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September 16, 2017

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July 9, 2017

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Because your Success is my Fuel to Work Harder


David Andrew Wieve

Founder, Music Entrepreneur HQ
A lot of good ideas , Dibakar.

Dave Cool

Director, BandZoogle
I like your style of the writing, and it's well-organized.

Cherry Music

It's really so tough for a person to give their mean time in this work just to help people. This much hard work, Efforts, and concern to help us was really so meaningful and obviously this is not an easy activity. You are doing a wonderful job, and I think you are the first music blogger... Wht so evr u r doing is seriously great✌😊

Arunita Sinha

Singer - Model - Actor
Am telling with all my heart that in this world full of competition we see people become very dominating and jealous of other's success but when i see a human like you whose motive is to support other in their talent i feel proud on humanity that no matter how worse this world would be there always be a human like you who is so much supportive and helpful without even getting anything in return

Shuddhi Suman

Singer - Model
"Humanity" still stays! Proves Dibakar bala:-) Dibakar, the way you support aspiring artists like me is extravagant! Apart from being so supportive, you've always helped me improve! Your suggestions are blessings, so thankyou for being there and let me become the best version of myself! This greedy world wants more people like you! Keep supporting thanks so much

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