91% Digital Marketers Don't know how to do Keyword Research Properly (Hubspot Data)

Keyword Research Workshop

Keywords are everywhere

Humans are Unpredictable, for those who don’t know how to do Keyword Research. Keywords Research is a pattern recognition technique to bridge the missing link between your offer and your target market. Join me on this beautiful endeavour.


Keyword Research Workshop

Frequently asked questions

No it is not a Webinar. It is a pre-recorded Workshop Video for Quick Learners like you. 

It is a 20 Minutes Long Workshop which you will finish in no time. 

I wanted to keep this information open for anyone who wants to learn about the fascinating world of Keyword Research. This the pricing reflects the same.

Sorry.But, I am looking for serious learners. 

Instantly! As soon as you make the payment, the page will redirect to the Workshop Video.

If you have any questions contact me at hello@dibakarbala.com

Workshop Attendees Review

"Crazy Value for such a Low Price. Never expected you'd reply to my Emails"
Sonam Makhani
"Keywords are literally everywhere. That's all I can say after the workshop"
Bidisha Das
Graphic Designer
"I didn't knew we could do so much for Instagram with Keyword Research"
Apurv Kothari
Digital Marketer
"Heard so many terms for the first time : Keyword Universe, Content Cluster. Unbelievable Workshop!"
Dishari AGarwal
Content Writer