabus. Practice what you preach is very essential. I don’t practice early to bed every night. For me it is subject to various conditions.
    Here’s what I do and I will advice you to do: – Sleep at any time of the day but do complete your 7 hours of sleep. If you slept for 4 hours or even less at night, try to compensate the remaining hours after Lunch ( or even while travelling in your car like me )
    Reason: – I am sure most of us have slept less than 2 hours at night once in their lifetime. Do you remember what you felt in the morning? Restlessness. Well, it is even more dangerous for people like You and Me who love to stay in front of TV, LAPTOP and SMARTPHONE screen for one reason or the other. For me, it is my passion. For you, it might be your job or even as dangerous as an internet addiction ( Google to know more about Internet Addiction or wait for the next article ). Ever heard the term ‘ cyber sickness ‘ or ‘ digital fatigue ‘ ?  Sleeping is not a remedy but could surely help restrore your energy and enthusiasm to work efficiently and participate in day to day life activities with vigour.
  2. Research like a mad-man for career opportunities
    So we live in the world of internet where it is not just all about liking Facebook Pages sharing most funny memes. We live in a world where there is an excessive supply of unlimited expert opinion available for free. If we don’t use it, who will use it then? Go and Research like a Mad Person. When I was waiting for my JEE advanced and CBSE 12 results in 2014, I devoted at least 3 hours of my day regularly to reaserch on future educational opportunities. How does it helps? At the surface level or call it ‘ on the face value ‘ it helps you to be aware of various career opportunities at various percentage of marks you may acquire. Deep Inside subtly it helps to Programme your Mind that whatever be the marks, it will never be the end of the world.
  3. Have Plan ‘ A ‘, Plan ‘ B’ and upto Plan ‘ Z ‘
    I got 92% in Science ( Class 12 best of 5 ) with Physics, Maths, Bio, Chem and Engish. And believe it or not, I even made plans to go for English Honors ( though my parents don’t know about it till date :p ). Eventually I ended up studying at IIT Kharagpur. And even today I have plans to do a course from British Council if it all goes wrong. What’s the catch? My parents have always taught, it is never the end until you accept it is the end. That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel broke or low at times. For example, establishing a blog like this one takes a lot of hardwork followed by temporary or even permanent failure. It really drains me when I see one of my blog fail after devoting 1000s of hours of work behind its growth. But I have the mechanism installed in my mind to learn from my mistakes and restart again. Because I know life is long. If Colonel Sanders can start and suceed in his life at the age of 65, there’s no point in giving up at such an early age. Who knows may be your next effort could exceed even the success story of Colonel Sanders’  Kentucky Fried Chicken a.k.a. KFC – finger licking good. CBSE 2018
  4. Ignore ‘ relatives ‘  and so-called ‘ Friends ‘Youknow this right? 😛 Life Cycle of Relatives: – Class 10, Class 12 and Marriage. Suddenly it will feel as if you’re the next Salman Khan or Katrina Kaif due to the excessive attention of your Relatives. Although I will never encourage you to argue with them, try to learn the tricks and tips to handle a situation maturely. Know the ways with which you can ignore them without making them realise you are doing it. Undoubtedly the next generation is always smarter than the previous so I leave this on you to experiment. But don’t hurt someone unnecessarily. Please!
  1. How to identify the So-Called ‘ Friends ‘, they will always bring up the topic of exam results out of the blue and will share with you his/her tension. Well it might feel you’re helping these friends by giving a space to vent out their emotions. In reality it subtly programmes your mind to feel the panic as the exam results approach closer.
  2. Talk to your Seniors ( and Experts if possible )
    Although Google is good enough to let you know about career opportunities, it is always preferable to approach a senior who is currently a student of your potential future college or institution. Why? Well I’ sure you’ve heard about Paid Media in Politics and Entertainment Business. New Information for you, paid media also exists in Education. So, google is only good for knowing about new opportunities. Always verify the college culture by talking to the seniors of the college. Looking at the alumni profile and approaching them at times might even help. Don’t shy away from approaching unknown people just because they might turn you down. Give it a try even if there’s 1% chance present.

Wew….. you can search in Google for all other Green Vegetables, Lots of Water and Don’t Give Up tips. I don’t like to write just for the sake of writing so will leave it to you and Google Search Results. Hope these tips about fighting exam result stress have helped you strengthen your will power. Peace !

P.S. :- Source of Inspiration – One of my Friend’s Sister gave her 12th this Year ]

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