How to Relive your Dreams?

How to Relive your Dreams?

Want to Relive Your Dream and get motivated freshly again? Let me take you to a journey of the mind.

Keeping things for too long inside creates a thick layer of dust over them, and you need to remove this layer and feel the essence of the thing back again as it was when it first came to you.

Did you plan of doing something, and after trying so much you’ve got only failures and plan to drop it now? Wait a second my friend, move yourself to a calm place and near the nature. It could be a park, or your terrace, or even the balcony of your house which has some plants. Keep your phone aside, and for this moment, let no one intervene you and the silence of nature. Let go of all thoughts and tensions. Breathe in the air of freedom. Close your eyes, and go back to the time where you started it. Try to recall the day when you felt confident about doing it. Seek the reason you wanted to do it for. Why did you want to do it? Feel the expressions when you thought about the final destination of the way you were choosing to walk on. Did you feel the same happiness you felt back then? Did you feel the determination that young you had in mind to accomplish his dreams? Was it someone you looked upon and wanted to be like them? Or was it someone whom you wanted to make proud? Was it your country you wanted to serve? Or was it the wrong you wanted to stand against? Or maybe it was just the thirst of curiosities that you wanted to quench?

Now give me a minute of you and think for me what i say.

You had a reason you choose this path, and now are these obstacles that are blocking your way and turning down the level of your determination like the power goes down every time you are hit by a enemy in a video game, more valuable than the reason behind your journey? Will you so easily give up on all the happiness of you and your loved ones in just one go because you could not reach as per your expectations? oooowwww….. No dear no, the moment you plan to do so, you are striking off that smile you just saw on your face, the pride on the face of your beloved ones, and most importantly, the feeling of completing what you started for a extravagant reason. It’s the destination you wanted to reach!

Failures are a part of this journey, and every missed attempt will mold you into an even finer version of you that can easily get through the web of obstacles and land on the mountains of your dreams. Success delays, but it is ought to come when you are determined!

Get up with new hopes, new energy and new refilled determination tanks that withstands every hindrance. Follow your dreams, and they will let you be satisfied of being completed, of doing what you wanted to do!

You never know your smile may motivate thousands of people around you! 😉

That smile of your’s is the ointment to every problem. It is special, keep it.

🙂 😉

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