Yes, I am going to write about Pillauri. Oh yeah, the one with Anushka Sharma as Ghost Bride. ‘Bajake Tumba’ is earthy Punjabi template based song done very well. Undoubtedly backed by Romy’s active voice. If you think that you have got what you could have expected at max from Romy’s voice, then think again. Because Romy is even better in ‘Dum Dum’ and ‘Sahiba’. Both these songs are delightfully breezy folk numbers, or you may call it folk-based songs! Dum Dum has a beautiful sufi-sound, with a captivating incantation-style twist mid-way. On the other hand, Sahiba is an incredibly sweet melody, with Pawni Pandey’s soulful voice joining Romy. Diljit Dosanjh’s Dum dum is Coke Studio-passed, though. 🙂 If you what I mean ( IYWIM ). Every commercial film these days are bound to have at least one foot tapping number. Phillauri soundtrack’s irresistible foot-stomper is ‘Naughty Billo’, a hyper-enthusiastic reimagination of ‘Jhoot boliya’! Jasleen Royal is back again. Yes, the girl from Shivaay. She does her child-woman singing in ‘Din Shagna Da’. Not just that, she is doing an out-of-comfort-zone this time named ‘Whats Up’ and trust me you would start loving her non-comfort zone real soon. Shashwat is a talent to watch out for in future Bollywood songs! In the end I would say, Phillauri is going to be the launch pad for future Bollywood singers. 🙂


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