Healthy Relationships :- How to have a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationships :- How to have a Healthy Relationship

Today we’re going to understand how to have a healthy relationship.

Being in love is simply the best feeling ever! To love a person is to see all of their magic, and remind them when they have forgotten it. Being in love is special, but staying is love is even more beautiful. 😉

Here’s some tips to ease your journey of staying in love.

  • Be friends before being partners. It is very important that two people should be friends before they get into a relationship. The base of any relationship is trust, faith and understanding – this is what friendship is all about. When you be friends first and then slowly take it to next level, that smooth transition adheres you to the base and supports you to rise high together!
  • Give time to nurture your relationship. The second important thing is to nurture your relationship with small packets of love and care. Taking out time for each other in the busiest schedules is a good symptom and keeps things between you and your partner growing healthy. Do take care of small things that your partner likes and dislikes so you can make them feel special. One more important thing to be noted is that doing big things is not really important, but doing small things that your partner feels happy in is what makes you special for them. As for example, anyone of his/her family or friends could throw a party for them, but not everyone will take a walk with some ice-creams in winters or maybe hot chai with pakoras on the roadside in the rain. Trust me, being crazy helps! 😉
  • Acceptance. No one is perfect, not even you are. Your partner may have many imperfections, but don’t try to change them, instead, accept them. You know those things that made you fall for him/her. And these imperfections will not matter more before the perfections that you have already seen! In a way, try to make their imperfections feel perfect for them and for that you first need to see those imperfections perfectly! All that any person needs is unconditional acceptance.
  • Be you. Nothing new eh? But yea it is again note worthy that you should not hide, speak out your likes and dislikes, so you can help your partner understand better, when you want something, just say it, because “why me first” is not really today’s situation. Do not hesitate, and do feel comfortable. Because only when you be yourself, can your partner confine in you and be himself/herself, i.e., you can make them comfortable. Also it is important that you always keep in mind the comfort level of your partner.
  • Be loyal. Loyalty is a very crucial aspect of any kind of relationship. And its actual test is in the absence of your partner. When your mind will stop you where you step towards cheating your partner, stop then and there because the inner voice is always right. If you are loyal, you will automatically see that there is no scope for hiding or any misunderstanding that can destroy your relationship.

How to have a healthy relationship

  • Have faith. Maximum relationships today end because of lack of faith in each other, or “over possessiveness”, which is a result of lack of trust. If he/she is with you, it does not mean he/she cannot be talking to people of the opposite gender. Give each other space, and do not spy your partner because this will leave a bad impression on them, and create a repulsion or hole of destroyed trust between you people. Once this hole starts increasing its girth, it will eat up your relationship!
  • Express love. Expressing your love to your mate is very useful in keeping relationships healthy and making them strong. Make them realize from time to time how much they mean to you, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. And you will see you have made a beautiful web of memories that brings smile to your face every time you recall them.

 MAY YOU PEOPLE STAY TOGETHER FOREVER. BEST WISHES. <3 I hope now you’ve got the idea of how to have a healthy relationship

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