Interior Design Digital Marketing Strategies that I implement for my Clients in 2020

Let me tell you the truth! Interior Designers are the Best kind of Clients I work with.

Out of all other clients I have, Interior Designers are most open to New Experiments & Ideas when it comes to implementing Digital Marketing for their Business.

Here are few Strategies I have been implementing for my Interior Designer Clients.

Google Search Ads

Location Focused Google Search Ads are the best performing digital marketing strategy for my Interior Design Clients in 2020.

The logic is quite simple. You show up when someone is looking for an interior designer in and around your location.

Depending upon the place of stay, the pricing for Search Ads varies a lot.

Overall, Google Search Ads are quite expensive since the conversion rate from click to customer is pretty high.


By now in 2020, almost everyone knows about SEO. But, Local SEO is slightly different.

In local SEO, we target our Seed keyword + location in our SEO Keyword Strategy.

Basically, these are low traffic long tail keywords which have great conversion rates.

The secret strategy to win at Local SEO is to highly invest in Keyword Research and Backlink Tools

Instagram Location tags

Interior Designers I work with are really good at their job. Needless to say they are even better than me when it comes to designing a Social Media Post.

But, more often than I expect, I would see them doing SEO mistakes on Instagram despite creating mind blowing creatives.

One of the best way to be known in a location for your work is to use the instagram location tag feature while uploading your post.

Sooner or Later, you will start ranking on these location tags and it will bring you targeted profile visitors and Business.

Local Hashtags

Just like location tags, you must use local hashtags as well.

But, Hashtag Research is not a Joke. It takes Months of Research to find the low competition local hashtags.

Thankfully, I can afford premium hashtag Research Tools since I work with multiple Clients

These tools can come up with thousands of instagram hashtags at the click of a button.

Social Media Advertising

Platforms like Facebook & Instagram has the power to launch location focused ads.

You can put the locality of your Interior Designing Business and Launch Ads in your area.

Currently, apart from Facebook & Instagram, platforms like YouTube & TikTok are also getting my clients low CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

Thus, it is worth trying all 4 platforms one by one with a location focused advertising strategy.

Google My Business SEO

Many Interior Designers don’t even know that Google My Business or GMB has its own SEO.

Just like a website, you can increase the visibility of a Google My Business Listing.

Website SEO requires Backlinks and High Quality Content to Rank on Search Engines.

Google My Business requires NAP Citation, a complete informative Listing & regular Posts to rank High on Google SERP.

It is a great strategy considering Google has the power to understand User Intent and Match them with your Business Offerings.

Email Marketing

Money is in the List. If you have some knowledge about Digital Marketing, you must have come across this statement “Money is in the list”.

This is very true. No matter what people might say, if you don’t build an Email List, you will not benefit in the long run.

For Interior Designer Clients, I prefer to do a Lead Generation Campaign and then send them our various Portfolio Work on timely basis.

This slowly feeds the mind of our potential clients and whenever they need to hire an interior designer, we are at the top of their mind.

It is a long term strategy to build a long lasting brand.

ORM for Interior Designers

Online Reputation Management is extremely essential for any Interior Designer.

ORM basically means that you try to minimize the negative reviews about your brand online.

The way you do it is by tracking down people who are leaving negative reviews about your business and help them solve their problem.

If you successfully help them, they would remove their negative reviews and thus maintaining a high star ratings on various review platforms like GMB, Facebook, JustDial, etc.

These are my current Digital Marketing Strategy for my Interior Designer Clients. Fill the form below if you need my help to implement these strategies for your Interior Decor Business