MI Band 4 Leaked Photos indicates a ton of Features

MI Band 4 Leaked Photos indicates a ton of Features

MI Band 4, the successor of the popular MI Band 3 is around the corner.

While the speculation were still floating around, 2 Leaked photo has surfaced on the Internet

Let’s Look at them one by one :-

Leaked Image #1

The first image shows that the MI 4 could be detached from its band.

It indicates 2 Possible Features :-

1. You can charge the device directly without needing any wires

2. You can change the strap which ideally will be available in multiple colour options

Let’s look at the second Leaked Photo of MI Band 4 :-

MI Leaked photo #2

Clearly many features can be predicted from this leaked image of Mi 4 band.

1. It has a Full Colour Display

2. It has a Heartrate Tracker

3. It has a Calorie Tracker

4. Mi 4 has a Pedometer

I just hope that these images are indeed original leaks of mi 4 band.

If yes, then physically there’s not much change to the design of the mi band 4 as compared to the mi band 3.

Previous Leaks & Speculations :-

Earlier Leaks of the mi band 4 indicated that it would get 2 major upgrade from mi band 3.

1. No need to dismantle the device for charging purpose

2. A 135mAh Battery Cell, upgraded from 110mAh Battery Cell of Mi Band 3

3. Mi band 4 is speculated to be released in two variants.

4. One of the variants on mi band 4 is expected to have NFC tag feature, just like mi band 3

5. Mi band 4 is heard of being issued a Bluetooth 5.0 certification. Indicating a Bluetooth 5.0 Support for the device.

Now we await the official declaration from the Xiaomi Team.

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