How a treat a woman? (And Impress Her)

How a treat a woman? (And Impress Her)
Understanding women is not difficult if you know the right way to do it. Here, you will learn how to Reverse Engineer women’s expectation from a Man. And henceforth prepare yourself to project the persona of an ideal Man. You’ll learn 9 Actionable and Working Tips about How a woman wants you to be with her. Also, in the end, you will learn 1 Bonus Tip about How a woman never wants you to be with her.
  1. Make her earn your Attention :- Women are attracted towards a particular type of man. Man who invests a major amount of his time towards building his Future. Such men have a very little time to waste. And, women love it when they know that his man is giving away that little amount of time to be with her. As a Man, do not fake being busy doing nothing. Rather, actually be busy working towards your passion and career. Make her earn your Time and Attention. Never ever ignore your girl when she needs you. But, also don’t be always available. It shows that you have nothing better to do in life other than trying to impress a girl.
  2. Don’t be a People pleaser :- Nobody likes a person who goes overboard trying to please someone. Women are not an exception. A girl will run away from you as soon as she realises that you’re saying ‘Yes’ to everything. Why? Saying “Yes” to everything is equal to being boring and having no personality , opinion, perspective and viewpoint of your own. Be bold and straightforward about your opinions. Do not try to please a woman even if something doesn’t fits your way of thinking. Rather, justify your perspective in a calm and mature way. Discussion is the way towards a better solution. Do not argue or try to prove that your viewpoint is better than her perspective. This tip alone will make a woman like you so much that she would want your opinion about everything and every time in future.
  3. Be more Masculine :- There’s a reason why a Woman and a Man are so different than one another. Yet, we are attracted towards each other. Hence, trying to widen this character and personality gap will actually push you closer to the opposite sex. Men are attracted towards women who are more feminine. Women are also attracted towards men who are more masculine. Speaking in a heavy low voice, taking up space while you stand and sit beside a woman, being open physically, dressing up more like a man, etc. shows that you are more masculine and thus more attractive.
  4. Trigger her Emotional side :- Men are programmed to think logically. While women being the opposite sex are known to think emotionally. And beautiful things happen when you can mix emotions with logic. Try to trigger her emotions while talking to a woman. A woman will most necessarily remember your childhood stories than the Engineering fact you had shared about Racing Cars ( except if she is an Automobile Engineer )
  5. Eyes are the way to a Woman’s Heart :- Several studies have shown that Eyes are the most attractive part of a Man’s Physiology from the perspective of a Woman. Woman notices the eyes of a man when she is meeting him for the first time. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy some Honey coloured Contact lens. As a man everyone should practice a  confident, masculine and non-creepy way of looking at a woman. Learn to enjoy the silence between both of you as you look at each other. The way a man looks at her, says a lot to a woman. It helps her decide that the Man is not a Boy (immature) to look away. Neither, he is a pervert to look at her in a creepy manner. Don’t forget, Practice makes a Man perfect.
  6. Be Enthusiastic ( if you lack humour ) :- Let’s face the truth, women like man who are Funny. But that doesn’t means that now you have to become a Stand-up comedian to get a girl. Entertain yourself and make sure that you are comfortable being around her. Genuinely enjoy her Company whenever you’re with her. If you’re not enjoying her Company, most probably you’re wasting your precious time trying to impress the wrong girl. Remember, just like Smile Enthusiasm is also contagious. And if you enjoy, it doesn’t take any effort to be Enthusiastic. On top of that, girls hate fake personalities. With fake Strategies, sooner or later you’re going to let her know that you are a fake. Don’t be a Fake and Enjoy the Moment.
  7. Notice her Body Language :- Body Language of a Woman says a lot. I cannot just emphasize this point enough to prove it to you. It is very very essential to be able to understand the body language of a woman. Woman are not straight forward like man. In most cases, they will leave hints at you and expect you to pick it up. “Look and Look Away” is a very well-known body language of woman who wants you to approach her. Exaggerated way of Laughing or showing off that she’s really fun to be with is a way for woman to show that she wants you to ask her out.
  8. Get her to Respect you :- You might have approached her. Started the conversation. But, don’t continue to be the first person everytime as your Relationship matures. At the end of the day, you should be with a woman who loves you and also respects you. Woman loves a man who she can never take for granted. Woman wants you to make her want you. Get her to respect you, your responsibilities, your needs and your opinions. Being the decision maker without being authoritative or pushy is the real sweet spot.
  9. Be on her mind :- There’s no one single way that works with every woman. But, these tips are sure to work for most woman. Building the sexual tension is one such tip which will work. Whenever there’s a tension, it needs to be released in some way or the other. And, when you’ve built a sexual tension, you’re always on her mind as long as the tension doesn’t gets a way to release itself. Tease her about something and don’t completely share your opinion about it. This will make her think about you more and more. Inevitably giving you the ability to capitalise on such opportunities when it somes to releasing the sexual tension.
  10. Don’t be Desperate :- Desperation is the most hated part of a Male who is trying to get a girl. Women knows it when you’re being desperate about getting a girl. Trying to impress works only as long as it doesn’t looks as a deliberate attempt at trying to impress her. Asking her Questions like ” Do you have a boyfriend ? “, ” Do you Like me ?” Or ” Can i text you later ?” If she has a boyfriend, she will let you know at the perfect time. If she likes you, you’ll see it in her body language. And do not ask something which you can do without asking. Don’t take permission to text if you can text her anyway. She will ask you not to if she doesn’t likes it.
So, these were the 9 tips on how a woman wants you to be with her and 1 bonus tip that shows the exact turn off for a woman when you’re trying hard to impress her.

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