Local SEO Experts Share Google My Business SEO mistakes

Google My Business is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Local SEO.

In this Article, you will get to learn from some of the world famous Local SEO experts.

In fact, despite being an SEO expert, I have myself learnt a lot from their advice.

My Question for all of them was :-

What is the most painful Google my Business SEO mistake you see local businesses make?

What would be your advice for them to overcome the mistake?

Dibakar Bala, India’s First Conversion focused Digital Marketer

Kevin Phillips

Kevin Phillip

Lead Content Marketing Trainer, IMPACT

Not utilizing Posts.

Posts are a great way to promote your products/services and proactively answer the most important questions your prospects have.

They’re so often underused that when people DO actually see them on a GMB knowledge panel, they can’t help but click on them because they’re so rare.

I’d also say adding a business description.

Most companies add their “business category” but fail to add a description.

Here you can let people know exactly what you do (especially if the category doesn’t quite capture it) and how you can be of service.

You’re allowed 750 characters to show your value to people; use it.

These descriptions can also help search engines know more about you and put you in the local pack for relevant queries.

Luc Durand

Luc Durand

Best Local SEO YouTube Channel, RANKING ACADEMY


I believe the biggest mistake small businesses make is to underestimate the power of their listing and consequently not making the most of all the available features currently available.

Google is pushing Google my business more and more and not ensuring a listing is 100% accurate and complete is a major oversight, especially since GMB is a free marketing tool.



Digital Marketing Blogger, SEO JAGABAN

Not even trying to get customers to drop a review on their business profile.

It is painful because this is entirely within their control.

They simply just ignore it, deliberately or unknowingly.

Whereas, Google itself advises businesses to ask customers for review (here   https://support.google.com/business/answer/3474122?hl=en) as it is not against their policy.

Consequently, they lose out and can no longer compete favourably with their rivals because nobody is talking about them. 

Jesse Dolan

Jesse Dolan

Best Local SEO podcast, Local SEO Tactics

Founder, Intrycks

The most painful GMB SEO mistake?

I’d have to say having an “incomplete” listing.

Failing to do all the basic block and tackle – categories, description, short name, website, posts, photos, services, etc.

My advice for overcoming it would be – before diving deep into any one specific GMB feature, or set of features, make sure you have explored and are utilizing ALL of the GMB features that are relevant to your business.

Jamie Pitman

Jamie Pitman

Head of Content, Bright Local

The biggest mistake I see people making with Google My Business is not paying enough attention to photos on their Google My Business profiles.

More and more, these images appear wherever their listing does: in Google Maps, at the top of their brand Knowledge Graph panel, even in the Local Pack itself for some industries.

There’s even research that suggests that photo quantity is linked to performance in search.

Apart from the business name, these key images are the first thing a potential customer sees when they view your business online, and they need to give a good first impression.

No matter what kind of business you are, whether you are a service-area business providing services at your customers’ homes or selling products from your store, you have opportunities to take and upload photos of the business experience that make it look like a positive one.

It’s even worth investing in a professional photographer for these photos – that’s how important they are.

As a side-note, don’t be tempted to use stock photos (even if you see your competitors do it) on your Google My Business profile.

This not only goes against Google guidelines, but today’s consumers can see right through them and will lose trust in your business.

Local SEO checklist : Conclusion

  • Stand out from your Competitor. And you can easily achieve that by using the Google My Business Post feature.
  • Don’t leave your GMB profile incomplete. Most Businesses don’t even bother to add a business description.
  • Try to get GMB reviews from your existing customers.
  • Stop undervaluing the power of Google My Business listing’s freely available features.
  • Don’t run behind getting reviews without completing your listing. First, take advantage of all the available features of GMB. Then go ahead and try to optimize it.
  • Pay Attention to the Photos your upload on your Google My Business Listing. Research suggests, photo quantity = local search rankings.
  • Stay away from Stock Photos. It is worth investing in a Professional Photographer.

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