Student Stress : Stress Management for Students

Student Stress : Stress Management for Students

The graph of competition with every passing day is increasing its slope with student stress.

Students have a very stressed life and tend to decrease their actual productivity in this pressure. Here we have a secret to be focused and allow your capabilities to flourish.

First, the 80/20 principle

80/20 thinking is the secret of achieving more with less. A student covers 80% of his syllabus in his 20% study time. 80%paper is set on 20% syllabus. You need to celebrate the exceptional productivity than raise your average effort. Focus on the strong and make it stronger. Almost 4/5th of what is happening in your life yields very little in return. Transform your thinking. Revamp your outlook. Start concentrating on the ‘vital few’ than being working on ‘trivial many’. 20% of your time actually defines what you are and where you reach in life.

Student Stress

Second, prioritize things

student life is a very important phase of one’s life. This time is very crucial for prioritizing what is necessary and what merely an illusion. You don’t only educate yourself, but also learn the ethics to face ups and downs to cross the upcoming hurdles in life. Also an exposure to changes brings with it new feelings and new outlook. Attraction is a very common phase here. It is really important that these things are put into less priority at this moment so as to develop complete focus and devotion in achieving one’s goals. Remember friends, when you work hard for your dreams, people get motivated and reach out to be with you. And in case you sacrifice your dreams to be with people now, with time, you lose your dreams as well as those people who mean to you.

Third, acknowledgement

self analysis and extraction of your interest is a very important part. Do think over your interests and get into knowledge with all the things related to it. Expose yourself well to the field and keep in touch with people associated with the same field so as to keep up the guidance as well as motivation.

Fourth, acceptance

do not feel low when you fail to achieve what you desire. Learn to accept failures. No one is perfect, you need to fit your imperfections well in the road to your dreams. This may take time, and even some failed attempts, but trust yourself because if you want to do it, no force is greater than determination to do it.

Student Stress

Fifth, relive your dreams

Often we see that we start off really well, but then as time flies, our efficiencies start to rust. Reliving your dreams after a certain time interval keeps you motivated giving you perfect reasons why you started to walk. It charges up your battery and gives that twinkle and sharp ideas of what you have to thrive hard for. It acts as a great rejuvenator.

Sixth, be kind

you may not necessarily meet people who are good to you, but remember, being good costs nothing. Instead, though this may seem to have no link with the article purpose but this really helps you to keep up the state of mental peace for yourself, while you take care of your growth in behavioral attributes and patience levels, which on interpersonal and social level is very important aspect.

Seventh, keep simple

give time to little things that give you happiness. you could play with a small child at home, make a sketch, play pranks, or sing aloud, as you like it. These things may not count in many people’s opinion, and be a wastage, but actually they keep your mind healthy and helps break the monotony. But make sure you don’t overdo it!

Friends, do not regret in life. Everything that happens, happens for a cause. Just smile to the beautiful ups and downs of life, and half the problems will cut down and boost you for the obstacles! Student Stress is a curse of our modern society. And, you should fight it yourself being the ambassador of our future.

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