SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh : How to choose the Best SEO Expert ?

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

How to choose the Best SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh ?

Finally you have decided to hire an SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh. You have set your Marketing budget and now you’re ready to spend it.

But, wait ! Who is the Best Hire? How to decide ? Where should you spend money to reap the maximum ROI ?

With so many people claiming themselves as an SEO Expert, it is rather confusing to hire an SEO Expert.

Today, I will help you to decide How to check if someone is actually an SEO Expert.

1. Check their Website Metrics

This is a No-Brainer for people who has a basic knowledge about SEO.

If someone is claiming to be an SEO Expert on his website, his own website must have Good SEO Score. Right ?

Here is how you can check the same, step-by-step.

Step 1. Install Moz-Bar

Moz Bar is a Chrome Extension from the Company

Moz is a Data Analytics + Digital Marketing = Digital Marketing Analytics Company.

First, Install the Chrome Browser Extension from this Link :-

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

MozBar on Chrome Extension Webstore

See the Image above? This is how it should look like if you Open the Link.

Mine says “Added To Chrome” because I already have it Installed.

Step 2. Turn on MozBar, Create a Free Moz Account & Let the Magic Happen

Now that you have your very own Moz Extension enabled, click on the “M” sign from the Google Chrome Extension Toolbox.

It will ask you to Create Account or Login on the Top Right corner. Check the Image Below :-

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

MozBar asking you to Create Account

Go ahead and Create your Free Account.

Once, you’re Logged-In. Open any website ( Except Google ). You can Open My Website too 🙂

You will start to See 3 Very Important Metrics. DA, PA and Spam Score.

DA, PA & Spam Score

DA, PA & Spam Score

DA stands for Domain Authority

PA stands for Page Authority

And, Spam Score is simply Spam Score.

But, all of these Metrics have a deeper meaning to it.

I even made a Podcast Episode where I’ve discussed the importance of Domain Authority in SEO.

You can listen to the Episode here :- Domain Authority by Moz : How Important is it in SEO ?

In Short :-

  1. Higher DA is Good for SEO
  2. Lower Spam Score is Good for SEO
  3. PA is an advanced Topic. You can read the Official Guide by Moz on the same :- What is Page Authority ?

Step 3. Now Hire the Best SEO in Himachal Pradesh

Just google this term “SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh” while keeping the MozBar “ON”.

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

My Website has Highest DA – I win!

Clearly, my Website has Highest Domain Authority.

Although unfortunately I’m from Kolkata and not from Himachal Pradesh. 🙁

Which means, in the Long-run, my website will Outrank every other website for In-Depth and Good Quality Content.

2. Alexa (not the Smart Speaker) also Helps

Alexa by Amazon is another Great Website that provides excellent SEO Metrics.

If you put a website link, it tells you the Global and National Ranking based on the Popularity of the Website.

For Example, take a look at the Alexa Ranking for my Website :- Alexa Rank for

It should look something like this :-

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

Alexa Rank of

Now, you can put any other Website and it will show you a Rank based on its current popularity.

If you’re considering any SEO Agency or an SEO Expert, just put their Official Web URL and you know the Truth :p

Don’t stress over Physical Location of an SEO Expert

SEO is a part of Online Marketing.

And the whole theory of Online Marketing revolves around “someone working over Online”.

Thus, how weird it may sound, you must not stress over the fact if your SEO expert actually stays at Himachal Pradesh or not.

You should only Care about the Returns you get from your Investment.

If you’ve found an SEO who stays in Kashmir and does a better Job than someone who stays at Himachal Pradesh, go ahead with that person.

Don’t believe me? Just check any Big Online Brand.

They most probably have hired an international SEO firm to help them with their work.

SEO Experts in Himachal Pradesh :- Top 5

1. Deepika Puri

SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

Deepika Puri is the Highest Rated SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

You can find her Reviews here

Deepika Puri is from Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.

Below is her Contact Details :-

Address :- Vill.Baloh, P.O.Lakhanpur, Teh.sadar,, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh 174001

Phone Number :- 094596 87422

2. Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma is a Google Certified SEO Expert.

If you prefer Certificates over Experience, he is the one you should hire.

Contact Details of Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma – SEO Expert in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Address :- Shiwan, Near Baragaon, Kingal, Tehsil – Kumarsain, Near Narkanda, Distt -, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 172027

Phone Number :- 97793 39335

3. Varun Sood

Varun Sood claims himself to be an Expert in getting Featured Snippets in Google.

I can’t justify his claims but as per my knowledge, creating a Featured Snippet actually decreases your Click-through rates.

Clearly because people already get all the information they require in the snippet.

You can find his Contact details below :-

Varun Sood – SEO Expert in Himachal Pradesh

Address :- Sood Building, Behind Hotel Paragon, Ward Number 7, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173212

Phone Number :- 98165 70704

4. Mahima Sharma

Mahima Sharma claims herself to be an Expert in both SEO & SEM.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing which is the parent of SEO.

SEM has two parts, namely, SEO & Paid Advertisements or PPC.

You may opt for her if you’re for a Complete Search Engine Marketing both Organic and Paid.

Below is her Contact details :-

Mahima Sharma SEM, SEO expert in Himachal Pradesh

Address :- Village Mailan, P.O – Kotgarh, Tehsil – Kumarsain, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 172031

5. Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar – SEO Expert Himachal

Address :- Village Khater, PO Barmana, Distt. Himachal Predesh, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh 174013

Phone :- 82650 02656

6. Jagdish Thakur

Google Certified SEM, SEO Expert In Shimla ( Jagdish Thakur ) H.P

Address :- Near Railway Station Shoghi Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171219

Phone :- 88949 43945



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