How to promote a Concert ? (Quickly)

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1. Invite Music Bloggers (like ‘Me’) for Free Promotion

Music Blogs in India are very few in number. Yet, I had managed to make a list of the Top 5 Music Blogs in India. ( Check Now )

These Blogs serve a very niche community online. For example, I have over 22,000+ dedicated Music Lovers & Musicians as my Online Followers.

Inviting Music Bloggers to your Event for Free would help you to gain exposure to a niche segment of audience without spending much on Marketing.

Not to mention, only a Music Blogger can put out unbiased and in-depth of your Music Event which would even help you to improve with your future Concerts.

2. List your Event at Event Listing Websites

Event Listing Websites should be your Number 1 priority when it comes to promoting your Concert via Online Marketing Strategies.

These websites have a good number of Audience visiting them regularly.

Many of these websites even have Premium Plans to promote your Convert on their Most visited Web Pages.

Make sure you have done good amount of Research about the ROI of your Investment before you invest in any such Premium or Pro Plans.

Music Concerts are Costly. Keep Track of Your Finances.

3. Hire an Online Marketing Expert (like ‘Me’)

Online Marketing Consultants are Professional People who have been doing Digital Marketing for a long time.

When it comes to me, I’ve been particularly associated with Music & Digital Marketing for a Long Time.

If you find any other Digital Marketing Consultant who is also passionate about Music, even that person would be a good fit for this Job.

Make sure you associate yourself with a White Hat Marketer.

Else, you might be throwing away your money straight into the gutter without realising the long term hazards of doing Black Hat SEO.

4. Run Location based Social Media Advertisements

Personally I always advice people out of Paid Advertisements due to the short term effects of the same.

But, when it comes to promoting a Concert, paid advertising is a wise decision.


Well, here you actually need results as quick as possible. 

Ask anyone in the online marketing industry, they’d tell you that Dibakar loves to do Content Marketing.

But, Content Marketing takes time. It takes a lot of time.

Believe it or not, I started this website back in 2017. 

And now after 1.5 years, my content gets traction.

Thus, always go for paid advertising when you have the budget and need quick results.

Specifically when it comes to Musical Concerts.

5. Don’t create a New website

If you never had a Website, don’t create a New One only for the sake of promoting your Concert.

I’ve seen so many weird Music Marketing Experts giving the advice to create a New Artist Website or Band Website right before they have a Concert.

It is a foolish act. Driving Quality Traffic to a Website takes Years of SEO effort.

For a Musical Concert, all you need is a platform which has existing system in place to support your ticket buying and selling procedure.

BookMyShow is one such Platform. And there are many more.

But don’t waste your Money in making a new website only for your Concert purpose.

Oh wait, you must make a website after the concert is over.

I mean, why are you not capitalising on the search engine traffic I simply don’t get it.

Most Musicians specifically people from India are not at all bothered about having a Website Presence as a Singer or Musician.

Stop being a Foolish and Play for the long term Game. Your Website is an asset. Invest as early as Possible.

6. Secure Billboards at popular locations of the City

Let’s face the Truth. Billboards are expensive.

Yet, if done correctly, Billboards would bring you the maximum ticket sales for your Event.

As I’m from Kolkata, I know the prime location in the City that brings all the elite class people at one place.

Thus, you should also locate the premium yet affordable billboards of the City and acquire as per your budget permits.

Do it well and you will never have to worry about playing to a vacant auditorium on the day of the concert.

7. Make the Artist notify their Fans in the City

If you’re the Artist, go Online and tell your fans about your upcoming Concert.

If you’re an Event Manager, tell your Artist to post on social media about his Concert in the city.

I’ve seen so many Artists doing it at the very last stage.

Dude, you can’t do it at the last moment. Nor should you do it 3 months early.

Make a proper plan with your marketing manager and promote your concert on the social media as per his instructions.

8. Organize an Online Competition & let the winner perform on stage

Talent is everywhere. All you need is a Call and people would participate enthusiastically.

Launch a Singing or Instrumentalists Competition from your official event/concert social media pages.

Advertise the Competition as much as possible.

Competitions are one of the best way to generate word-of-mouth marketing.

If you don’t have a budget, invite the winner go perform alongside the main artist on the same stage as an opening act.

Musicians would always respect fame more than money (ask me about it).

9. Start a Hashtag

Hashtags are the way the Gen-Z shares their enthusiasm on social media.

If you Promote a Hashtag properly, it could go viral and help your concert immensely.

Choose your Hashtag intelligently and make sure to ask some of the influencers to repost the hashtag for best results.

10. Make Official Radio Partner, Online Media Partner, Offline Media Partner & TV Media Partner

Media Partners are extremely crucial when if comes to the success of an Event.

For Musical Concert, you should contact Radio Stations and Local TV Media Channels to become your Media Partner.

At times, they are even ready to sponsor an event if you can show enough ticket sales for the concert.

Deal with it intelligently. Do your research before approaching any Media Houses to stay profitable. 😉

11. Launch an Event Ambassador Internship with College Students

I love this strategy because I’ve made this strategy myself.

We’ve seen so many companies hiring Campus Ambassadors. 

But it is so sad to see that Musicians are not hiring Campus Ambassadors to promote their event inside the College.

College is the perfect place for the youngsters who are most likely to attend a Concert (provided we are not talking about an Indian Classical Concert).

If you’d hire Ambassadors, you can easily make them print and paste posters at various places inside the campus.

You can even make them share the event poster inside their college Facebook groups.

It is a goldmine, yet I don’t get why nobody is utilising this opportunity.

12. Sell Exclusive CDs at a Discount post-Show

Lastly, you must remember that this will not be the last Concert you’d ever organize.

Thus, to make sure you leave a good impression you must show some random act of kindness.

These are important as even though we don’t see it, many people get offended during the concert due to various reasons.

You can’t control everything..but you can do a damage control by sharing some freebies with your audience.

You can include its cost into the ticket initially and surprise them at the end.

Audience would love you for this. Who doesn’t love a Surprise gift? 🙂

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