Retail Digital Marketing Strategies that I implement for my Clients

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is Huge for Location based Retail Stores. Below are the strategies I am implementing for my Retail Store Clients :-

  • Location Tag your Posts

As a Local Retail Store Owner, you should totally dominate the Location Page on Instagram.

The competition to rank on such location pin is very low. But, the conversion rate of such pages are extremely high.

It is your best bet to increase Brand Awareness within your location & increase footfall.

  • Use Local Hashtags

Local Hashtags are another great place to get your Instagram Posts Ranked over time. You must never underestimate local hashtags even though they have low post count in the range of 100-1000.

Most People would ignore such hashtags because they won’t give you enough traffic. But, as a local retail store you focus should be quality over quantity in terms of visibility.

  • Consistency

This is a no-brainer. Still I rarely see Business Instagram Pages posting 1-2 times regularly.

Instagram loves it when you post on it continuously. If you can’t manage it by yourself, hire an Agency or an Expert like me to help you with it.

Google My Business SEO

Most People don’t know that they can increase the visibility of their Google My Business visibility by doing SEO for Google My Business.

It is important to note that SEO for Google My Business is totally different from Website SEO.

Below are few of the strategies I implement to increase the visibility of GMB listings

  • NAP Citation

NAP Citations in GMB SEO are equivalent to Backlinks in Website SEO.

NAP stands for Name Address Phone Number. And, NAP Citation is nothing but listing your Business on other Business directories with the same name, address & phone number.

Google Bots count these business listings as a ranking signal for your Google My Business Listing.

  • GMB Listing Optimisation

One of the most obvious optimization for a Google My Business Listing is to complete the whole profile with as much information about your business as possible.

Add Products, Services and complete description of your Business in GMB.

Very often than expected, I would see a lot of Retail GMB listing with no Service or Product listed.

This is important as the more information you would give Google, it will match your Listing to more User’s Queries.

  • Regular Posting

99/100 GMB listing, even after optimising everything will never go ahead and post consistently on GMB.

Retail Business Owners have to understand that GMB posts are the first impression for anyone looking for their Store on Google.

GMB gives you the opportunity to impress searchers even before they have landed on your website.

Needless to say, regular posts = more clicks = higher ranking on google.

Website’s Local SEO

Local SEO is a lot different from traditional Website SEO.

For a local retail store, you must target keywords that has your location name in it

For example, you should show up on Google when someone searches for “best retail store in *your location*

This is called Local SEO and it requires a strategy created with the location of the store in focus.

These are my current Digital Marketing Strategy for Retail Store Clients. Fill the form below if you need my help to implement these strategies for your Retail Business.