How to Market your Music Independently in 2019 – 7 Hard Hitting Tips

How to Market your Music Independently in 2019 - 7 Hard Hitting Tips

Everyone talks about Online Music Marketing these days.

Yet only a few among them have successfully promoted any Music Online themselves.

Not Me.

I’ve worked with real-life Singers, Musicians and Bands to promote their Music Online.

I have even maintained a live SEO Case Study of a personal client (with their permission) at

Today I will share with you the Exact Step-by-step procedure I advice to all my clients from the Music Industry.

1. Why is it not working?

You must already know how you should promote your music on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Website, Email, MySpace, Reverbnation, Music Bloggers, Pinterest, etc.

Well, did it work for you?

Any of them?

I bet, none of them did.

But, why didn’t they work?

It works for all the successful Musicians.

Maybe you’re not putting enough hardwork?


Or, maybe, they have 10 different People appointed to mange all these platforms on their behalf.

Each person working with their full focus on 1 Platform.

Each of those 10 people are specialised experts in handling each of those marketing tools and platforms.

Do you think you’d beat them all and also create awesome music at the same time?

Can you?

Maybe you can, but most people are not born with Superpowers.

2. Is it impossible to succeed in Music as an Independent Artist ?

No, not at all.

It is extremely possible.But you need to Focus on 1 aspect of it.

Your 1 aspect can be creating extraordinary Music which requires no marketing and would go viral on its own.

Your 1 aspect can be YouTube Marketing – where you’d go any extent to collaborate and create unique videos that would force people to share it on multiple platforms.

Your focus can be on your Artist Website, where you would do all the Heavy Lifting (Content Writing, SEO, PPC, etc.) in making it the #1 Artist Website in your Region.

You can Focus on Instagram and DM all the influencers and make it work for you by putting out videos after videos without leaving any scope of improvement.

You’re a force only when you’re focused on something.

You cannot be the “master of all trades”.

None of the successful people did 40 things successfully on their own.

Either they hired experts if they had the budget.

Or else, they started growing from 1 platform and then went on dominating other platforms one after the other.

3. “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal” – Picasso

Everyone talks about “Creativity” these days.

Infact, Music Industry is a Creative Art-form in itself.

Yet, I see artists, singers and musicians – copying other people again and again.

Do you really think there would be another ‘Michael Jackson’ in the future.

That’s impossible!

Creativity is the lifeblood of Music.

If you can’t be creative, you don’t deserve to be a successful Musician.

Think hard about your Life Experiences.

What makes you different from the crowd?

What is it that you can do better than anyone else?

Bring it into your Music (or Music Videos).

Seperate yourself from the crowd and you would be rewarded.

4. Sharing your Music Videos on Social Media is not Enough

Everyone advices to share your Music Video on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and what not.

At the maximum, your best friend and your relatives would watch the video from your Facebook share.

But, is it enough?

Did you made your Video for 100 people to watch?

If Yes, you’re good to go.

Please continue sharing your videos on Tumblr, Twitter and every other website that has the word ‘social media’ associated with it.

For those who want their Music to be heard by Millions and Billions of people – Network.

Networking is such an underestimated trait of every successful Musician.

Network not only with Singers and Record Label owners.

Go and Network with Music Bloggers, fellow YouTubers, your Local Neighborhood Clubs and Restaurants.

When you market it to your audience directly, you have 1 more listener.

But, when you reach out to an influencer, you get access to his network of followers.

Understand this and make a plan to Implement Networking into your Weekly Schedule.

5. You don’t even Care about an Email List

What? Email List?

Musicians are not businesses.

Why do they need Email lists?

Well, it is not for you if you have Tons of Money to Buy Ads again and again everytime your launch a Music or a Merch.

For those who don’t have infinite amount of Money, why don’t you start working on building an Email List.

Ask for the Email IDs of your Live Show Audience, send them a short opt-in form.

Email Marketing Softwares like MailChimp and Mailerlite have completely Free Plans for you.

You don’t even need a website to make an opt-in page for your Potential Subscribers.

How is it beneficial?

You can shoot an Email to your existing fan base every time you launch a new song!

You can strait away have thousands of YouTube Views as soon as you launch your Music Video.

You don’t have to wait for YouTube to promote your Video in the recommended section or in the Home Page Recommendation.

Become a True Independent Artist and take responsibility of your own success.

6. You got some Money? Do This :-

Online Marketing Consultants are expensive.

But, not everyone.

Infact, how will you know it without even having a conversation with any of them.

If you have some amount of Money, hire or Consult an Online Marketing Expert.

He/She would be the best person to guide you with your Music Marketing.

Just like nobody makes Music better than you.

Nobody Markets anything online better than a Digital Marketing Expert.

Dibakar Bala, Content Marketer

7. Start a Website and take it Seriously

I’ve met two types of Musicians.

One who is scared of starting a Website (because of the technicalities).

Another one who has started a website but have stopped working on it (because nobody is visiting his website anyway).

Please understand the purpose of owning a website.

Your Website is Your Own Property.

You can loose your Facebook Page.

YouTube can take down your Channel any day.

But, you own your Website.

It is your own asset.

There are tons of ways to bring traffic to a website, just Google it.

Everyone advices artists to start a website.

I would advice, not to give up on Your Website.

My Own Website which I started as a Music Blog started growing after I struggled over it for 3 years without any results or visitors.

Yet, i never gave up.

And, you shouldn’t too if you’re really serious about your musical career.

Starting and maintaining a website isn’t even expensive if you’re doing it all by yourself.

If you have hired an Online Marketing Expert, then it depends on his Consultation fee.

I hope these tips were helpful for you.

If you have any questions for me, you may leave comments below or even email me your queries at

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