How to Refresh Old Blog Posts – 5 Advice (Vital)

How to Refresh Old Blog Posts - 5 Advice (Vital)

1. Google “Your Blog Title” + “Current Year”

To Refresh Your Old Blog Posts, first you need to see the Latest Trends in the Industry.

An Easy way to do it is to search for “Your Blog Title” + “Current Year”.

For Example, I wrote an Article “Best Fitness Band of 2018“.

It drove a lot of Traffic and Affiliate Commission in 2018.

But as soon as we moved into 2019, the traffic fell drastically.

Most People would start writing a totally New Article for 2019.

That’s a Mistake.

2. Don’t Change the Permalink

Firstly, you must not include “Year” in your Permalink.

I did this mistake, only to manipulate the Search Bots to rank my article for 2018.

Now, I repent it as I must change the URL as it is 2019.

Thus, right from the beginning, don’t create a Permalink with a Year in it.

Secondly, if you don’t have any such ‘Year’ burden on the Permalink, please don’t change it.

I have personally tried various types of Redirects :- Modified Post and 302.

None of them pass the Link Juice Completely to the New URL.

Infact, I have seen hardly a 10% Link Juice Transfer for a 302 Redirect.

3. Include Definition of the Topic (but at the End)

I have seen a Drastic Improvement in my Search Ranking once I started including the definition of the Main Topic, but at the End of the Article.

For Example, I wrote this Article about Top Music Blogs in India.

It was ranking #1 for Music Blogs India, Music Bloggers in India and many more keywords.

But, I presumed that I could do better and updated the article with a short 50 Words Definition of the Term “Music Blog”.

Boom! I started Ranking at #10 on the Global Competitive Keyword for “Music Blogs“.

Now my Refreshed content Ranks

4. Don’t Edit Everything

I’ve seen bloggers who starts to update a Blog Post.

By the End of the Day, they just completely rewrote the whole Content.

That’s not Updating, but writing a New Content on the Old URL Permalink.

Updating should be Easy and less stressful.

While Updating a Blog Post, only Update what’s needed to be Updated.

For Example, now that I want to update my Article on Best Fitness Band of 2018.

I won’t start from the Very Beginning.

Rather, I would only do a research to find out the Best Fitness Bands in India.

Then, I would simply replace the Fitness Band List with the New Fitness Bands as per my Review Ranking sequence.

I won’t change the advice that I have at the end of the article for Fitness Band Buyers.

Rather, I would try and add some new advice to the existing ones if my Time and will power permits.

5. Build New Backlinks

If your Old Article don’t already Rank #1 for some Traffic generating Keyword on Google, you need to make Google believe that you’ve updated it.

Building new Backlinks would convince the Search Bots to index your Article once again.

If they find enough Fresh Content, they would definitely start you moving up the Ranking Ladder for your Target Keyword.

Not to mention, New Backlinks would also add more value to your Old Post as well as your Entire Website’s Ranking Potential.

Conclusion :-

I’ve tried my level best to share my Personal Experience with Refreshing Old Blog Posts.

If you think, I’ve missed something which needs to be added, shoot me an Email at of

I would add your Valuable Idea with your official Website URL into the Content 🙂

Dibakar Bala, (Honest Content Marketer)

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