I won’t say I’m an expert to comment about who’s best. But surely I can rely on my knowledge of Music to give you the top 5 Indian YouTube Singers and Artist or 2017. Here We Go :-

  1. Shirley Setia
  2. Sanam Puri ( lead vocalist of SANAM )
  3. Siddharth Slathia
  4. Vidya Vox
  5. Shraddha Sharma

Let me tell you a bit about each of these excellent and mesmerizing vocalists from India.

1. Shirley Setia :- The Tiny One with not so Tiny Dreams , actually. She went on to win the contest by T Series and ever since then it was all about a dream come true envious success story for every struggling Indian Musician and Singer. She is 22 year old if my facts are correct ( should be 21-23 for sure ) and as far as it seems from recent reports, the future seems to be brighter than her present.

2. Sanam Puri :- The lead vocalist of the band SANAM. You might have also heard about Samar Puri, his brother. Samar is also a part of SANAM. Many of the listeners who believe a singer must have an ideal voice, might not find him interesting in the beginning. But once you get along with him, you’ll get to know why he is so popular and how extremely he is talented.

3. Siddharth Slathia :- An Engineer turned Musician, Siddharth has a perfect voice for playback singing anytime in future. He actually had even done playback singing for Bollywood but yet to get popularity. A singer must be an avid listener and he is exactly the perfect example for the same. One of the additional Quality in Siddharth is what makes him a perfect Online Star. Yes, you guessed it. He is highly responsive to his fans. I can almost bet you that if I share this post on Twitter, he is going to Like ans Retweet. Totally ground to Earth and humble artist I’ve ever known in India.

4. Vidya Vox :- Well personally I don’t like Vidya that much. But I must say she has a real talent in Music undoubtedly. Check at least 4 videos from her channel before deciding anything. Above all, I guess she invests the maximum amount of resources and money while making her cover videos among all the other artist in this list. So the videos along with the music altogether is a treat to one’s eyes, ears and soul.

5. Shraddha Sharma :- Last but not at alllll the list. The highly talented Singer cum Guitarist Shraddha is someone who made it big really at a very small age. If my facts are correct, her first video went viral went she was 15 or 16. Ever since then she had been a consistent YouTuber. Not to forget the Live gigs she performs at various platforms all across India.

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