Best Tools for YouTube Videos

Best Tools for YouTube Videos

Best Tools for YouTube Videos you need to know about.

YouTube Tools for Creators with 0 – 1000 Subscribers

Best YouTube Marketing Tools you all need to know about.


Keyword Research


1. TubeBuddy (FREE version) :-

Best YouTube Marketing Tools
TubeBuddy is by far the best YouTube keywords and tags research tool. Particularly the features available for FREE are more than enough. It is a Chrome Browser extension for the Laptop/Desktop Computer. So, If you don’t have a Laptop/Desktop it won’t work.

The interface of TubeBuddy can a be bit confusing at first. Make sure to watch Videos on YouTube after installing the Extension.

It’ll help you to get the maximum out of your TubeBuddy extension.

BREAKING NEWS :- The only Youtube SEO tool which is now available for FREE on AMAZON ALEXA. Access TubeBuddy from your Smart Speaker Amazon Echo.
Get you FREE TubeBuddy Account Here :-

2. VidIQ (FREE version) :-

The only Competitor of TubeBuddy in the market is VidIQ. Although they deliver similar services, VidIQ is simple to understand.
I love VidIQ for its in-depth analysis of every video that you can watch. Surely something you must try as a Beginner.

Video Creation


1. Lumen5 (FREE deal for 1 Year) :-

If you’re a Blogger or a Business, Lumen5 is the best video solution for you. Lumen5 can create Videos instantly based on Text.

On top of that, AppSumo is giving 1 Year Free Lumen5 subscription for FREE. You can create Unlimited Videos from your Blog Post, Articles, Other’s Articles, etc.

Go ahead and Grab the deal before it expires.

2. Smartphone :-

Any Smartphone that has launched in recent days have the capability to shoot videos in Full HD (720p). Some of them (including mine) can shoot 4K videos (1080p).

But, I won’t recommend you to shoot in 4K if the script of your video doesn’t really demand it.

If you shoot on 4K it’ll be very difficult for you to edit the videos in most cases. If your Laptop/desktop computer doesn’t comes with enough RAM to handle the video rendering, you won’t be able to edit the videos.

For best practices to shoot using a Smartphone watch Videos from foreign YouTubers. Someone like Danny Winget will be my Recommendation. Watch this :-

Video Marketing

1. BuzzSumo (FREE search on HomePage)

Although, BuzzSumo looks like a FREE tool on its Homepage.

It isn’t made to serve the Freemium Model.

But, if you know the trick, BuzzSumo is one of the best YouTube marketing tools for Promoting your Videos on Social Media.

BuzzSumo shows you those Social Media accounts who had shared your competitors Video. Wicked!

How is it beneficial? Simply approach these users and let them know about your Video.

It is a no-brainer that if a person likes a video and you have a similar video, he/she will also like your video ( if it is better or at-par in comparison to your competitors video ).

2. Ninja Outreach ( FREE Trial + better than BuzzSumo )

Ninja Outreach is way better than BuzzSumo when you check the pricing.

Ninja Outreach also comes with a FREE Trial. My recommendation would be Ninja Outreach over BuzzSumo if you’re going to pay.

Even if you don’t pay, Ninja Outreach gives you FREE Trial which BuzzSumo doesn’t gives you.

Sign Up for Ninja Outreach here :-

3. Clearbit Connect for GMail (FREE) :-

Would you believe if I told you that you can send emails to any Viral News Website to promote your Video?

Well you should because Clearbit Connect is an awesome Chrome Extension. It helps you to collect Email Ids of any Website at the click of a button from inside your Gmail.

WOW! You can search for 100 Email Ids per Month in the FREE plan which is enough for a Newbie YouTuber under 1000 Subscribers.

Video Analytics


1. YouTube Studio Beta (FREE) :-

No, not the “YouTube Studio”, the “YouTube Studio Beta”.

Most YouTubers are comfortable using the old version of YouTube studio. But, do you know that YouTube is almost ready to shut down the YouTube Studio.

They are planning to replace it with the new YouTube Studio Beta version. Why? Because it is more awesome features. One of the best feature to look forward to is the Click Through Rate or CTR section.

I spoke more about the CTR in another Article. Read it Here :- Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel (2018) with PDF Cheat Sheet

2. SocialBlade (FREE) :-

Nobody knows the Future of your channel, except for SocialBlade.

The intelligent algorithms of SocialBlade uses Data Analytics to predict the Past, Present and Future of your Channel.

Although, the Future Projections at SocialBlade is based only upon the past data. Which means, it will change anytime as soon as you upload your next viral video.

Read here how can you make a Viral cover Song if you’re a singer.

YouTube Tools for Creators with 1000 – 10000 Subscribers

YouTube SEO Tools have been in existence from ever since the Inception of YouTube.
But you must know the best YouTube tools for Creators to outgrow your competition.
In fact, these are the tools I used to gain 1831 views within 20 days on YouTube.

Keyword Research

1. TubeBuddy (PAID version)

Yes, TubeBuddy is the best Keyword Research Tool for YouTube.
And you only get to experience the best when you subscribe for the Paid version of it.
At a very nominal amount of $ 9 per month ( PRO plan ).
But, if you’re going to pay, I would recommend you to subscribe to the STAR plan for $ 19 per month.
It comes with so many awesome features that you would be blown away by this powerful marketing tool. Trust me.
Sign Up here for FREE :-

2. VidIQ (PAID version)

VidIQ basic FREE version has hardly anything for Creators on YouTube.
Premium VidIQ plans starts at $ 7.50 per Month as their PRO plan.
But the real game starts at $ 39 per month which is called the BOOST Plan.
This is actually a huge boost as compared to the features available on TubeBuddy STAR plans. My Recommendation would be to go for TubeBuddy PRO Plan and VidIQ BOOST Plan.
That’s the most DEADLY COMBINATION in my opinion.

Video Creation


1. Vyond ( Earlier called ‘GoAnimate’)

You want to make Animation Videos on YouTube. But you lack the skills.
Don’t yet hire some Profession. Vyond (Earlier called ‘GoAnimate’) is the best solution for you.
It comes with a FREE 14 DAY Trial. After that it is upto you to subscribe or not.
They have three Plans GoPublish, GoPremium and GoTeam. I will recommend you to go with the lowest of them all which is GoPublish.
The Price Jump from GoPublish to GoPremium is too much as compared to the services provided. GoPublish will cost you $39 per month OR $299 if you Choose the Annual Plan.
WANT A SPECIAL DISCOUNT ? Reply to and I will give you a FREE discount Coupon (only for New Users).

2. Video Production Company / Video Creation Agency :-

Most audience on YouTube would like to associate themselves with a Person rather than some Animation or SlideShow Videos.
If You have started gaining attraction from your Audience, it’s time for you to Level up the game.
But the Question is “Should you choose a Cheaper & UnProfessional Video Production Company?” or “Should you Choose a Premium & Profession Video Production Company?”
Both have their own benefits and has a lot of factors to consider.
Truthfully speaking, I am yet to come up with some best Video Production Companies in India.
Unless I do so, you can ping me at if you already know about some awesome Video Production Company which I should list here.

Video Marketing


1. Clearbit Connect for GMail (PAID version) :-

YouTube Tools for Creators

The FREE Clearbit Connect has only one restriction.

You cannot search for more than 100 Emails per Month.

That is too less for a YouTube Creator who has 1000+ Subscribers.

Your Niche and Video Idea is verified. Take Charge of your Future by properly planning out your Marketing and Outreach Initiatives.

2. BuzzSumo (PAID version)

BuzzSumo is allegedly the first company to move into their Market Segment and make it work.
Hence, you might want to try the Paid Version of BuzzSumo if you’re a Business or Enterprise.In my Opinion, BuzzSumo PAID is not for Solo YouTube Creator.Rather try the alternative :- Ninja Outreach

3. Ninja Outreach (PAID version)

Social Media Outreach on Steroids = Ninja Outreach. Where on one hand, BuzzSumo Plans starts with Pro at $99/month.Ninja Outreach serves the YouTube Solo Creator audience at $69 per month. The plan is named Blogger but it works for Vloggers too, trust me.

Save Money, go for Ninja Outreach if you’re really planning to take up Social Media Outreach seriously.

Sign Up for the BLOGGER Plan Here :-

Video Analytics


1. Vidooly(FREE PRO Plan till 5000 Subscribers + 14 Days PRO+ Plan Trial)

Vidooly is One of the best Video Analytics Platform I’ve ever come across.
The only Competitor that stands upto this level is BirdSong Analytics. But if you’re an Intermediate and Growing YouTube channel owner, go with Vidooly to discover great insights and Data about your Video Metrics.Vidooly Works.
On top of everything, Vidooly is FREE till you reach 5000 Subscribers. Go and Sign Up for Vidooly right away.It also comes with

2. Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is another intelligent Video Analytics Platform.

Tubular Lab is one of the Founding Member of YouTube’s new Measurement Program.

But truthfully speaking, Tubular Labs is best suited for Enterprise and Businesses.

If you are a Business, this is the best Video Analytics platform for your YouTube Video Analytics Need.

YouTube Tools for Creators with 10000+ Subscribers

Keyword Research

1. Vidooly ( PAID PRO+ Plan ) :-

Don’t get me wrong.

TubeBuddy and VidIQ, both are extremely powerful tools. I’ve personally recommended them for Beginner and Intermediate YouTube Creators.

But for Advanced Users? What if there could be a Platform were you can manage all your Video Keyword Research along with Analytics both on YouTube and Facebook! That’s too much….

Vidooly is actually Too Much.

When it comes to Value out of Money, Vidooly is by far the best Keyword Research Tool.

It has a lot of tools which you can check out if you sign up for the 14 day trial. It also has a Keyword Suggestion tool that will suggest you keywords best for your channel growth.

Vidooly is like VidIQ + TubeBuddy with FaceBook Video analyticsincluded.

2. TubeBuddy (PAID) :-

The Tool that comes with Amazon Alexa Support (works with the Smart Speaker by Amazon : Amazon Echo). TubeBuddy Legend Plan is priced very reasonably as compared to other tools. Specifically if you Compare it with VidIQ pricing.

Features like Bulk Update End Screen, Opportunity Finder, etc. are a real blessing for YouTubers. You can Sign Up on TubeBuddy for FREE here :-


Video Creation

1. Videolicious :-

Videolicious is for you if you’re a Business or an Enterprise. It is really not for Solo YouTube Creators.

Or maybe if you’re big enough to call yourself an enterprise, Videolicious might be your type of Video Creation Tool.

They have Android and iOS App to support you and walk you through the video making process.

But ideally it is best suited to an Enterprise that has a dedicated Video Creation Team.

2. DSLR :-
As you grow your Channel, depending upon someone else for Video Production is not a good idea. Your Audience expects you to show up regularly and on time. And you are dependable upon Video Production Agencies to help you make the video everyday on time. Nope.
On the other time, if you’ve been shoot using your SMARTPHONE, its time to switch to a professional Camera. Camera that is made for shooting Professional Grade Videos.

Video Marketing


1. HootSuite

If you never cared about Social Media Marketing for your YouTube channel. Its time to change the gears and sign up for a Premium Social Media Posts Scheduler.

Something like HootSuite. HootSuite supports social media integration with leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. It is my personal favourite Social Media Manager to Schedule and Manage my 22,000+ Fans across Facebook and Instagram.

2. YouTube Marketing Services / YouTube Video Promotion Agencies

Give yourself a Break! You’ve started growing. You audience loves your content. Now its time to put it on Steroids. Give your Video to well-established Video Marketing Agencies. Truthfully, there’s a lot of Agencies claiming to be the best YouTube Marketing Company. And I don’t have any recommendations yet.
If you need help with your Video Marketing right now, you can leave me a mail at . Or else, stay tuned as I curate the best YouTube Marketing Agencies in India for you.

Video Analytics


1. BirdSong Analytics

Since you’ve already grown a following on various social media channels by now. You need a better Analytics tool that will not just give you detailed analytics about YouTube channel. But will help you across various channels including Twitter and Facebook. BirdSong Analytics does this same task at a very very low and cheap price. The pricing for BirdSong Analytics starts from $5.99 for 1 Channel reports with less than 1500 combined followers. Recently BirdSong has also come up with a HootSuite competitor named PostChup. It doesn’t schedules Post like HootSuite. But provides you in-depth analytics about Instagram Hashtags, Comment and Facebook Comments.

2. Brand24 :-

Another Analytics tool that works across various social media channel. Although what it actually tracks is the analytics related to your brand mention. Once you start to grow as a YouTuber, people start talking about you. Brand24 tracks all those Brand Mentions for you. It also helps you determine the actual Influence score of an Influencer.

This will help you when you would think of doing Video Collaborations on YouTube. A lot of people would offer you collaborations as you grow. This tool would help you decide if they are worth collaborating or not. It also comes with Sentimental Analysis of your brand mentions. Overall helping you keep your brand reputation at good standing across various social media channels. $49 Plan is good enough for YouTube as it provides 5 keywords to track.

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