MevoFit Review : Don’t Buy Without Reading This Review – MevoFit Drive Fitness Band

MevoFit Review : Don't Buy Without Reading This Review - MevoFit Drive Fitness Band
MevoFit Review :- Staying Fit is not just a Style Statement anymore. With increasing health awareness around fitness, our generation knows the importance of staying fit very much. Not just us, but the Businesses around the world also knows the importance of this trend. And within 2-3 years the whole niche of Health is crowded with 1 single Tech Product :- Fitness Band.

What’s the Price Tag ?

Keeps Fluctuating. But, you can check the Current Price below :-

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MevoFit is one such Brand that serves the Fitness niche. And MevoFit Drive is their own Fitness Tracker.

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Is it worth buying a MevoFit Drive? Let me help you with the answer.

Features / Specifications :-

1. Touch Screen with Digital Display

2. Digital Clock with Vertical + Horizontal Orientation ( customise as per requirement )

3. Steps Counter

4. Calories Burnt Counter

5. Running, Push-up, Skipping / Jumping, Yoga, and FootBall Playing Tracker

6. Find My Phone

7. Switching On/Off

8. Sleep Tracker

9. WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS, etc. Notifications

10. 7 days battery life upon full charge with hassle free charging without any use of external device.


Did it live upto its Promises ?

1. Touch Screen works fine. It might just have a negligible amount of sensitivity issue for users who like to use touch devices a bit quickly. Display backlight makes it a little difficult to use it outdoors. Specifically, during noon. But, I can see and use the watch if I cup my hands around the display. So, it works for me.

Score :- 7/10

2. Digital Clock works Perfectly. You can orient the clock as per your convenience. It’s way better than what I had expected.

Score :- 10/10

3. Steps Counter is the Reason why a fitness band exists. And, thankfully, it works perfectly for MevoFit Drive.

Score :- 10/10

4. Calories Burnt Counter tracks your calorie burnt acrosss various different activities apart from walking or running. It’s another essential feature of a Fitness Tracker / Band. And, this band doesn’t fails to perform at the basics. Kudos!

Score :- 10/10

5. Yoga and Jumping works good. Push-up counting has some serious issue. Sometimes the pushup counting works. And sometime, it doesn’t.

Score :- 9/10

6. You can Find your Phone even on a Crowded Street. The Alert Tone is extremely Loud, which is Good.

In case you’re feeling sleepy and has a lot of work to do at hand. Trigger this feature. TRUST ME.

Score :- 10/10

7. Switching ON/OFF works perfectly as expected. While switching ON, the device will give you an LED notification ( which is great ).

Score :- 10/10

8. Sleep Tracker is the most Underperforming Feature of MevoFit. The Data about Sleep Quality is Satisfactory. But, the Fall Sleep and Wake Up Time is absolutely not working. It always shows a Fall Sleep somewhere at around 5:30 AM and Wake Up Time somewhere at around 5:30 PM.

Score :- 7/10

9. WhatsApp, GMail, SMS, etc. notification is the USP of MevoFit in my Opinion. It has helped me stay away from my Phone. I’ve been struck with my phone for the past 3 Years for at least 7-8 hours per day. Now, this device has brought that down to 2-3 Hours Per Day. THANK YOU MEVOFIT!

Score :- 10/10

10. Another ” worth-spending for ” value is its Long Lasting Battery Life with only 10 Mins to get it fully charged. I was literally blown away by the huge battery life and low charging time of this tiny device. It is your go-to Fitness Tracker if you’re someone like me who hates charging laptop and smartphone after every 4 hours.

Pros :-

  • Huge Battery Life – 7 Days
  • Extremely Quick Charging – 10 mins
  • Detachable Device with no other external attachment required to get it charged
  • Seemless integration with your Smartphone notifications like Whatsapp, SMS and Gmail.
  • Nearly Perfect Calories Burnt and Step-Counter. Does what a Fitness Tracker should do.

Cons :-

  • Sleep Tracker needs more improvement
  • No Manual for using the Push-up, Yoga, Skipping/Jumping, etc. Tracker. ( Solution :- Long Press the Icons before your activity to track )
  • Display Backlight is a bit Dim for Outdoor Usage.

How to Use MevoFit Drive in Detail :-

  • Don’t ignore the instruction manual that comes with the product. Most Instructions are provided inside the manual.

  • It has a touchscreen which allows 3 types of gestures. Long Press for 3 seconds, Tap and Slide Up/Down.
  • The Device is detachable from the band, which can directly plug-in to your Powerbank, Laptop or Smart Phone charger. The band is made up of high quality material. I’ve been using it for quite sometime and there’s not even a scratch on the Band or on the device.
  • It takes 10 minutes to charge and goes upto 5-7 days without any charging
  • Long Press the Moon sign on the Device below the other activity tracker menu to activate the sleep mode before sleeping.
  • Long Press on the 4 square sign to open the other activity tracker which tracks push-ups, yoga, football, running and jumping/skipping.
  • Switch Off icon which comes just after when you slide from the Clock Orientation icon. Long Press on the icon to switch off the device.
  • To switch on, simply long press on any part of the screen for 3 seconds. It will show you a bright LED light if it hets switched on.
  • If in any case it doesn’t switched on, try charging the device before blaming Mevofit for a faulty product. Your device just might have ran out of charge.
  • Keep on Long Pressing every other icon on the device. Even the activity tracker worls that way.

Final Verdict on Mevofit DRIVE

It is a nice product. Easy to use but lacks proper explanation of a lot of features. Overall I have 8.5/10 for MevoFit.

If you’re just a simple person who wants to stay fit, then Mevofit is the ideal fitness band for you.

On the other hand, if you are more like an athlete, or maybe someone who needs to keep his mind/body fit due to his career or job, try other better and expensive products like Fitbit.



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