Really? What do you expect after releasing an 18th century type muisc album in 2017?

Title Track – Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana

Such 80s music, much Wow. Thanks to Sukhwinder Singh who saved the poor music composition by Revant and Siddharth

Mano Ya Na Mano

I loved the way singer Malini Awasthi caught the flavour of the song perfectly. The music is once again 80s. And once again the choice od singer saved the music directors. Infact, Malini outdid Sukhwinder Singh in this one I would say. Waiting for more songs from you in future Malini 🙂


Rishta is an ‘Okay’ type song sung beautifully by Arijit Singh. This one is surely better than the 2 others mentioned above but still not upto the mark as per the latest industry standards. Well it’s different and better than the 2 mentioned above because the music director is different too. Composed by Arko, I will give it a 2 out of 5. Not to forget Vipin Patla, who was also really nice in this song.


Well I’ll just say one thing and no more reviews about this song will be necessary. Ready? The song is sung by K.K. 😉

Rog jaane

Familiar song template. Yet, there’s a reason why we have so many songs with such template. People have a liking for it. So even this one might be loved by many.

Naino ke pokhar

Vipin Patla again, and I am about to become a fan of him it seems. Although he lacks what we call ‘ spark ‘. But guess what? Spark can be built over time. You just need more dedication and Experience. Loved the song,

Overall, as i had said earlier. 80s soundtrack in 2017.

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