Benefits & Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Business

Benefits & Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Business
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Why should I use Linkedin for my Business?
by Dibakar Bala

LinkedIn is an Excellent Platform to Grow your Career. Let’s dive deep into the Benefits of using Linkedin for your Business.

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Why Linkedin is Important for your Business?

I opened my LinkedIn account back in 2013 or 2014.

It was a waste of time for me as I had no connections and all my friends were on Facebook.

But I was really determined to connect with the top 1% crowd of the Country.

I wanted to know how they were so successful and implement their techniques to improve my lifestyle.

In an effort to do so, I updated my Facebook Profile Extensively.

Although, currently my FB account is Deactivated.

But, Trust me, I had 3500+ Highly Famous Entrepreneurs in my Friend List.

Back to 2019, for the last 15 Days I’ve been seriously working on my LinkedIn.

And to my Surprise, it took me only a few days to grow my Linkedin Profile so effectively that now My posts are being shared by some of the eminent business personalities.

Thus, I decided that it is extremely essential for everyone to realise the Untapped hidden potential of LinkedIn as a Platform to grow your Business and Career as a whole.

#1. Linkedin has more Educated and Career Oriented Crowd

Linkedin is Full of Career Oriented People.

It isn’t Facebook where every other person is either a Fake Profile or someone who wants to have a date with a Girl.

If you’re someone from a Country like India, you’d find only Educated and Career Oriented Users on Linkedin.

This is a Great Plus and I’ll explain it in my Next Point which is

#2. Easy Access to Influencers

Linkedin provides you with the easiest way to get personal with your Idols.

I mean, I love getting content from Brain Dean and Neil Patel.

Although, they are literally killing it on every platform.

Yet, on Linkedin, they might just accept me as a Connection.

It is Possible, absolutely 🙂

The real benefit of getting access to influencers is that, they’re watching your content.

You may not realise it but maybe your LinkedIn post about graduation day might have been on the newsfeed of Mark Zuckerberg.

Let me share with you a True Story.

Recently itself, my Article was shared by one of the Most Influential StartUp Founder of India.

I couldn’t believe my Eyes, am I that famous?

Well, I’m not. But, you get it.

That’s the Power of Linkedin.

What’s the additional benefit?

If they have 40,000 followers, chances are, even they would start following you.

Okay, 40 out of 40k, if not all.

But, even those 40 people came to you because an eminent personality sort of “Recommended” your Linkedin Post.

#3. Easiest Platform to Go Viral

I started posting regularly on Linkedin for the last few days.

None of my Posts went Viral yet.

Although, I’ve seen plenty of Linkedin Posts in my Newsfeed which had 1000+ comments and God Knows how many Views.

I visited their Profile and surprisingly it had only 1000+ Connections.

It was crazy!

I mean, show me another social media platform which can give you that much Reach when you’re not so famous yet.

Okay Okay…there is One… Pinterest.

But i don’t call it a Social Media platform.

But, you get my point, right?

It is the easiest Platform to Go Viral.

Try it! I insist.

Capitalise, as long as the Golden Days of Linkedin Organic Reach is still young.

#4. Going Viral isn’t Necessary

The best part of Trying Linkedin is the fact that you don’t need to go Viral to do well.

Unlike my Second Favourite Platform Pinterest, which either gets you a ton of Traffic.

Or absolutely None.Depending on a lot of Parameters.

But on Linkedin, my every posts gets 500-600+ Views on Average.

That’s Crazy Organic Reach in 2019.

Where else do you see this?

Even if you post 2 content per day, you’re good to go with Linkedin.

#5. Best Platform to Build Personal Brand

Linkedin don’t like Brand Pages as much as it likes your Profile.

And, with some basic knowledge and google search, you can optimise your Profile into a Killer Professional Launchpad.

If you’re seeking a Job, your Recruiters are right there on the platform.

If you’re a B2B business, your Customer will be reading your post.

And even if you’re a B2C business, you can get funded from your Profile Visitor.

I mean leave all that, you can get an opportunity to speak at an Event.

You can impress an Angel Investor with your Beta Launch.

The possibilities are endless because the Crowd is so Elite I always say this to my Clients – “Create Content to Impress Your Competitor.

If they notice you, chances are, you’ll also get noticed by their customers.

Can you think of some other benefits of Using Linkedin as a business?

Leave a Comment below, I would love to hear them 🙂

Dibakar is India's First Conversion focused Digital Marketer. Owner of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata , India.

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