Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel with PDF Cheat Sheet

Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel with PDF Cheat Sheet
Today I’m going to give you 15 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel in 2018. I can Guarantee that you’ll find atleast 1 YouTube tip which you’ve never come across even after reading numerous articles and watching videos about YouTube tips and tricks.

1. Quality beats Quantity

You must have heard the importance of Consistently Publishing on YouTube to succeed in 2018. Well, I beg to differ. It is true that publishing more is surely helpful. But, Publishing Quality Video is The Most Important Factor in my Opinion.
Why? Because if you make Quality Videos that has the capability to turn the switch of Shareability in the minds of Viewers. Congrats! Your Video just went Viral on YouTube.


Just check this Analytics from my Video on YouTube.

Yes, it started climbing up suddenly 🙂

I will share more details about how I was able to rank the Video very soon.

2. Don’t Underestimate the power of Word of Mouth

I’ve seen people do this more often than expected. Let me tell you my own Story.
I’m more of a shy person. So, even after publishing 10 Music Videos, I never told anyone about my YouTube channel. As a result, I got only 25 Subscribers after publishing 10 Videos.
All of a sudden my mother came to know about my channel and to my surprise she was happy about it. So, she started telling everyone around my locality and my relatives about my channel. Soon, after publishing 4 more videos, I had 125 Subscribers on my Channel. 5 times the growth I had after publishing 10 Videos.
Not just it gave me Subscribers. But, now I had my own personal FanBase who were waiting for my next video every week. Initial Views = Sorted.

3. Why YouTube doesn’t Promotes your Video

One more YouTube Factor which I keep above posting regularly and consistently is Audience Retention.
My 11th Music Video didn’t do well on being Published. Got only 60 views after a week. I wasn’t Sad because by that time I’ve started accepting my failure as my Fate.
Fast Forward – 40 days after publishing. Now I have 613 Views on that Same Video.
How did this happen? All hail to “Audience Retention”.
I’m sure that whenever you’ve read or heard about tips on becoming a youtuber , you’ve come across this term – Audience Retention.
But it is one of the most important metric used by YouTube to determine if your video is worth being promoted to the YouTube Audience for Free.
Ideally, try to get 50% of your Audience watch your full Video. But, don’t post 5 seconds video to reach this target. Our target should always be to convert Viewers into Subscribers.

4. The Metric Nobody Talks about

Did you ever tried to find some pattern in the videos of Famous Channels on YouTube. There are some rules they follow blindly and exactly in the same manner, every time. WHY?
Tips for starting a youtube channel is incomplete if I don’t talk about Click Through Rate. One more factor which I would like to keep above the famous Regularly Publishing YouTube Channel Tips from so-called YouTube Gurus.
Click through rate is one of the latest metrics which is used by YouTube to determine the viral factor of your video. In simple terms if a person or a user is shown five results of the same search query, which one he or she is more prone to select depending upon the title and the thumbnail of your videos.
In other words, this makes it super important for you to make awesome thumbnails which are click worthy and titles which intrigue the audience to click and watch the video.
You can check the amount of Impressions, click through rate and actual views your videos and your channel has generated from the YouTube studio beta version.

5. Use YouTube Video Tools

Tools inside YouTube to edit the overall output of your video is immensely powerful and underestimated. Two of the major tools to increase engagement, watch time and audience retention are endscreen and annotations.
Although YouTube doesn’t allows you to use both annotation and end screen together in the same video but even using one of them could prove to be efficient enough to drive more views and eventually convert those viewers into channel subscribers much easily and efficiently.

6. Make use of Unknown Territory

Social media is very powerful. But I am not talking about Facebook or Twitter. Those are surely some great social media platforms. But they fail to provide enough traffic to our videos as they used to do few years ago.
Rather, I want you to follow the trend in the latest social media platforms which are coming up and has less burdens and rules when it comes to promoting your work or website or video. If you want to know about one of the platform which I use to drive 3000 views per month to my website as well as to my videos on YouTube read my previous post here :-

7. Reach Out to Brands ( even outside YouTube )

The importance of collaboration on YouTube will never disappear as long as growth of your channel is in question. But here today I will tell you to reach out to brands which are not available on YouTube. It is a different approach and brands are not expecting Youtubers to approach them. You will be the first person to do so and that will help you stand out from the crowd already on YouTube. By asking you to collaborate with brands I want you to pitch them something of value so that they can agree to your offer without any excuses. Make sure you have something of value which will prove to be profitable for the brands. This will help you to negotiate the deal. Don’t just brag about your subscriber count. Brands are more happy with a small engaged community than a huge disengaged number of subscribers.

8. Boys do Collaboration , Mens form Community

If you have never heard of communities, let me help you with the definition. Collaborations are temporary, communities are permanent.
Indian youtubers haven’t really started forming communities on YouTube. but if you dive deep into YouTube channels of US or UK, you will find that all the famous youtubers have their own community where they consistently promote Each Other throughout their whole journey of YouTube.
If you are from a country where this culture of community haven’t started yet. you can capitalise on it by partnering with potential talents on YouTube who have the quality to grow big over the time. Cross promote each other regularly and grow big together.

9. Keyword Research – The Professional Way

Don’t be the Average YouTuber who uploads video about a topic that he/she finds interesting. Cater to the needs of your Audience. Read their mind. Tools like TubeBuddy and Vid IQ are at your disposal for FREE.
Download the Chrome Desktop Extension and do proper keyword research using the “Tag explorer” tool available in TubeBuddy.
Target Keywords which have low Competition and High Search Volume. After all, YouTube is a Search Engine. Not just a Recommendation System that only recommends Videos based on User Interest.

10. Tag only after enough Research

Don’t put any tag that comes to your mind. Even avoid stuffing the video with lots of tags. Also, don’t think that a particular tag is relevant and hence you should put it.
Why to bother your Intuition when we have Data at our Disposal. After picking up your Target keyword from the Research Tools mentioned in Point No. 9, put the keyword string into the YouTube search box.
Wait for YouTube to suggest some related queries. These queries are your Tags. Copy and Paste and you should be good to go in the long run.

11. Put Links of Website related to your Video ( Niche websites )

I know you’re only concerned about YouTube. But I think you should be actually concerned about Traffic. Doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it is relevant.
Yes, I am talking about Google. Remember all those YouTube SEO Tips channel asking you to write 200+ Words Description for your YouTube videos. Well it isn’t for YouTube but for Google to understand what your Video is actually about. And if your content is something nobody ever a Video about, Google puts it in their Search Results at First position. And never ever forget this formula :- More Traffic = More Subscribers.
But, here I’m not asking you to put Description. Rather, I would tell you to Link Out to Website which are Relevant to your Channel Niche. For example, if you are a Fashion blogger, link out to Myntra or Amazon Fashion.
How does it help? Well, when Google crawls your Video description, these links says Google that this video is closely associated with Fashion And Clothing Niche Websites. And hence they should rank you for Queries related to Fashion from Google users.

12. Keep on targeting a particular niche

YouTube tips number 12 is a bit biased, truthfully speaking. I came up with this tip based on my Personal Previous Experience of Blogging. Google gives huge importance to blogs and websites that writes about a particular topic again and again.
Considering the fact that YouTube is also Owned by Google, I will not be surprised to see if YouTube also does the same to the Creators. So, once you find your channel niche, make sure to stick to it by posting videos about topic closely related to your Channel Niche. Make videos that are similar and YouTube will soon start ranking your videos whenever someone types a query related to your Niche.

13. Consistency ( still is the key ) without compromising on the Quality

If you don’t compromise on the Quality, Quantity with Consistency is still the Key to Success.
In my opinion, it helps you to experiment more with different Video ideas and check what works and resonates with your Audience. Once have a collection of Videos, take all the positive parts of the Videos which did well and start making videos which includes all of these.

14. Pre-Plan your Videos for 2 weeks in advance

2 weeks is a bare Minimum. If your post once in a week, pre plan for a month ahead of your present day. Don’t just plan anything, but have a particular Video Strategy. Make a Planner on a Notebook and fill Various upload daya with the topic of your video or a Theme which you would like to stay consistent about.

15. Shoot Videos in Batch ( 4 videos in 1 day )

This is something which I’ve been doing recently. Trust me, it helps way more than you can ever imagine. Shooting Videos ahead of your upload date makes it easier for you to maintain an upload Promise for your Audience. You are released of your Stress. A healthy mind incubates a winning idea. You get Peace of Mind to think out your next viral Video. Great!
Well, I just made a PDF Cheat Sheet with all these 15 points written in the form of a Checklist. Make sure to take a Print Out of it and stick it on the Wall in front of your Bed. Wake up to Success from now, everyday. And don’t forget about your Friend :- Dibakar Bala. Signing Off!…
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