Music Bloggers in India – Top 5 (Updated)

1. Dibakar Bala


Founder – Dibakar Bala, Kolkata

I started Blogging about Music back in 2016.

Ever since then, my website has gone immense changes.

My website used to have a Dark Theme with Red and white colours for Text and Graphics.

Currently it is India’s No. 1 Music Blogging Website based on Website Standings and my Popularity among Musicians.

You can Find all my Music Articles here.

I majorly cater to the Music Artists in India.

Interviewing them and giving advice about how they can promote their Work via Online Marketing.

Want to get featured on this website as a Musician?

Currently, I’m working with Musicians & Bands to promote their Music via Online Marketing.

2. Radio and Music

Website URL

Founder – (unknown)

Founded in 2007, Radio and Music is the most successful Music Blog is terms of Website Traffic.

The main focus of the website is to write gossip and interviews about musicians in India.

I really love the way they support Upcoming Talent by covering their story on their website.

3. Music Aloud

Website URL

Founder – Vipin Nair, Bangalore

One of the Most Popular Indian Website that writes about Music without any fear of judgement.

I love the way Vipin Reviews all the Latest Music.

It is truly inspiring and I wish him all the best with his endeavour.

4. Songs of Yore

Website URL

Founder – AK, Delhi

The rarest of Rare….Only Indian Music Blog that writes about the Music from the Golden Era (Classics).

Not just Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, Mr. AK is absolutely passionate about anything from that era be it Classical or Bollywood.

5. Milli Blog

Website URL

Founder – Karthik S, Bangalore

Another very popular Music Blogging website from India that Reviews Music.

If you think, it is similar to Music Aloud, then you would be wrong.

Milli Blog also has gossips and news from Music Industry all across the world (or at least from our neighbouring country, Pakistan).

What is a Music Blog ?

Music Blogs are websites that enthusiastically writes about the Music Scene of a region.

These websites have a rare segment of audience that loves to read their unique take on Music.

Getting a chance to have your Music Reviewed by these blogs can make or break your online presence as a Musician.

Why Music Blogs?

Music Blogs are really crucial both for a Listener and a Singer.

Listeners get to know about New Artists.

While, Singers get to reach out to a new set of audience they’ve hardly known till date.

How to Reach out to Music Bloggers?

Reaching out to Music Bloggers is easy.

Simply send them an Email to brief your Requirements.

Please make sure you’re humble enough as these people can really create a negative image of yours if they’re not happy about you (they have the popularity).

Currently, I receive atleast 60+ Emails from Singers and Musicians everyday.

But, I’m here to help. Thus, the don’t mind replying to them personally 🙂

If You Want to get featured on this website as a Musician :-

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