Podcast Names : Ultimate Guide to Naming a Podcast Channel (for Real)

My Promise :- You won’t have to read any other Article on Podcast Names (after this).

My Request :- Please read or skim through the whole content before you click on the Podcast name Generator.

I Got Rejected by Apple Podcast.

No, it wasn’t my First attempt at Podcasting.

This was my Third Attempt at finding my Voice (in both sense).

But, it was the first time I was worried about naming my Podcast.

I had named 2 of my previous unsuccessful Podcasts without a second thought in my mind.

No Research, No Effort.

I just did it!

But this time I had to put in efforts, as it got rejected from Apple Podcasts.

The reason was Simple, I can’t use my Exact Name as the name of the Podcast Channel.

So, I Accepted the Challenge!

Went to Google, found great ideas.

But they weren’t placed at one place.

I had to go through 10 articles before I could finalize my Podcast Name :- Marketing Biryani with Dibakar

I’ll explain it in a few minutes why I chose this name.

But, Let me First help you choose yours.

Podcast Names Generator

Let me get this Straight.

The Best way to get ideas on Naming anything is to use a Name Generator.

And thankfully, I found two extremely well crafted Podcast Name Generator on the Internet.

Infact, I found my own Podcast Channel Name Idea after going through these ideas.

So here are the two podcast name generator I loved :-

Kopy Writing Kourse

If you were looking to generate some cool and clever Podcast Names, this one should be your choice.

Secret :- This Website is also my Favourite Copywriting Website on the Internet.

I’m sure Neville would be laughing at my poor Copy (if at all he reads it).

Dibakar – a poor copywriter 🙁

I had consumed a lot of content from Neville but never knew he had a Podcast Name Generator on his website.

Here’s the Link :- https://kopywritingkourse.com/podcast-name-generator

You’ll see Three Boxes on the Website as shown Below :-

In the First Box, enter your NICHE.

If you’re not yet sure about your Niche, Tag me on Instagram @dibakardigital with your demand 🙂

I’ll try to come up with an Ultimate Guide to find your Podcast Niche.

I entered “Marketing” in the First Box.

Followed by my First Name “Dibakar” in the Second.

And, lastly, Kolkata as my City.

And, the generator came up with numerous awesome Ideas.

These were some of the best podcast title ideas I had ever come across.

I was so impressed with the Podcast Title ideas that I thought of creating a podcast name generator for my own website.

Yeah, another podcast name generator :p

But, after searching for 30 minutes, I realised that I’m not a coder yet

Dibakar – not a Coder but an Engineer 🙁

So I came back to Neville and changed the third box for city name into my Country Name :- India

Simply because my target audience was whole India and not just my City.

Although, i got some great Ideas, i was looking for something else.

I was looking for 4 Things in my Podcast Channel Name :-

1. Uniqueness

2. Conveys that it is targetted at Indian Audience ( the language of the Podcast is a mix of Hindi + English )

3. Conveys that it is majorly about Marketing

4. Conveys my name – Dibakar (c’mon, that’s obvious! I already have an established website for DibakarBala.com )

5. Indicates that it is a Light Hearted Program, not the typical Professional Podcast.

As soon as I finished recalling my needs in my head, i had my idea.

Apart from Marketing, I also love to Cook.

Well, Not exactly Cooking, I love to make food for others 🙂

Got this Quality from my Mother.

So, I thought, Why not convey my Nationality with something which is unique to India?

I Googled, “most famous indian dish in the world”.

And i got two :- Chicken Tikka Masala & Chicken Biryani.

Now, I’m a vegetarian by choice.

But, we do have Paneer Tikka Masala & Paneer Biryani for vegetarians as well.

So, now, I had two choices for my Name :-

Marketing Biryani with Dibakar

Marketing Tikka with Dibakar

The First One is a Mughlai Dish, popular both in India and Pakistan.

The second one was sounding quite interesting to my ears.

But, Biryani as a Dish is clearly identified.

Whereas Tikka is only felt as a dish when it is accompanied by another food related word like chicken or mutton or masala.

So, after a lot of research, I finalized.

Marketing Biryani with Dibakar as my Podcast Channel Name

Podcast Name Generator from Business Name Generator

Link :- https://businessnamegenerator.com/podcast-name-generator

If you were looking for a Funny Podcast Name Generator or a random podcast name generator, then surely this is the one.

They are not just funny, the top results are quite irrelevant as well.

The best part of this generator was the number of filters and parameters you could apply to generate unique podcast name ideas.

The Worst Part of this Podcast Name Generator was the irrelevant Premium Domain Names that was placed in the middle of the Search Results.

The placement of the Premium Domain Name section is so poor, I actually thought that the tool generated only 10 ideas.

Another Drawback of the Tool is that it isn’t suited for naming a Podcast.

You don’t have to Stick to a “Two Word” name for you Podcast.

I know, you’d like to buy a Domain Name in the future that matches your Podcast Channel Name.

But, the primary role of your Podcast Name should be to attract new listeners when they come across your Channel.

Well, enough said.

Let me walk you through the step by step procedure on how to use this podcast name generator most efficiently.

This is the Page that opens up.

As you can see, I’ve entered “Marketing Dibakar” as a Keyword.

When you click generate, it comes up with 2378 ideas.

But the keyword detection engine has categorised my Keyword under “sports”, “communication” & “music”.

That’s Bad! But we can change it manually 🙂

But, honestly I was not happy with the Results this tool generated.

See for yourself :

I mean, firstly it gave so many One Word Ideas.

When in reality, you can’t keep one word name for your podcast.

Not just that, the ideas it generated in no way is related to marketing.

Definitely, the Tool from Business Name Generator didn’t love upto its expectation.

But definitely there is scope for improvement. 🙂

Podcast Name Ideas : Best Podcast Titles

What’s better than getting inspired from real life examples?

Here are Some Real Examples of Podcast channel names :-

Category : Games & Hobbies

F1: Beyond the Grid :- As anyone could have guessed, ‘F1’ in the Name indicates the topic of the podcast, i.e., Formula One.

Indeed, the Podcast is about Formula 1 Racing. It brings insightful conversations with present and past drivers & champions of Formula One Racing.

Case in Point :- Your Podcast Channel Name should be easily recognisable by your potential audience in your niche.

Ride the Lighting : Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast :- It is an extremely famous podcast on the internet.

It is also an example on how you can create following around your passion.

Irrespective of the fact of how small the niche is, you can always grow your following to the top if you stay consistent.

And, consistency is easier when you love your work.

Anyway, you can see that just like the previous one…this one as well has Tesla in its name.

Cleverly, Lightning has also been placed in the name which is closely related to Electric.

The Fully Charged Show Podcast :- Once again, you can easily realise how the podcast is around EVs.

Infact, the podcast also talks about Sustainability & Renewable Energy.

I didn’t like the fact that it includes “Podcast” in its name.

We already know it is a podcast, so, I don’t think that was necessary.

Category : Music Podcasts

All Songs Considered :- An extremely Creative Name. People are well aware of the phrase “all things considered”.

Also, the name has the word “songs” in it. Which clearly indicates that the show is about “music & songs”.

It also has a very friendly call to action hidden in its name which indicates how the show will showcase songs from any genre and any category.

I was also extremely impressed by their witty Podcast Channel Description which says :-

Directions for use: Morning commute, the gym, or alone time. (If rash persists, discontinue use.)

All Songs Considered

I don’t know about you, but it surely lured me to listen to their podcast. Both the name & the description was on-point!

Pop Culture Happy Hour :- Clearly a podcast around the Pop Music Scene.

They’ve also clearly used the term “happy hour” which is often thrown around by many companies to promote their annual sale (if I’m not wrong).

To my surprise, the Podcast isn’t only fixated on Pop Music. But it talks generally about everything Pop like TV, Music, Movies, Comics & Books.

DISGRACELAND :- Written all in Caps, is surely to get your attention.

It is in Caps also because of the fact that the Podcast is rated “E”.

The Podcast explores an interesting relationship of Crime & Music.

It talks about alleged & true cases of Musicians & Murder, infidelity, suicide, arson, overdose, religious cults, drug trafficking, etc.

Category : Medicine Podcasts

The Peter Attia Drive : You won’t see any term in the podcast channel name which indicates the topic of the channel.

Although, the host name of the podcast makes it clear that the host is an MD.

These types of naming is best for people who already have a personal brand or want to build a personal brand around their name.

The Podcast provides expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence.

FoundMyFitness : I don’t know why this podcast channel doesn’t have a space between the three words.

But it is clear that the channel is about fitness.

Hosted by Rhonda Patrick, who is also a PhD, this podcast is all about strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology.

The Curbsiders Internal Medicine :- Extremely creative name of the podcast hosted by 3 people – Matthew Stuart & Paul.

The target audience of this podcast are Medical Practitioners with a promise of not boring people with their lectures.

Topics include: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, syncope, migraines, fibromyalgia, hypertension, cholesterol, osteoporosis, insomnia, dementia, HFpEF, DVT, pulmonary embolism and more!

Category : TV & Film

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd

The Chernobyl Podcast

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Category : Business News

HBR Ideacast

WSJ What’s News

Recode Decode

Category : Education

The Art of Manliness

Every Little Thing

Myths and Legends

How to Name a Podcast ?

Catchy Podcast Names

Always try to give your podcast a catchy podcast name.

That way you’d be able to intrigue a person surfing the podcast directory to click & listen to your episode.

Ofcourse you will have to justify their click with your value pact content.

But, getting the click is equally important for you in the initial days.

Maximum One Keyword

You may get away without using any of your Topic Keyword in your Podcast Channel Title.

But, you must avoid using more than two Target Topic Keywords in your podcast name.

Ideally I would advice you to use 1 topic keyword in your channel name.

It helps your audience to understand your podcast topic and also leaves you enough space to make your podcast title Creative.

I’ve Borrowed the Next 3 Ideas from “The Shan Man” :- https://www.theshanman.com/blog/how-do-i-name-my-podcast

Industry Phrases, relevant to your Niche

The Concept is quite simple and effective.

If you’ve fixed your podcast niche, there must be phrases which are specifically used in your niche.

For example, phrases like “Black Hat SEO”, “White Hat Link Builder” are quite common for my Industry :- Internet Marketing.

I’m sure, there’s some in your niche as well.

Using these phrases is the easiest way to automatically attract the relevant audience to your podcast.

Ask Questions to Yourself

Ask Questions to Yourself and the Answer to Your Question could be the name of your Podcast.

Example :-

If your podcast is relevant for people who are about to turn 30, you can ask yourself, “what’s you age”.

Your answer could be, “I’m almost 30”.

I guess, that’s how they named the Podcast Channel “almost 30”.

One of the Most important Question to ask yourself would be :-

What should my Podcast be About ?

If you’ve read some of the Case Studies above, you’d realise that most of them had 1 key term in their name which clearly indicated the topic of their Podcast.

Thus, asking a question like What should my podcast be about can be really beneficial to add that one key term in your channel name.

Similarly you can ask yourself other questions like :-

Who are you?

What do you do?

What are you upto?

How was your Day? etc.

No “Podcast” in “Podcast”

Please avoid the usage of “Podcast” in your Channel Name.

This was another great advice from The Shan Man.

Even I was about to put a “podcast” in my channel name.

Thankfully, i read this advice and it made complete sense.

People already know that they’re listening to a Podcast.

Do we really have to tell them again that it is a podcast?

If you really want to do it, include the word “podcast” in your podcast description 🙂

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This one comes from My Personal Experience as an Online Marketer.

As a Blogger + Marketer, using Keywords is my second nature.

But, i hate stuffing keywords just for the sake of ranking.

It makes no sense at all to stuff keyword and disappoint the audience with your content.

When it comes to a Podcast, you should be worried more about the Click-through Rates over Keywords.

Technically, Apple Podcast and Spotify can give you the maximum listeners.

I’ve seen it from my Elder sister’s channel analytics (she’s doing great with her Ghost Stories Channel).

And both Apple Podcast & Spotify are Search Engines as well.

Thus, you can easily optimise your channel name to make it more searchable.

But, it isn’t enough when it comes to a Podcast.

Clickable Names are preferred and I’ll encourage you to stay away from keyword stuffing your podcast channel name.

Reverse Engineering

Ah! My Favourite Technique.

I’ve used this to crack the world’s toughest exam :- JEE Advanced (earlier known as IIT JEE)

I’ve used it to grow my Linkedin from 2000-5800 in 2 weeks

I’ve used it to grow my FB Page from 0 to 14000

I’ve used it to Crack the Actuary Entrance Exams.

And, I’ve used it to get you to read my Article 🙂

The Science behind it is simple and everyone already knows about it.

You will have to reverse engineer the success of others.

Don’t Copy, but Steal their Content Style.

Observe closely, how did they name their podcast channel.

The Next Two Advice came from Rachel Corbett’s article :- https://rachelcorbett.com.au/podcast-name/

Search Book Title in Your Niche

I’ve read this advice so many times even for coming up with blog topic ideas.

Yet, I always forget it when I need it.

Please don’t forget to search books in your niche.

The Title of a Book is specifically designed to draw attention.

Authors are better copywriters than us (atleast, in my case).

And if they are famous authors, they must have mastered the art of naming a book that attracts thousands of people.

Please don’t copy their exact Book Title.

Rather, try to adopt ideas from those Titles.

Also, make sure you check the Books which didn’t do well.

That way, you’d also have Titles which may not work for you as well.

No Keyword at the End

Please don’t put Keyword at the end of your Channel Name.

It isn’t a Request, it is a Warning.

I’ve personally Named my First Podcast Channel as “Digital Marketing University | SEO + Marketing Tips + Online Marketing”

And, i didn’t knew that it is against apple Podcast to have Keywords at the end of the channel name.

Apple removed a.k.a. deleted my Channel from their Directory for the First Time.

So, I made the changes and named it “Digital Marketing University”.

Thankfully, this time, it was accepted by Apple and till date I haven’t faced any other issue with it.


More Examples of Podcast

Category : Sports & Recreation

Talk is Jericho

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Ringer NBA Show

Category : Health

Science Vs

The Mindset and Motivation Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

Category : News & Politics

The Daily

This American Life

Planet Money

Category : Comedy

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff

Category : Society & Culture

Reply All


Today, Explained

Trending Podcasts

Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

The Secret History of the Future

Podnews Podcasting News

Top Podcasts

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me : The Top Podcast Channel has a name which definitely makes everything click through it.

This strategy clarifies that intriguing people into clicking is the best way to get people listen to your podcast episodes.

Wait wait don’t tell me is all about, you guessed it, quizzes around current affairs.

I think this podcast should be getting the most innovative name award as it doesn’t clearly states the topic in the podcast channel name.

Yet, it had managed to live up to the speculations of the person who had clicked through his thumbnail or Podcast channel name.

Making sense with Sam Harris : With the most detailed podcast description among all other channels, making sense with Sam Harris intrigues you about the topic of the podcast.

Once you click through, you’d realise that the name was perfect.

Sam, who is a neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Category : Business

The Shrink Next Door : An intriguing Name without any mention of the topic of the podcast

The image of the podcast is mysterious as well.

Well, originally the podcast is a story about power, control and turning to the wrong person for help for more than 29 Years.

Written and hosted by Joe Nocera, a columnist for Bloomberg, the podcast is a wild story about the neighbour.

The story i guess is also available in paperback format which you can order online.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience : Well, who doesn’t know Gary Vee.

And, thus, obviously his name & brand “Gary Vee” was a mandatory part of his channel.

This strategy ks always helpful if you already have an established brand around your name.

Gary Vee podcast is all about Entrepreneurship, Motivation & Business.

HBR ideacast : HBR is a world famous Business Website – Harvard Business Review

Needless to say, if you’re a brand you must name your podcast channel something around your brand name.

People know you already, thus, they would check out your episodes as well.

They Interview many famous business personalities. You’d learn a lot from HBR if you stick around for a while on their Podcast Channel.

Conclusion : How to Name a Podcast ?

Did I live upto my Promise?

If I didn’t, comment below and let me know.

I’ll try to add more value to the article unless it can satisfy your complete need of naming a New Podcast Channel.

Let me know in the comments if you’d want me to write more articles around podcasting 🙂


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